Choose the Best Pediatric Stethoscope When Treating Children

Product Bottom Line Rating Price
Littmann Classic III
– Work Perfect for Every Type of Doctors.
– Single Lumen Yet Acoustic Tubing
– 27 Inches Length.
Littmann Cardiology IV
– high-performance.
– Durability is matchless.
– Perfect grip around the neck.
MDF Classic Cardiology
– Different from others in terms of Size and Quality.
– Sound Tight technology.
– MDF provides you parts for a lifetime.
Littmann Lightweight II S.E.
– Remarkably nice backup stethoscope.
– Best for working in long shifts.
– All within a reasonable price range
– Best stethoscope for nurses
– Acoustic experience extraordinary.
– It is made very well.

What is the Best Stethoscope that you can buy? The answer purely depends on your use. There is a lot of difference between a stethoscope of a cardiologist and one for home use. A lot of factors come into play.

We’ve reviewed the 15 best stethoscopes for Doctors, Nurses, Medical Students to Buy in 2021. Buying Guide that helps you select your favorite one.

In case you’re new and don’t know what to do, we have a complete beginner-friendly buyer’s guide on “Choosing a stethoscope.” You can get an idea of what things to consider and then, after clearing all the ambiguities, buy a stethoscope that perfectly suits your demands and personality.

Best Stethoscopes 2021 for Doctors, Nurses, & Students

What image of a doctor, nurse, or medical student does a layman portray? A person! wearing a lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck. Right? I have read somewhere, “Stethoscope to a doctor is a sword to a warrior.” Dermatologists can disagree with this statement, but whatever is the case, we all know how vital this device is if you’re a medical professional.
  • Work Perfect for Every Type of Doctors.
  • Single Lumen Yet Acoustic Tubing
  • 27 Inches Length.
3M has the honor to create some of the finest and best-selling stethoscopes of all time. It is named Littmann as a tribute to Dr. David Littmann, a cardiologist from Harvard Medical School. This 3M Littmann classic III is by far the most recommended stethoscope for any practice.

3M Littmann Classic III Review

This stethoscope has some brilliant features, both in terms of quality and performance. Starting from the Ear tips, they are very comfortable and flexible. This comfort level is due to soft yet sturdy ear tips. But despite being smooth, the ear tips are not easy to remove and pull off and push on, not the screw, which on the one hand, don’t let them fall off easily and on the other, making changing ear tips a lot easier.

The binaural is made of stainless steel, and are pretty durable. One thing that is very important to note is the smoothness of the binaural. This makes the gripping experience quite enjoyable.

Unlike the most Cardiology stethoscope, which most of them have a double-lumen tube, it has a single lumen tube. The tube is very resistant to wear and tear. But one thing, regarding the tubing, is, though very resilient, it is not very smooth. We personally like this thing, as it remains stuck over the shoulder, but for some people, it is an issue. Regarding the length, it is 27 inches, which is good enough to satisfy us.

As mentioned, it has a single tube, and many consider its acoustic not so good. But that’s not the case. Despite having a single tube, it detects sound perfect enough for a clinical assessment. Moreover, due to brilliant the manufacturing, the tube doesn’t recognize external noise, despite being rubbing it externally.

Regarding the Chest piece, it is versatile, with a 4.5cm larger on Adult and 3.5cm smaller pediatric tunable diaphragm. But the best part is the pediatric side can be used as an open bell just by. The larger chest piece allows this stethoscope to compromise for sound despite having single. The Chest piece is well-built that doesn’t allow any air to pass through.

It carries a 5.3-ounce weight, which is not quite heavy to wear. The ratio of the weight of binaural to chest piece is also outstanding. In fact, you can wear all day long without even noticing.

As far as Price is concerned, with the features it has, it is quite economical. By using all sorts of modifications and choosing your favorite color, it will be near a 100$ mark. It also comes with a five-year guarantee.

Taking the performance into account, its acoustic is pretty excellent. But is preferably made for physical assessment, not for detailed diagnosis auscultation. In short, for a general practitioner, students, new nurses.


  • Multi-Usage. From a nurse practitioner to EMT, and for a paramedic to a medical student, everyone uses it, due to its perfect design and intermediately high accuracy.
  • Weight is perfect.


  • Limited acoustic sensitivity, when it comes to precise clinical diagnosis.
  • Require a practice to auscultate properly.
  • high-performance.
  • Durability is matchless.
  • Perfect grip around the neck.
The biggest rival of Littmann Classic III is this masterpiece, the 3M Littmann Cardiology IV. It is the favorite of many cardiologists and considered a highly elite diagnostic stethoscope.

3M Littmann Cardiology IV Review

Coming to its features, it looks Classic III older brother. Its Ear tips are very smooth and soft, and functions like classic style push off and pull on. But the size of Ear tips is large enough that they cover your ear opening entirely. This minimizes much of the external noise around you.

The binaural are metallic, are too strong for a little strain a medical professional can exert. This enhances the lifetime of this device, also adding bits to its weight.

Since it is a very elite cardiology stethoscope, it features a perfect tubing system with a dual lumen. What exactly is a double lumen means? Inside the external tube, there is a partition, which makes two lumens. This partition allows the sound to travel from the diaphragm to each ear separately in its own lumen. These features take the acoustic experience to an unmatchable level.

Moreover, the tubing is pretty well built. This tubing has a unique feature that helps this stethoscope in canceling the rubbing effect over this tube.
As far as acoustics are concerned, there is no match for this device. That’s why it is the best stethoscope in critical care.

