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A stethoscope is a piece of primary equipment for doctors, medical technicians, and nurses. There are many types of stethoscopes with many brands in the market. But all types of the stethoscope may not be suitable for you. So what is the best stethoscope for EMT that you should buy? 

Before buying a stethoscope, you should consider the features, pros, and cons of that piece of equipment. Since it can be a matter of life and death you have to be careful. you can check our ultimate buyer guide for choosing the best stethoscope

Today in this article, we have created a shortlist for you where you will find the 9 best stethoscopes for EMT. 

What is a Pediatric Stethoscope?

Finding a stethoscope for pediatric patients is important for making an accurate diagnosis. There are several high-quality pediatric stethoscopes that you can choose from to help you treat your patients. Here are a few of the top options.

ASATechmed’s EMT starter pack is a complete deal in one package. I mean what’s not in there? No doubt about why it is listed in AMAZON’S Choice. A stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, EMT shear, and a small zip bag to keep all in there. 

Let’s talk about the blood pressure monitor first. It is a manual blood pressure cliff that comes up with an extended universal blood pressure cuff. It is made of high-quality PVC and polyester which is also latex-free and because of its materials, it will not mangle easily. 

The metal gauge is made of zinc alloy. It is designed in such a way that it is bound to give clinical accuracy. 

The stethoscope is dual-headed and it is made of a chrome-plated chest piece. It gives quality acoustics so that there will be no problem in hearing the right sounds. It is also bound to give clinical accuracy. 

However, even if it is made of good materials, it will be best if the earpieces are made of something soft. 

The best thing about the whole package is there is an EMT shear in it. It can cut through multiple layers of fabrics and even though materials. So it can cut through skin without cutting the skin tanks. The customer explicitly recommended this package for this shear as it is so good. 

All these products come in one color and they have multiple colors. So you can choose between varieties of colors. These products are sturdy but not heavy so it can carry anywhere without any hassle. 

Even if you are not someone from a professional background, you should keep it in your home for emergency use. 


  • An extended universal blood pressure cuff
  • High-quality PVC and polyester
  • Zinc alloy metal gauge
  • Clinical accuracy
  • Dual-headed


  • It is sturdy but not heavy
  • All the products come in one color and the range is colors are wide
  • The blood pressure monitor is designed to give medical accuracy
  • Stethoscope tend to give the acoustic sound


  • Though the stethoscope is made of good quality materials, the earbuds are hard. So it can poke the ears after a while.
  • The stethoscope can be short for tall people.

It is not a surprise that in the field of stethoscope Littmann is the ultimate game-changer. They have a wide variety of stethoscopes and Littmann Classic III is just one of them. It is listed as AMAZON #1 Best Seller

Now when I first saw this Littmann Classic III series, I wanted to find out what’s so special about it. Littmann’s best comparison is Littmann only and that’s why I wanted to know why Littmann Classic III is different from other Littmann series. 

First of all, this series comes up with a wide range of colors. So you can easily pick out any color which will bring out your personality. Fun thing: they even have a rainbow-finish chest piece. I personally loved the dark-colored ones though because they look so classy. 

The exterior of the stethoscope is finished with copper and the tube is 27 inches long. No assembly is required for this stethoscope. There is no natural rubber latex or phthalate plasticizers used in the tubing or any other component.

The best thing about this series is its diaphragm. This diaphragm is tunable and it is on both adult and pediatric sides of the chest piece.  

The pediatric sides can convert to an open bell. You just need to remove the single-piece diaphragm and replace it with a non-chill rim. 

Because of the open bell specks of dirt cannot enter inside of it. Also, it can be easily cleaned out because of the copper matte finish. 

You can use this stethoscope to monitor and assess a wide range of patients. It can pick up the rhythms and abnormal sounds easily. 

Though the sound quality of this stethoscope is great in comparison with the Littmann lightweight, it will fall behind a little. Because sometimes it cannot catch different frequencies. 

Also, in comparison to other Littmann series, Littmann classic III series stethoscopes are heavy and sturdy. But it’s not that heavy that you cannot carry it around. 


