The real reason people want to lose weight is their desire to be healthy. Living a healthy life leads to living a longer and peaceful life. By burning more calories than you consume you can reach your goal of losing weight. To burn more calories or losing weight, people use lots of different methods. Using a stationary bike is one of the most effective methods to lose weight.

So now the question is, how to lose weight on a stationary bike?

What is Stationary Bike

stationary bike

To discuss using a stationary bike to lose weight, first, we have to understand ‘What a Stationary Bike is?’ A stationary bike is a device almost like a general bike but used as a piece of exercise equipment for indoor cycling.

It has almost all the features a general outdoor bike has but without wheels. You can also use an ordinary bike and turn it into a stationary one by changing some features. But there are some technical difficulties and limitations.

You’ll find a stationary bike almost anywhere related to fitness issues especially health clubs and gyms.

Types of Stationary Bikes

As we said before, you will find a stationary bike anywhere slightly related to a fitness program. Stationary bikes can be either computerized or non-computerized. The difference between them is not massive. The main difference would be that a computerized bike will show you how much workout you have done, your heart rate, etc.

There are three kinds of stationary bike styles you’ll find which features will help you differently to lose weight.

1. Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike is a bike that places the rider in a laid-back reclining position. It is designed in a way that the rider’s weight is distributed comfortably on a larger area, supported by the back.

Is a good choice for most people with back pain problems since the bike provides a workout for individuals of all ability levels. Recumbent Bike provides a total body workout. It also ensures your safety.

2. Spin Bike

stationary spin bike

These types of bikes are usually used in health clubs rather than gyms. They are used in group cycling classes. While riding a spin bike, you may feel like you are riding a mountain bike. A spin bike class can help you at least burn 500 calories. A spin bike can be used at home too.

3. Upright Bike

If you are looking to lose extra weight as well as have some cardio workout, an upright bike can be a great option for you. Riding on an upright bike can feel similar to riding on an outdoor bike. The pedals are situated beneath the body and it has a smaller seat.

An upright bike not only works the legs but also the core. It gives you options to either sit down while pedaling or standing up. The downside of this bike is that the upright position can put pressure on your hands and wrists which can cause you injury.

How to properly use a Stationary Bike for weight loss?

1. Use Resistance

A stationary bike has options for adjusting different levels of resistance depending on your use. Most of the bikes have 10 levels of resistance.

Some can even go up to level 20 to give you the feel of mountain biking. Though you can use resistance based on your choice and needs, it’s recommended for a beginner to avoid using resistance.

2. Consistency of Workout

To obtain the best result from stationary bikes workout, you need to be consistent. You can either work-out three days a week or five days a week based on your instructor’s advice.

You definitely need to be consistent. If you can maintain a regular routine, you will start to get faster results and reach your goal according to time.

3. Proper Form

Before riding a stationary bike, you should set your saddle at a height that is roughly at your hip level. That will help your legs to extend comfortably as you work-out. To make yourself comfortable while pedaling you should adjust your handlebars in a way that goes with your posture.

Don’t set them at a level where you need to lean forward to reach them. It is recommended to take your instructor’s help if you are using the stationary bike in a gym.

4. Workout Methods For Beginners

For beginners who don’t have workout Methods set, you can take these three types of method into the consideration before you start the workout.

Steady State Ride:

The steady-State ride is recommended for making you adjustable to your bike and make you faster gradually. It’s one of the important methods that you should take into consideration.

You can listen to music and relax while paddling steadily for thirty to sixty minutes. This method will help to build your cardiovascular endurance.

Hill Climb Method:

Biking to hills requires challenge and resistance. It takes fast pedaling strength for biking hills. It’s hard to drive your bike upward than to make the steady-state ride. So, you must be careful while adjusting your intensity level if you are a beginner.

That’s why you should start with the steady-state ride and gradually increase your intensity level. Between each increase, you should take at least three to five minutes interval. This method helps to burn fat faster and more efficiently which means weight lose.

Intervals of Speed:

It’s necessary to ease off your workout level when needed. So the last method is to take intervals between increasing your intensity. You should increase your pace at three to five minutes intervals.

After increasing your pace/intensity for a few minutes, you should go back to your regular speed for three to five minutes. This will help you to work-out for a longer period of time without getting exhausted.

5. Other Workout Modes


LISS is the short form of Low-Intensity Steady State. It’s a method of cardio that requires minimum energy. Although High-intensity cardio burns calories faster but it’s recommended especially for beginners to get accustomed to it by applying Low Intensity.

The aim of a LISS workout is to get your heart rate to around 45-60% of its maximum and keep it there for an extended period. The main advantage of LISS is that it forces your body to primarily burn fat instead of carbohydrates. Also, if you want to work-out for a longer period of time, Low intensity may help you with that.


A higher intensity level workout might not help you with a longer period of workout time but it certainly will help you by improving your cardiovascular fitness. HIIT also helps you to burn more fat. Some studies confirm that HIIT is more effective if you want to burn abdominal fat or lower body fats.

6. Safety Tips

Though using a stationary bike is safer than using general bikes, there are some safety concerns you must consider.

  • While pedaling, your form must be balanced. Otherwise, you may develop muscle, knee, or hip injury.
  • Your body positioning and posture must be correct depending on your exercise intensity.
  • Remember to go easy on your intensity if you feel any pain in your muscle.
  • Balance yourself in the proper method to avoid falls.

Final Thoughts

Exercising on your stationary bike indoors is a great way to weight lose, maintain your fitness level. Stationary bikes are suitable to use indoors because it doesn’t take too much space. So, get yourself a stationary bike or use one in your local gym maintaining your routine to get the best and fast results. It’s recommended to talk to health specialists before start working out if you have any kind of medical concerns.

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