The chest piece is reasonably big in terms of thickness than the Classic III. Like the classic III, it has one adult and pediatric side, the pediatric side can be used as a bell. But here, the diaphragms are larger to capture even the minute changes while auscultating.

The weight is 6 ounces. But if you look at cardiology stethoscope by many other brands, you will appraise the weight to performance ratio. One thing we should mention, if you’re a student or a nurse, and buy this as your first stethoscope, you will not notice the weight bit heavy. But if you’ve upgraded from Classic III or II S.E, you will feel a lot of difference. Honestly speaking weight does not affect that much in choosing.

The length is roughly 27 inches, 2-3 cm less than Classic 3M. The length is good enough, and we’ll not bother you. As far as price is concerned, it is double the price of Littmann Classic III; credit goes to brilliant quality and the most exceptional acoustics. If we summarize the discussion, this stethoscope is an advanced level thing made for the finest health care professional working in critical conditions.


  • Very high-performance, best for obtaining flawless results.
  • Durability is matchless. It comes with a six-year guarantee.
  • Despite having a larger chest piece, perfect grip around the neck with no issue of lack of balance.


  • Tube covering is sticky for you if you want a smooth sliding stethoscope.
  • It is not made for beginners.
  • Different from others in terms of Size and Quality.
  • Sound Tight technology.
  • MDF provides you parts for a lifetime.
MDF is among the top-notch manufacturer of the stethoscope, equally compatible with competing with 3M. This device is the epitome of accuracy, comfort, and design. Being a cardiology stethoscope, you can expect high performance from it.

MDF Classic Cardiology Review

This apparatus has soft and very comfortable ear tips specially designed to fit with the contours of the ear’s structure. But the standard version comes with medium size ear tips. Ordinarily, it performs its functions correctly. But if you want your ear opening to be entirely closed, better go with separate large size ear tips. As for the comfort level of the ear tips, the tool provides a comfortable experience than other devices.

Its binaural are of stainless steel. But the exceptional feature is the brilliant dual leaf spring system that makes this instrument a durable stethoscope. Moreover, MDF has made a built-in 15 Degree angle between the binaural that make taking reading easier.

Similar to Littmann Cardiology IV, it has a dual lumen tubing. Being a cardiology stethoscope, you need high quality and clear auscultation, and this MDF tool is the masterpiece in auscultation. Despite having the best tubing internals, the external has not as good as what you expect.

Externally, the tubing is not slimy. Instead, it is a bit sticky. Due to this sticky finish, it is not easy to slide this stethoscope over the neck. But the best thing about the external tubing has a distinctive noise removal feature. The thick tubing and the noise-canceling make your auscultation experience the best.

A very odd yet beautiful aspect of this instrument is a very big chest piece. Significant not only in terms of diameter but also in thickness. The Chest piece is tunable, which a new patented glide lock system. Both Diaphragm and bell are removable. In case you want to use it as a pediatric stethoscope, you have to remove the bell and then can attach a pediatric diaphragm.

The length is 29 inches, which is the thing we personally love. One thing that bothers us is the weight. Weighs 9.2 ounces, which is relatively large for any appliance. This is the one the heaviest stethoscope in the market, credits go to its reliable, built quality.

A few things we should mention in the last are the design and price. This Rose gold stethoscope has not only charming looks but also a compact design that will last forever. Moreover, you also get a lifetime warranty. Regarding the price, it is inexpensive.
Overall, if you want an attractive and robust stethoscope and can have no issue with the weight, you can consider this device.


  • Different from others in terms of Size and Quality.
  • It comes with Sound Tight technology that let you have the perfect acoustic experience.
  • MDF provides you parts for a lifetime.


  • Tubing is tough. It can’t be folded easily means you can’t put it in your pocket and have to wear it.
  • Weight is good enough to bother you.
  • Remarkably nice backup stethoscope.
  • Best for working in long shifts.
  • All within a reasonable price range
3M make sure that it creates a stethoscope for every level. This 3M Littman Lightweight II S.E is designed for beginner to intermediate level, still capable enough to stand in our top picks.

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Review

Talking about the design, it is elementary yet perfect. The stethoscope looks really simple, with an abstract look. The Ear tips are reasonably large and comfortable. The materials used give a really satisfying experience of using it. Its ear tips are soft and pretty well made. Moreover, size is pretty significant to prevent the entry of any additional noise.

The Binaural is made up of stainless steel. We’re amazed at how brilliant and durable these binaural are. Coming to the tubing, this features a single lumen with a good tubing feel. Since this is not cardiology or a high acoustic stethoscope, a single lumen is capable enough to perform far better than what you will expect.

Despite a single lumen, the acoustics of this stethoscope is good surely not for diagnostic purpose but good for physical assessment. The thing we like best is the tubing feel. It is not like many high ends yet sticky stethoscopes; instead, the tubing is very smooth. You will enjoy wearing it.

Coming to its chest piece, it has a teardrop shape. It perfectly fits under the blood pressure cuff and also during the physical assessments quite ergonomic in holding in hands.

The chest piece is tunable, which means you can use both diaphragm and bell, but there is no pediatric diaphragm.

As far as its length is concerned, it is 28 inches. Since this is the stethoscope mostly purchased by students and by health professionals for beginner level usage, the length is not irritating. It weighs only 4.1 ounces. The Classic feel of this stethoscope with a really nice weight made it very relaxing to wear. You can see it without realizing the fact that it’s around your neck.

The Last thing is the price, and that’s affordable. You can buy this in a 40-60$ range depending on the color you choose. But the features it has are far more than what you can expect in this range. It comes with a 3-year warranty. Honestly speaking, if you compare it with big giants like Cardiology IV, this will But from a beginner point of view, or for any person who doesn’t have any diagnostic work, this stethoscope can do wonders.