  • Wide range of colors
  • Copper exterior
  • 27 Inches tube
  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Easily cleanable


  • This stethoscope is made of high-quality materials
  • The diaphragm is designed in a very good way
  • It can pick up a wide range of sound
  • It can be cleaned without any hassle


  • It is a bit heavy
  • Sometimes different kind of frequencies cannot be picked by it
  • If it’s pushed too hard then it mutes

This stethoscope can be a perfect gift for the frontline warriors or even yourself. Comes up with a stylish box that is stunning in design.  

It is a perfect gift idea for anyone you love. Can be Doctors, Nurses, EMT, Veterinary & Medical Students – Student Nurse; Perfect for a birthday present, pinning ceremony for newly graduated nurses. 

There is a cute heart-shaped hold in this stethoscope which can be a perfect metaphor you can apply in your life if you want. Its advantage is it will make your patients smile. This heart-shaped design is easy to hold on to. 

You can customize the colors if you want. There are four color options available to go with a rose gold metal finish with soothing pink tubing. 

It comes up with a beautiful box and you can carry it around anywhere you want in that box. 

The people who want comfortable earbuds should buy this. Because the earbuds in this are specially designed by professionals to make soft earbuds and to ensure ear safety. 

The adjustable headset will allow you to rotate ear tubes and adjust the ear tension. Also, personalized fitting in this stethoscope cuts out the ambiguous noise or ear fatigue. 

This stethoscope is sturdy but it’s not heavy at all. It is a lightweight product. You can easily carry it anywhere you want. 

It has a lifetime warranty. Also, you can return it within thirty days if you do not like the product. 


  • Stylish box and stunning design
  • Personalized stethoscope fitting
  • Soft and comfortable earbuds
  • Heart-shaped design
  • Adjustable headset
  • Four color option


  • The design is beautiful
  • It is perfect for a gift
  • The stethoscope is made of good quality materials
  • It is lightweight
  • It is customizable with an extra earpiece


  • It is not perfect some people ears
  • If it is bent for a long time then there can be permanent marks

ASA Techmed Premium Stethoscopes is an ideal gift for EMTs, nurses, doctors, and medical students. It is quite light in weight delivering precise heart rate and Korotkoff sounds with great ultrasonic clearness. It is completely made of 100% stainless steel with congenital ear tips. 

The chest piece is exactly machined which is handcrafted and hand-polished to keep its performance at its best. To easily detect sound channels, it has a rotatable acoustic valve twig. There is a non-chill diaphragm for better augmentation and crisper high-frequency solid sound. 

High-quality tubing retains both flexibility and shape and makes it easier to store. It also comes with a longer lifespan and is made with synthetic rubber latex, which is the top priority of sensitive medical professionals and many patients. 

The Latex Free PVC Y-configuration features a non-stick surface and provides insulation for superior sound transmission. It also has a noise-suppressing element to cancel out ambient noise and make an isolated headspace for better audibility. 

The build material also prevents the cracking and wearing which can occur from repeated usage of the product. Soft silicone made ear tips and individually balanced binaural headspace assists in sound isolation for precise audio readings. 

Flexibility, comfort, accuracy, and durability are the main highlights of our headpiece which assures precise performance. It includes extra 2 pairs of soft ear tips: Small, Regular, and Large. Longer tube length allows comfortable space and wearability between patient and physician/nurse. 

Promising the best quality, durability, and excellent performance with delicate sensitivity, this Stethoscope Kit offers you a 30-day, money-back guarantee. 


  • 100% Stainless steel
  • rotatable acoustic valve twig
  • High-quality tubing
  • The Latex Free PVC
  • Noise-suppression
  • Soft silicone ear tips


  • Has a great sound quality
  • It has a noise-suppressing thing to cut out the ambiguous noise
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Is comfortable to wear
  • It has extra earpieces


  • The earpieces tend to fall out
  • It is difficult to hear sounds with the smaller earpieces

This stethoscope of ADC is well-known among the front liners for its great acoustic sounds and its heavy-duty performance. Its performance tells the fact why it was chosen as AMAZON’S Choice. It has CNC precision-machined construction which features an oversized and oval chest piece. 

