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You will be anxious in knowing, how much does a massage chair cost? Well, you have it.

The massage chair cost is very diverse. The price starts from 500$ to 10,000$ sometimes even more. You can get a massage chair, but if you are looking for a massage chair equally good in features and price, your budget should be around the 2500-4000$ mark.

Different categories of massage chairs compared to the price:
– Inexpensive Chairs: Under 1000$
– Mid-Range Chairs: From 1000$ to 5000$
– High-End Chairs: Above 5000$

How we Deduced these Values?

Our Team analyzed 330 Massage Chairs and noted their price. Then, we compared the features with the price. Also, we classified each massage chair into a specific category based on its features.

At last, we took a median of their prices. We found out that the cost for an average massage chair is around 2000$. On the other hand, a Good massage chair was in the 3500$ range. Hence, we concluded that the cost of a massage chair could be anywhere between 2500$ to 4000$. 

How much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

But now the question arises, “What makes the massage chairs so diverse in prices?” The answer is, it is the tens of factors that determine the cost of a massage chair. We’ll go through each of them step by step.

Classification of Massage Chairs Based on Price

Massage Chair Experts divide the massage chairs into three different categories.

  1. Under 1000$ OR Inexpensive Chairs.
  2. From 1000$ to 5000$ OR Mid-Range Chairs.
  3. Above 5000$ OR High-End Chairs.

Make sure to keep yourself aware of these categories, as we later use them to classify various them as per features.

Massage Chair Classification According to the Price

Under 1000$ Massage Chair

Massage Chairs in this price range are the industry’s most inexpensive models. These massage chairs are often from Chinese Brands with preliminary features like flat design. But still, it is capable enough to provide a sufficient massage.

Under 1000$ massage chairs are become highly popular, primarily due to massage chair hobbyists. But unfortunately, there is not much choice in this category.

From 1000$ to 5000$ Massage Chairs

This is a golden category for anyone looking for massage chairs. Massage Chairs in this range offers many therapeutic features along with other exceptional things. Manufacturers in this category are also in the business for a long time.

Since the majority of people choose massage chairs from this price range, therefore, it is the most competitive category. Every year, many old models are renovated, and new massage chairs are launched in this category. Whether you are a hobbyist or looking for a medical massage chair, you will get every type of massage chair in this category.

Above 5000$ Massage Chairs

Only those people that need a massage chair to work for years go into this category. In this price range, most manufacturers are industry leaders that provide massage chairs with best built-quality and therapy.

Additionally, almost all Luxurious and commercial massage chairs are from this price range.

Factors Determine the Price of Massage Chairs

Factors that determine massage chair cost

All the factors mentioned here are used collectively to determine the price of a massage chair. We are using them separately to provide you an idea about “how much is a massage chair?

Essential Massage Features along with Price

There are certain sets of features every massage chair should be. All these features are considered elementary in any massage chair. They possess a good share in controlling the cost of a massage chair.

Rollers [Function/Number/Location]:

You might already know that massage chairs use rollers as a primary method of providing massage. Better will be the rollers, and greater will be the price. But the price is mainly correlated with the functions of the rollers.

So, the classification will be as follows:

2D Rollers: Among the Massage Chairs under 1000$ & in many models for price range up to 5000$.

3D Rollers: This is the characteristic Feature of Mid-Range Chairs [up to 5000$]. Also, many High-End Chairs have this Feature.

4D Rollers: These Rollers are limited to price as only a few models come with these features, but most of them are high-end models.

Number of Rollers don’t play such a crucial part in deciding the price of a massage chair. Almost all 3D and 4D, and many 2D chairs, has practically the same number of rollers.

*Roller’s number here means Back Rollers.

While the Rollers’ location Matters a lot, in Addition to Back Rollers, many massage chairs have rollers on other places.

Neck Rollers: They are the part of back rollers, and the price range is the same as rear rollers.

Foot Rollers: There is no general classification for the price. However, many Mid-Range and High-End chairs have these features.

Calves Rollers: These rollers are exclusively limited to High-End Massage Chairs.

Massage Track:

The pathway rollers adopt to provide is called massage track. The relation of the massage track is as follows.

Fixed Frame: Inexpensive chairs.

S Track: Both in Mid-Range and High Priced Chairs.

L-Track: Same as S-Track.

Air Massaging:

The airbags are the secondary source of massage by a massage chair. Unlike rollers, their location is not an issue, but their number usually. Massage experts believe that the greater will be the number of airbags, the more soothing the massage will be.

Therefore, Manufacturers related the number of airbags with the cost of the massage chair, while many Chinese Brands contradict this thing by providing proper air massage at an affordable price.

Design, Built-Quality & Brand Correlation with the Price

Design, Built-Quality & Brand are not only related to the intent behind buying a massage chair but also directly affects the price of a massage chair.

The design corresponds to the buyer’s intent. Every buyer observes a massage chair from his perspective; therefore design is subjective. However, those massage chair that appears distinctive from other recliners is usually more in the price. The perfect example is Human Touch Novo XT2 [Although in Novo XT2, there are many reasons for its price, and the design is primary ones.

Built-Quality affects the price to a considerable degree. It is the criteria where high-end massage chairs prove themselves. A massage chair in the inexpensive price range is made up of synthetic leather sheets. Manufacturers compromise internal machinery’s quality to compensate for the external features. While Expensive massage chairs like Luraco iRobotics 7 plus exhibits perfect external and internal Built-Quality.

Hence, there is a rule, the better the built-quality, the more expensive a massage chair will be.

To some extent, the Brand Name is responsible for the fluctuated price. Trustworthy brands use their brand-equity to control the price. An example is Panasonic. Although their massage chairs are the best in the market, they have among the most expensive massage chair models due to their name.

Comfort & Aesthetics Vs. Price

In addition to crucial massage features, many additional features will determine, “How much a massage chair will cost? All these Features come under Comfort and Aesthetics. Some of them are:

Zero-Gravity: This Feature is available in massage chairs every price range. But along with other features, it affects the price.

Heating: Massage therapy, along with appropriate heating, enhances the effectiveness of therapy. Full-Body heat is a feature of high-end chairs.

Space-Saving & Stretching: These features make a massage chair unique and, to some extent, shake the price.

Bluetooth Music, Control, and lights: Many high-end models were not focusing on these things until people start preferring these things over others. Not alone, but together with proper massaging, they can elevate the price.

Price for an Ideal Massage Chair

Here is the cumulative result of features and price for an Ideal massage chair.

Attractive Design + Good Massaging Technologies + Brilliant Therapy & Comfort Features + Decent Brand Reputation + Finest Built-Quality & Uniqueness= Ideal Massage Chair = 5000-8000$. [Keep in mind, this is a price for an Ideal case; the more Feature you will start dropping the features, the lesser will be the price.

Which massage Chairs will prove right for me?

Now, if you have an idea, “how much does a massage chair cost?” You might be looking for some product recommendations. So, for your convenience, our team has put their utmost effort into choosing “Best Massage Chairs” for you.

We have our recommendation will help you select a durable and high therapeutic massage chair.

Final words

Answering the question “How much do massage chairs cost?” We tried to cover every aspect that can cause the price of a massage chair to fluctuate. Still, if you’re not clear about anything written here, you can tell us in the comments or “Contact Us“. We’ll try our best to solve your query.

On the other hand, if you want to know about the terminologies used here, you can visit, Buyer’s Section of our “Best Massage Chair Guide.

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