If you are a medical student or a new nurse and want something durable with really in-expensive, make sure you consider this while purchasing.


  • A remarkably nice backup stethoscope.
  • Barely gives a sense of wearing, best for working in long shifts.
  • Amplify sound enough to make proper auscultation possible—all within a reasonable price range.


  • It only comes with a three-year warranty.
  • Limited Diagnostic Features.
  • Best stethoscope for nurses
  • Acoustic experience extraordinary.
  • It is made very well.

As mentioned earlier, MDF is making some really good stethoscopes. This MDF is the best for an intermediate level user but better known for its brilliant design. The reason we’re recommending it as the best stethoscope for nurses is due to two reasons.

First, of course, the looks, the rose gold edition looks perfect on nurses. It appears that you’re wearing some kind of jewelry.

The second one is, it performs well for the majority of nurses, the only exception is when you need a tool highly diagnostic.

MDF Instruments MD One Dual Head Review

Coming to the specs, it comes with three different three silicone earpieces. MDF makes sure that you don’t have to buy spare ear tips. The ear tips are bullet shape, quite different from other good stethoscopes in the market, especially the 3M Littmann. The sound insulation of these ear tips is good but not as good as 3M Littmann’s. But, these ear tips are really soft and will not bother you at all.

The rose-gold version or any other color you buy has a stainless steel binaural, durable enough to work for years. But one feature about the rose gold binaural is that they are highly susceptible to scratches, which means you should handle it with care.

Being not a cardiology stethoscope, you can’t expect a double-lumen from it. Yet, the lumen is large enough to provide a good acoustic experience. If you go with some other color, you might face issues regarding the tubing feel. But the rose gold edition is specially manufactured, with a brilliant tubing feel.

The tubing is not too thick, but the noise cancellation feature stills work pretty well same as Classic III. One thing we should mention is, in case you choose rose gold, make sure you can take care of tubing. Comparing with the binaural, the tubing of this rose-gold edition is not sensitive to scratches but to stains. Acoustically, this is a stethoscope worthy of trust.

The handmade Chest piece of this stethoscope not only looks flawless but also performs equally well. It has a tunable diaphragm that is large enough to grab sound. MDF doesn’t give you a second diaphragm, which means you can’t use the bell as a pediatric side.

It is 31 inches long, personally, we’re a fan of using a long stethoscope as they make the auscultation easier. Coming to the weight, it is a little heavy and weighs almost 6 ounces. This thing can bother you as it weighs almost the same as Littmann Cardiology IV.
One interesting thing that decides whether a nurse will choose Classic II, S.E, is the weight. In case you are comfortable with wearing a 6-ounce stethoscope, you can go with this. But if this thing bothers you, you have an alternative choice, and that’s 3M Littmann Classic II S.E or Classic III.

Comparison with the features and design, the price is really affordable. The rose gold edition will cost you around 75$. The best part is, it comes with a lifetime warranty with free parts for life. This means, if you are a nurse or a medical professional who wants a long-lasting stethoscope for a routine examination, it is a perfect choice.

Having a combination of a lot of good things and a few drawbacks, it still is a very good choice, especially for the nurses.


  • It is made very well. Have enough resilience to be your lifetime stethoscope
  • Fetching design. Compels everyone to look at you.
  • Have an excellent patent pyramid chamber that makes the acoustic experience extraordinary.


  • Sensitive to rough use.
  • Long tubing sometimes creates issues while auscultating, especially using in a noisy environment.
  • Best Stethoscope for EMTs.
  • Highly acoustic experience.
  • Has a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Highly Sensitive Diaphragm.
Well, you will already know that the choice of stethoscope largely depends upon the conditions under which you will be working. This ADC Adscope can work better for other medical professionals, but it will be the best stethoscope for EMTs.

ADC Adscope 603 Clinician Stethoscope Review

Besides 3M and MDF, ADC is the third brand we’re mentioning here. ADC manufactures devices that has a classic design but with advanced features. Appearance-wise, this stethoscope looks simple; the design is really average.

Coming to the features, It comes with standard medium size ear tips that are exceptionally comfortable. We’re not hesitant in saying that Adscope 603 has some of the best ear tips in the market. But the medium size is an issue for you.

If you have a large ear canal or want your ears to be sealed tightly, better replace it will be a large one. The Binaural has a silvery look, made up of stainless steel. Like all the stethoscopes mentioned until now, these binaural are strong enough that an EMT can use it.

From an acoustic point of view, it is excellent than many of its counterparts within the same price. Though it features a single lumen, yet it can provide an outstanding acoustic experience to EMTs. The reason for brilliant acoustic goes to the large size chest piece. Moreover, the lumen is perfectly covered by PVC tubing.

This tubing is exclusively designed to cancel as rubbing over the tube. That’s the thing very important for an EMT. Adding to this, the tubing feel is a perfection combination of stickiness and smoothness. The tubing is resilient to wear and tear and also not too rigid. Whether you fold the stethoscope and use it, roughly tubing will always remain intact.

The Length is 31 inches, long enough for EMT’s use. But the weight is 6.6 ounces, which appears a bit heavy. For a general physician or nurse, might be substantial, but for an Emergency Medical Technician, it is not too heavy.

Most EMTs are accustomed to wearing a heavy stethoscope, for those 6.6 ounces is not disturbing. Generally, we keep a very close eye on weight but for EMTs, we have to neglect this thing due to other brilliant features.

