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In this piece of article, we are going to review Chirogun massage gun for you. 

After a long day of hard work just who wouldn’t like a relaxing massage session? 

Let’s face it, the world is a harsh place and you have to work to earn your keep. Working every day could be stressful and tiring. And the stress just keeps accumulating on your body.

A relaxing massage session once in a while could relieve you from that overflown stress. But the problem is you cannot just go and have a body massage whenever you want. Not to mention a massage therapy costs considerably high. 

Depending on the type of massage you are interested in, the cost can range from $40 – $165 per hour. Not all of us have the luxury to do this on a regular basis. 

So massage guns were invented as an alternative to the expensive massage therapy. 

Although massage guns may not display the full effect of authentic massage therapy, they still gained a lot of popularity. Today there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to massage guns.  

What is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun is a handheld portable massage therapy machine that is run by electricity and use vibrating force to put soft and repeated pressure on body muscle. 

The continuous force applied to the muscle tissue helps them relax and flexible as well as improve blood circulation and let fluids run through your muscle smoothly. 

BRAND  Chirogun 
DIMENSION  15.3 x 4.29 x 11.5 inches 
WEIGHT  5.51 Pounds 
BATTERY  1 Lithium-ion 2550 MAH battery 
MATERIAL  Plastic 
RATING  4.7 Out of 5 

Chirogun massage gun is built with smart design and technology. It has a LED panel with a screen touch feature to control the gun. While most other massage guns will provide you with percussion massaging which is literally like punching your muscle, Chirogun will offer you more like a vibrating massage. 

Chirogun will not provide you any deep massage. You’ll see that the manufacturer of Chirogun will claim that it can do deep tissue massages. 

But it doesn’t! 


Because it doesn’t go back and forth like a percussion massager and instead it’ll provide you with a continuous short burst of pressure on your muscle. 

Think about water drops making continuous ripples on the surface of a pond. Chirogun massage gun does exactly the same. 

By creating ripples on your muscle tissue through continuous vibration, the massage gun will offer you something like a generic massage instead of a deep tissue massage


  • 15 types of massage heads and 2 massage balls 
  • Hard shelled zippered case with pockets 
  • Latest noise reduction technology 
  • 1A/25.2 V Fast charging adapter 
  • 2550 MAH lithium ion battery 
  • Continuously run for 6 hours 
  • 30 Different speed levels 
  • LED panel touchscreen 
  • Up to 3200 rpm torque 
  • Ergonomic design 

Massage Heads & Balls

Chirogun percussion massage gun comes with 15 different types of massage heads and 2 types of massage balls. Although the validity of this massage gun is still not clinically proven, most of the users testify for its incredible effectiveness. 

Using the massage heads and balls you’ll be able to massage every muscle group on your body such as feet, knees, joints, arms, back & spine, underarms, calves, etc. 

With all of these massage heads and balls, it’ll be easy to improve blood circulation and muscle relaxation. This’ll reduce your muscle pain and speed up the recovery process. 

Battery & Charger

The Chirogun massage gun is equipped with a lithium ion 2550 MAH battery.  

The battery is fast charging and has great longevity. It also comes with a 1A/25.2 V charging adapter which is mainly responsible for fast charging. The gun has a brushless high torque motor inside which is responsible for rotating the massage balls. It can continuously run for 6 hours straight thanks to the powerful 2550 MAH battery. 

Speed Levels

The handheld massage gun has 30 different speed levels. The speed level can be increased up to 3200 rpm (Rotation per Minute). You may be in pain or want to relieve the tension build up in your muscle or maybe want to relax the tissue in the muscle group after exercise. Luckily you can adjust the vibration speed of your Chirogane massage gun just the right amount for almost any situation. 

Noise Reduction

Chirogun hand massage gun has an amazing feature. It has been incorporated with the latest noise reduction technology. Unlike many other handheld massage guns, Chirogun doesn’t produce any annoying sounds. Even at the top speed of 3200 rpm, this massage gun doesn’t exceed 60 db. 

Storage & Operation

The massage gun is portable and handheld. It has an ergonomic design which makes it easier and comfortable to hold. You’ll get a special case with the purchase to store and carry the gun and all of its components. Chirogun also comes with an instruction manual that shows you all the information about all of its components, their functionality, and how to operate this handheld tool. 


  • Portable
  • Fast charger
  • Reduced noise
  • Long-life battery
  • High-speed torque
  • Comfortable design
  • More speed level options


  • Non-responsive customer service 
  • The minor difference in some levels 
  • No auto shut down feature 
  • No deep tissue massage 
  • A bit heavier 

We Reached Conclusion

Chirogun massage gun is a very well built product considering its price and features. The distributor has lousy customer care no doubt about that, but the product itself is not bad at all. In fact, considering all the good reviews Chirogun is still getting in 2021, we can only assume that most of the customers are getting satisfactory results. 

Of course, we’re not telling you that it’s without any downside. But nothing in this world is without any negative aspect. That’s why we decided to do some research and write this Chirogun massage gun review. If you have already read this review through, you’ll realize that Chirogun massage gun is an excellent product that’s worth buying. 

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