The Chest piece is moderately large, with a diaphragm and a bell. It is tunable, and like many MDF stethoscopes, it is a dot to indicate which side you’re using. You can’t use the bell as a pediatric side, but for us, this thing doesn’t affect if an EMT is buying it. The Last word is the price, and we’re happy to tell you that it is remarkably affordable, even inexpensive than 3M Littmann Classic II S.E

With having a lot of useful features within a really affordable price range, this stethoscope is best for EMT if they want to remain in budget.


  • Nomic Headset with reinforcing yolk for the highly acoustic experience.
  • Has a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Highly Sensitive Diaphragm detect little change in sound also has good amplification power.


  • Bell is a little sensitive, and damage to the bell can affect the acoustic experience badly.
  • Tubing is quite long. If you prefer a short length, this can really bother you.
  • Best Stethoscope for Doctors.
  • Perfect for diagnostic.
  • high quality ear tips and the most flexible binaural.
If there is a stethoscope, that we can call the masterpiece of design and performance, it will be 3M LITTMANN Master Cardiology. Is among the few real competitors of Cardiology IV.
From its looks, it is a lot different from all the cardiology and classic Littmann stethoscope. The reason we love this device is due to its beautiful chest piece that makes the auscultation experience genuinely amazing.

3M Littmann Master Cardiology Review

Opening the box, you will see a stylish masterpiece with some new things. Its features include large ear tips, almost of the same size as used in other Littmann models. The Ear tips softness, comfort level, and strength is exactly the same as Cardiology IV. While Binaural is a mixture of firmness and elasticity, we’re glad to tell you that this has the finest binaural you will get in any Littmann stethoscope.

Now coming to the core part, as it is a cardiology device, you know what to expect from it. It is a single tube, double lumen stethoscope. The dual lumen tubing makes the acoustic experience extraordinary. The Rubber tubing, when held in hand, gives a feel of premium stuff. Moreover, the tubing feel is also very sensational. Coming to acoustics, this is a highly diagnostic stethoscope having some of the best acoustics in the market.

There are a few things we should compare with the rest of the 3M Littmann stethoscopes, especially the cardiology IV. Master Cardiology has a very smooth tubing feel while all others somehow lack it. The acoustic experience of Cardiology IV is better than the Master Cardiology

It comes in two different lengths, 22 inches, and 27 inches. Till now, you might have an idea that we like long stethoscopes. For us, 27 inches is a bit smaller length, but it works perfectly for most people. The heaviest Littmann stethoscope weighs 6.7 ounces.

Its round chest piece with an elevation at the back makes a grip for a doctor very easier, the thing that makes this stethoscope unique. It has a tunable diaphragm with no bell. The intensity of pressure you apply will determine the frequency of sound you want to hear. With no hole in place of a bell, there is no chance for air to escape, enhancing the acoustic experience. In case you want to use it as a pediatric stethoscope, apply a simple rubber covering to reduce the diaphragm exposure, and use it.

The price is not in everyone’s range. Honestly speaking, this is the highly diagnostic stethoscope, and if you’re going to buy your first one, better go with some other.
The reason why we call this the best stethoscope for a doctor is due to its built quality. Moreover, comfort, acoustics all are best.
In case you’re having an issue in choosing between this and Cardiology IV, ask yourself if you want impressive acoustic or brilliant built quality. If you want acoustics, go with cardiology IV, and you know the rest.


  • Perfect diagnostic stethoscope. You can listen to deviation is sound in very noisy conditions.
  • The ultimate comfort level in any of of the stethoscopes in terms of high quality ear tips and the most flexible binaural.


  • This stethoscope lacks behind in the pediatric point of view.
  • Best Stethoscope for taking Blood pressure.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Quality chest piece extremely sensitive.
Earlier, we have mentioned some of the critical points of 3M Littmann Classic II S.E, and while describing that we’ve narrated that the  shape of the chest piece determines the usage, especially checking blood pressure. Made by ParaMed resembles Classic II S.E, and it is very light, affordable, and above all, acoustically an excellent stethoscope.

ParaMed Single Head Cardiology Review

ParaMed Single Head Stethoscope comes with rubber ear tips; the comfort level of these ear tips is also exceptional. When we compare the Ear tip comfort level with that’s of Littmann and MDF, they lack behind. But still comfortable enough that you can wear it for a long time. By keeping the comfort level aside, the ear tips fit perfectly into the ears. The Binaural is of stainless steel. Here ParaMed made no compromise on quality in order to keep the durability of this stethoscope intact.

According to the ParaMed, this is a cardiology stethoscope. It is astonishing for you to see a cardiology device in such an affordable range. It also features a double lumen, which enhances the auscultation experience. The tubing is surprisingly smooth made up of rubber.

But due to the rubber tubing, the noise-canceling feature is not as high as in other models mentioned above. So, if you’re a nurse or a paramedic and go with this stethoscope, you should make sure to avoid tubing contacts to make your readings accurate. Taking about the acoustics, they are distinguished, far better than what you see in any of the stethoscopes within this price.

In the chest piece, it resembles master cardiology having no bell. The reason to call this the best stethoscope for taking blood pressure is due to its chest piece. On the other hand, you can listen to a wide range of sounds, and on the other, the chest piece can adjust in any place like on the bandage, under the cuff, etc. This thing makes it a perfect stethoscope for taking blood pressure readings. Moreover, you can also listen to a wide range of high and low frequency sounds just as in Master Cardiology.

Regarding the weight, it only weighs less than 5 ounces while the length is 22 inches. Honestly, we’re are happy with the weight, but the length is not satisfactory. In terms of a stethoscope that you need for taking blood pressure, the length is not an issue. You will not notice a change in length. But if you’re a nurse, Paramedic, or a Doctor that need this as your accessory, length can disturb you.

Coming to the last feature, the price. We love how inexpensive this stethoscope is, especially with so many excellent features. It will cost around 20-25 dollars. Moreover, you will get an additional ear tip, name tag holder, and a carry case with it. Overall it is a good purchase.
We are pleased to mention that if you’re a nurse, medical student, Para-Medic, or an EMT, you can consider this stethoscope. This will save your money as well as provide brilliant results.


  • Very light in weight. You will barely notice its presence.
  • Multi-purpose, you can use it for adult, pediatric, and infant.
  • Have a quality chest piece extremely sensitive to touch, adjust easily under the cuff.


  • High-Quality material is not used for manufacture. Hence durability is in doubt.
  • Only a 30 Days money-back guarantee, Nothing been mentioned regarding yearly warranty.
  • Best affordable stethoscope.
  • Best for gifts.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Good for use in use or as a backup.
After doing a lot of research on acoustics, comfort, and quality when you notice the price, it’s out of your budget. This FriCare Dual Head is the most budget-friendly stethoscope keeping in view all other aspects that a good stethoscope should have.

FriCARE Dual Head Stethoscope Review

If you’ve read this buying guide from the start, you’ll know about our method of explaining a stethoscope. We discuss each part in detail and also explain the benefits and drawbacks of that part by comparing it with others. Regarding this FriCare Dual Head, we say that it is a mixture of elements taken from the different appliances. When all the different pieces joined together, this stethoscope was made. Overall, it is a mixture of Pros and Cons.

This stethoscope has mushroom-style ear tips made of rubber. These ear tips are remarkably soft and make comfortable wearing possible. The Binaural is of stainless steel. Whit the ear tips and binaural, It can be compared with the best stethoscope on the market.

This stethoscope features a single lumen with rubber tubing. The tubing feel is flawless and among one of the smoothest. Moreover, the tubing is genuinely flexible. Whether you put it in your pocket or your drawer without any cover, it will adjust accordingly. But regarding the tubing, feel it is susceptible to touch.

In fact, a lot of users reported bad auscultation if the tubing sense any rub. The acoustics do not show so extra-ordinary results. The biggest problem regarding the acoustics is the dual head; the bell has a hole in it. This hole is a pathway for sound to escape instead of being captured. If we summarize acoustics, they are good enough for small usages like a student, new nurses, and home use. But diagnostically, it is not an appropriate choice.

The beautiful chest piece makes it look extra-ordinary. The chest piece has a Diaphragm and a bell. It is equally useful in quality, as it seems. The weight of this stethoscope is fair. It weighs around 5 ounces. For the type of usage you can expect, this is perfect.

When it comes to length, is perfect. It is a 28inch stethoscope. Despite being inexpensive and long, the weight of the chest piece and headset is correctly managed. So, you need not adjust it every 5-10 minutes. Recognized as the best affordable stethoscope, it will cost you around 25$ with a year warranty that can be extended up to a lifetime.


  • Mixture of Classical and Modern Designs. Best for gifts.
  • Very comfortable to wear in term of Ear tips and tubing feel.
  • Good for use in use or as a backup.


  • Limited use.
  • Acoustic performance is not up to the mark.
  • Best affordable stethoscope.
  • Best for gifts.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Good for use in use or as a backup.
Already on our list, we’ve recommended two high-quality cardiology apparatus, 3M Littmann Cardiology IV and Master Cardiology. This Adscope 601 by ADC is capable enough to be used as a diagnostic stethoscope.

ADC Adscope 601 Convertible Cardiolog Review

As mentioned Earlier, ADC has experience of creating some high performing products. In one or two areas, the quality of a stethoscope is not as trust-worthy as expectations. TheBinaural is made up of stainless and is genuinely enduring while the ear tips are undoubtedly cozy. The Adsoft plus technology of ADC is genuinely fantastic. But they are not very durable. With rough use, these ear tips can get damaged very early. But ADC does a favor; it provides two extra ear tips in the box. The comfort level is good enough to be placed in the best stethoscopes.

The tubing and acoustics both are up to the mark. It has a double lumen with a heavy tubing. The material is excellent. This beautiful and heavy tubing, on the one hand, is very smooth and, on the other absorbs outside rubbing on the tube. Acoustically, this is an absolutely wondrous thing. Bi-lumen tubing, a large chest piece, perfect tubing feel, and a good headset make its acoustic good enough to be called a good cardiology stethoscope.

ADC Adscope 601 has a dual head with a broad chest piece. The epoxy/fiberglass diaphragm is sensitive to deviation in sounds. Somehow, the chest piece of this stethoscope resembles with MDF classic cardiology stethoscope.

One good thing is you can use it as a pediatric stethoscope by just removing the screw-like diaphragm. The thing that we like about this Adscope 601, that its chest piece is designed in such a way, it makes it’s acoustic better. The Built-in quality of this chest piece resembles 3M classic III, hence it is one of the best stethoscopes for doctors and cardiologists.

As far as we know about the length, it is 28 inches, while the weight is around 7.5 ounces. From an ordinary point of view, the length is right, but the weight is a bit more. But being a cardiology stethoscope with the usage of excellent and durable material, you should expect this weight. ADC also makes sure that there is perfectly balanced in terms of weight, so the chest piece side and binaural side almost weigh the same.

If we talk about the price, will cost you around 120$. Truly speaking, for a cardiology stethoscope, the price is fair.

The last thing is why and when you should go with ADC Adscope 601, not with Cardiology IV, Master Cardiology, or MDF classic Cardiology. No doubt the previously mentioned stethoscope is the best in the market, you can still prefer Adscope 601 if you want a performance within the price.

From Acoustics and Comfort, it might lack, but from durability, this stethoscope can beat them. Overall, Adscope 601 is a combination of reasonable price, fine manufacturing, and high performance.


  • A lifetime warranty, with free parts for life.
  • Convertible stethoscope make if liable to use for both adult and pediatrics.


  • Tubing is not flexible.
  • Best Stethoscope for Students.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Good for taking Blood pressure.
  • Convertible stethoscope for both adult and pediatrics.
Being a medical or nursing student, you could spend some extra bucks and buy some high-quality cardiology or classic stethoscopes that will serve you for years. Or you could buy a beginner level stethoscope now and upgrade later.

Greater Goods Dual Head Stethoscope Review

Our favorite thing is to go with the second option. Because of being a student, everyone is careless enough to cause significant damage to a stethoscope at once. Moreover, a student doesn’t need a highly diagnostic kind of thing. He or She just needs a stethoscope that can perform essential functions. It’s our choice you can do what sounds suitable for you.

Keeping in mind all the aspects that students will be looking for Greater Goods, come with this classic stethoscope. It is a paragon of Classic design with enhanced performance. Its ear tips are made up of rubber and the binaural is of stainless steel.

This Greater Goods Dual Head has a single lumen with latex-free tubing. The tubing doesn’t appear flimsy or inexpensive, but is well-made, good enough to surprise you. Comparing the tubing feel with other stethoscopes, it doesn’t feel much difference. Moreover, the tubing doesn’t stick on the neck. Acoustically, performance is satisfactory. We’re sure that everyone who tests this stethoscope is amazed at how good he is getting at the price.

The weight and length, ideal for a student, is 28 inches and 5.5 ounces. Regarding the chest piece, being a dual head stethoscope, you get a bell and a diaphragm. The diaphragm is tunable and sensitive to sound changes. You’ll be noticing that Greater Goods have made all things ideal where do they lack. Well, it is the chest piece. In the chest piece, they compromised on the quality to make their product inexpensive.

Regarding the price, it will cost only 20$, which is an excellent deal for the performance. Especially for the students, we should say that this is the ideal stethoscope for the price. We don’t mean to say that everything it has is perfect, but it is good enough for students, home-use and for General Practice.


  • Very light in weight. You will barely notice its presence.
  • Multi-purpose, you can use it for adult, pediatric, and infant.
  • Good for taking Blood pressure


  • Tubing can’t mimic the rubbing effect on it.
  • Good Choice for Nurse Practitioner.
  • A lifetime warranty of stethoscope.
  • free parts for life.
  • Many expensive features in affordable price.
Usually, a Nurse Practitioner has a variety of stethoscopes to choose from. It totally depends upon circumstances under which he or she is working and on her personal choice. Most of the nurse practitioner’s favorite option is to go with Littmann Classic III or Cardiology IV. But we give you an additional opportunity. This Prestige Medical Clinical 1 can be a good alternative for a practicing nurse or maybe a backup device.

Prestige Medical Clinical 1 Review

Its ear tips are soft and substantial, appear similar to Littmann’s ear tips. They are comfortable to wear and fit perfectly into the ear canal. The binaural is of stainless steel, but an odd thing is they look like plastic, but actually, they don’t. Whatever the construction is, binaural strength is good.

Prestige Medical Clinical 1 features a single lumen. Being a clinical stethoscope, a single lumen is good enough is to perform its function. Covering this lumen is the PVC tubing, both flexible and durable. Also, the tubing has some features to cancel the rub from the outside.

The tubing feel is ordinary. Though the tubing is latex-free, yet it feels a bit sticky on the neck. Acoustically, the performance is reliable. Its acoustics are better than a good number of single lumen stethoscope. Moreover, it’s a brilliant sound absorption system, make it acoustics trustworthy. Despite all these things, you can’t compare its acoustics with a cardiology stethoscope.

The chest piece is standard classical size with a fiberglass diaphragm that enhances the acoustics. Despite the classical chest piece, it is not as thick as others. The weight of a chest piece alone is not much. Instead, somewhat balanced with that of a headset.

Regarding the length, it is 31inches, which is excellent, being a nurse practitioner, if you like long stethoscopes. It weighs 5.9 ounces. As far as the price is concerned, you will get it at 40$, which is the best for the features.
In the end, we would like to say that this stethoscope has the features to a certain level. Prestige Medical doesn’t compromise on one thing to make others better. Instead, they have done justice between quality and performance with all parts. So for General practice, nurse practitioners, EMTs, and students, this could be a good choice.


  • A lifetime warranty and free parts for life.
  • Perfectly balanced acoustics and built quality.
  • Many expensive features in affordable price.


  • Quality is average.
  • If you like short stethoscopes, it’s length will badly affect you.
  • Good Choice for new nurse.
  • Affordable price.
  • Stethoscope to use in hard time.
Joining as a new nurse can be very exciting. Under the shadow of this thrill, a lot of nurses go and buy the most expensive things they see. But being a new nurse, it is appropriate that you should go with your needs instead of going with an expensive product. Though other stethoscopes like MDF one is good for nurses, you should have an alternate choice if you want to go with one.

Vive Precision Dualhead Stethoscope Review

This Vive Precision Dualhead comes with silicone ear tips like the MDF one, equally comfortable but less durable. No need to mention the details of binaural, as they are of stainless steel and the same as other stethoscopes.

The single lumen is guarded by high-quality PVC tubing. We’re amazed how exceptional this stethoscope is a term of tubing. If you compare the tubing quality with MDF one, it can easily beat it. The tubing feel is also good but not very exceptional.

Regarding the acoustics, this stethoscope performs really well. Its built quality helps in improving acoustics. If you’re a new nurse, the acoustics are good enough to cover aspect you could think of. But better avoid this apparatus for diagnosis.

The chest piece is also of stainless steel with a diaphragm and bell. One thing we have noticed is the stainless steel construction makes this stethoscope a bit heavy. It weighs around 5 ounces. It could be better if the chest piece weighs less.

If you’ve read our reviews mentioned above, you might have noticed that we’re a fan of lengthy stethoscopes. But for this 22 inches, it is our opinion that length is just fine. If you’re buying it as a new nurse, the length is right. Moreover, the greater length can disturb the acoustics. So, short length is a plus point of this stethoscope.

Overall, We would say that for basic level functions and beginner level, this stethoscope is a good choice. for 17$, it is fantastic to start with it.


  • Fine Acoustics in the really affordable in price.
  • A stethoscope to use in hard time.


  • The durability is serious question for this stethoscope.
  • Good Choice for new nurse.
  • Affordable price.
  • Stethoscope to use in hard time.
Though many products in our list can work as a pediatric stethoscope. This 3M Littmann 2122 is what you can call a true and the best pediatric stethoscope.

3M Littmann 2122 Classic II Pediatric Review

Generally, a pediatric stethoscope is much different from the adult one. The few differences that are size and diaphragm should be smaller, and the child should not be fearful of the appliance. The rest of the things like acoustics, comfort, and quality remain the same. One thing we’re a big fan of is that while buying a pediatric stethoscope, you should give the style a priority.

As a stethoscope is made among the 3M Littmann series, you can trust the quality. Its ear tips are standard Littmann size. They are not only soft and comfortable but also fit perfectly into the ears. The Binaural are of stainless steel, flexible, comfortable to hold, and above all, very durable.

3M Classic II has a single lumen covered by PVC tubing. Quality-wise, tubing is perfect. The tubing feel is good but has the same issue as Classic III; it feels a bit sticky on the neck. Acoustically, this lies between Classic II S.E and Classic III. But generally speaking, sound quality is enough for assessment as well as for diagnosis.

This chest piece looks very classic. As it is a dual head, the diaphragm and bell look almost of the same size. Though the chest piece is not dandy like in other Littmann stethoscopes, we call it a masterpiece of both build and sound quality.

As far as we know about the weight and the length, they are 3.7 ounces and 28 inches, respectively. There is no issue in length or weight. In fact, you rarely find such a lightweight stethoscope with such a good length. The price is just around 80$, which is good if we talk about other Littmann series.
One last thing, this 3M Littmann 2122 Classic II is available in 10 colors. It is our personal suggestion that if you’re going to buy a pediatric stethoscope, make sure to choose unique colors rather than classic ones. This will make you look distinctively charming.


  • 3M littmann trust with finest built quality.
  • Small Bell enhances the sound quality.


  • Buy an extra ear tips, if you have a small ear canal.
  • Best electronic stethoscope.
  • Weight is acceptable.
  • Wide range.
Innovation is inevitable. We’re saying this because everything became advanced beyond Imagination same as with a stethoscope. Now, to listen to low-frequency sounds, electric stethoscopes are introduced. Not only low frequency but for almost every type of body sound.

3M Littmann 3200 Electronic Review

Different brands make high-quality Digital stethoscopes, but the 3M Littmann 3200 that wins in terms of quality, durability, and performance. In terms of built quality, you got a stethoscope similar to other Littmann’s models on the list. Same ear tips, binaural, and almost the same tubing but of slightly larger thickness.
The Chest piece of this stethoscope is unique. On one side, you got a microphone instead of a diaphragm. This microphone detects sound, and this sound is amplified, and after passing through the dual lumen tubing, enter your ear canal. The degree to which you can amplify this sound is under your control.

Also, on the back of the chest, you got a heartbeat tracker. This tracker detects heartbeats per minute through the sound waves. We can’t call this a reliable method of tracking your beats, but it is just a rough estimate. Besides, amplification buttons, there are two other buttons as well. The button on the right enables you to adjust the microphone while that on the left allows you to select bell, diaphragm, or whole chest piece as a sound recorder.

The sound that hits your ears can be really modified. For this reason, this stethoscope is made for those who have some hearing issues. Moreover, it has Bluetooth, through which you can send your recording to an app and listen to them. The capacity for these recordings is twelve recordings of 30seconds each.

The battery life of this stethoscope is around 60 hours, depending upon the power you choose while the price is anywhere between 400 to 500$.

Overall, in term of design and quality is one of the best. But this is not made for everyone. If you have some kind of hearing difficulties, then you should go with the electronic stethoscope; otherwise, Cardiology and Classic stethoscope can show the top results.


  • 3M littmann trust with finest built quality.
  • Small Bell enhances the sound quality.


  • Buy an extra ear tips, if you have a small ear canal.

The Ultimate Buyer guide for choosing The best stethoscope.

Unfortunately, there is no master stethoscope as far as we know. So, the only option to choose the best device is to enlist your requirements. Then find one according to it. There are some key things and a few additional things that determine which stethoscope you are going to buy.

The Chest piece of this stethoscope is unique. On one side, you got a microphone instead of a diaphragm. This microphone detects sound, and this sound is amplified, and after passing through the dual lumen tubing, enter your ear canal. The degree to which you can amplify this sound is under your control.


 The stethoscope has only one crucial function, to auscultate the sound. If an apparatus can’t do its primary purpose appropriately, it is useless. Acoustics is a broad term, but what we exactly mean by acoustics is, how accurately a stethoscope can detect sound. So, the first and foremost thing is the ability to measure sound accurately and also the quality of this sound.


For some people, comfort comes first. You should keep in mind the conditions in which you’ll be working and the time of usage of a stethoscope. If you have a check patient one after another, your stethoscope should have at least such a comfort level that it doesn’t bother your ears.

Moreover, the weight also comes to play. You have to wear a stethoscope all the time on your neck. It should not be too heavy that it bothers you from doing other things.


Each part of the stethoscope is made up of a different type of material in order to work correctly. It is better to make no compromise on quality if you want your stethoscope to work for years.

Almost all high-quality stethoscope has rubber ear tips, stainless steel chest piece, PVC tube, and resin diaphragm. It is the material/quality of a stethoscope that is determinant of price.

Working Environment

His thing is significant but often neglected while choosing your device. If you’ve to sit in a quiet place where you can listen to the tick of your wall clock, any stethoscope will work for you, but this doesn’t happen.

When you practice in a clinic, a good stethoscope for an average tube size will work faultlessly. But when you’ve to auscultate in conditions where there are different sounds and a lot of chaos, you will need a different stethoscope. So working place defines which device is appropriate for you.


A Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic all have to do the same process of listing to the body sounds. But all need a different stethoscope due to different surroundings and working condition.

Likewise, a cardiologist, pulmonologist, obstetrician, everyone needs a distinctive stethoscope.

Being a medical or nursing student, you need not buy the same stethoscope as a cardiologist. I think we’ve solved this query appropriately when reviewing each product.


Some people confuse it with the profession. But usage means, how frequently you have to use the product and the relation of this frequency with the type of usage.

If you are looking to check manual blood pressure at home, you would probably go with a regular stethoscope.

But if someone is in your home is hypertensive, and you have to check blood pressure manually every day, definitely buy some elite product. So, it is the usage that sometimes should be kept in mind while buying a stethoscope.


The budget here means a personal budget. I hope that being a practicing medical professional, someone will not have a problem with the budget and can buy a high-quality stethoscope.

But if you’re a student or buying for home use, you have to keep an eye on the budget. If your budget issue, we’ve recommended some budget-friendly stethoscopes, you can consider this.

One thing we recommend that we better buy a quality product once rather than compromising quality while looking for inexpensive things.


Choosing a brand purely depends on the quality of their products. But surely, there are some reputable names in the market with some good quality and price. A few Stethoscope brands that we personally fan of:

  • 3M Littman
  • Cardionics
  • ADC
  • MDF
  • Prestige Medical
  • Paramed
  • Ultrascope


This is a feature you should not consider too necessary while buying. But you should have an idea about the various type of stethoscope available in the market.

By Head Type:

  • Single Head
  • Dual Head
  • Triple Head
Other variety:

  • Electronic

Personal choice

At last, the thing that matters is your own choice. Sometimes, it happens that everyone in your surroundings recommends a different stethoscope, but you’re not mentally comfortable with it. In such cases, we recommend you to listen to yourself, rather than any other person.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The price range is very diverse. Usually, you can get a good stethoscope anywhere between 20 to 200$.

Well, it’s not like any toothbrush that you must have to replace after a specific time. However, most manufacturers recommend changing stethoscope after every 2 years.

But that’s the hard and fast rule. Many people use a single stethoscope for their lifetime. The most thing is you should replace it when you feel it’s not auscultating properly.

The two widely used lengths are 22 and 27 inches. Some may be longer than these. You should choose which length is comfortable on your neck. However, most people like to go with 27 or even greater lengths.

Totally depends upon the working environment. If you’re a beginner nurse, you can perform brilliantly with a 20$ or a 200$. But for diagnosis, you can trust only expensive stethoscopes. But they are really worth the price.

Yes, they are. All have a dual lumen. This helps them a lot in auscultation which is the primary function of a stethoscope.

Along with this, their tubing is the finest. All the famous cardiology stethoscopes are made for diagnostic purposes, therefore, they are really good.

100 Percent. All the stethoscopes we have reviewed are 100 % original and authentic.

Well, this competition is the same Samsung vs iPhone, and Littmann being the iPhone. Humor apart, both have their benefits and drawbacks. Acoustically both are almost the same. Littmann wins in Tubing and Comfort while MDF is matchless in Durability and Design. It’s up to who you consider better.

The pediatric stethoscope cannot be used on adults because it is specially designed to have a smaller diaphragm and bell. Therefore, you cannot listen to the sound properly.

In our Opinion, there are two stethoscope which you can label both inexpensive as well the Best. The first one MDF one, and the second is 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E.

For a quality stethoscope, there are five necessary things. Acoustics, Comfort, Tubing material or tubing feel, Design and Built-Quality. If any stethoscope completely fulfills these things, you can call that the best one.

How Did it take to create this buying guide?

This Buying guide is the essence of more than 30 Hours of Research, Hundreds of reviews considered. Each stethoscope is analyzed separately, and while writing we made sure that describe things are they are.

Disclaimer: This may contain affiliate links, when you purchase from that links we’ll get a small commission from the manufacturer, and you won’t be charged any extra.

We hope this will help you select the best stethoscope for 2021. If you’ve any queries regarding any part of the stethoscope or confused between the two Comment down below, Contact us. We’ll be pleased to help you.

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