It has an adjustable frequency design system which enhances its acoustic performance. For the great quality full sound, I usually tend to recommend the Littmann series. But this stethoscope has great sound quality. 

Just a tip, you should put light pressure for pitching the low frequency and firm pressure for the high frequency. However, according to some users, the sound works better in a quiet environment. 

Not only the sound, but this stethoscope also did not leave any stone unturned to provide the best comfort. It has silicone which was molded into flexible phthalate-free PVC tubing and Adsoft plus Snap-On silicone ear tips which will give you both comfort and acoustic seal. 

Now enough about its sound and comfortability, let’s come to its quality. All kinds of ADC products are known for their premium quality materials.  They do not compromise with quality. 

Made of high-quality materials like its oversized chest piece is made in such a way that it can take overload. It doesn’t wear out even after thousands of uses. 

Has a lot of additional features as well. This stethoscope has a wide range of colors. It has two metal finishes which are zinc and tactical. There are a variety of tube colors. 

Accessories are included with this stethoscope. It comes up with two extra pairs of silicone ear tips. Also, they will give you a complimentary ID; you can keep that to secure your stethoscope. 

In addition to all of these, ADC will give you a lifetime warranty. If any parts or elements got disassembled or lost, they will give you the free element. They will even fix your stethoscope without any charge if anything happens with it. 


  • Adjustable frequency
  • Snap-On silicone
  • Wide range of colors
  • Accessories are included
  • two extra pairs of silicone ear tips
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Has a great sound quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • It is made of premium quality materials
  • Lifetime warranty is included
  • Sturdy but lightweight


  • It is too long
  • The environment has to be quiet to amplify the sound

If someone beloved of yours is going to start their journey as front liners then this is a perfect gift for them. Because this package has very important things which will be needed to kick start their journey. 

This stethoscope comes up with a dual-headed stethoscope, an EMT shear, storage case, and pupil light. The stethoscope is made of a dual-headed chest piece and the broader diaphragm on the other side allows one to hear a wide range of sound. 

The tube is made of a latex-free high-quality tube. This tube is flexible and it will ensure ultimate clarity. 

It has a good quality full acoustic. It is equipped with ultra-sensitive acoustic and non-chill chest rings for comfortability. Soft ear tips are included so it will not poke the ears. 

There is an EMT trauma shear. This shear can cut through fabric, bandage, gauge, and even hard denim. It will easily cut through the bandages without cutting the patient’s skin. The shear is designed in such a way that you can hold it easily. 

The pupil gauge penlight is Lightweight and solid with a relentless pre centered pinpoint focal point. It clips onto any uniform or pocket. Effortlessly clicks on + off. It has a fixed concentric pillar for clear visibility. 

All these items come up in a premium stethoscope case. The best thing about this case is it is waterproof, shockproof, and solid. It is a semi-hard case with a zipper to ensure the protection of these items. There is enough space in it, you can keep other things. 


  • Dual-headed stethoscope
  • Dual-headed chest piece
  • Latex-free high-quality tube
  • Equipped with pupil light
  • EMT trauma shear
  • Premium stethoscope case


  • It is a complete package
  • The stethoscope is made of high-quality materials
  • The pupil light works great
  • It comes up with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It cannot pitch out the different kind of frequencies
  • It only works great in a quiet space

If you want a comfortable stethoscope that does not irritate your skin or stains and comes with all the accessories you need, a PARAMED Stethoscope is for you. Because it is made of latex-free material. So the material does not irritate the skin. It also makes the stethoscope sweat and oil-resistant. 

No on this, this stethoscope has an advanced chest-piece. It can rotate 360 degrees. This allows the use of both sides to suit a patient’s condition.  

It features a bell side alongside a diaphragm side. So this stethoscope can monitor a wider range of sounds that ranges from the general body area to the lower frequency area. So with this, both lower and higher frequencies can have an accurate measurement. 

You can’t ignore the comfort part either. This stethoscope comes along with four ear tips. All those tips are sized from small to large. It is very useful as you can fit your ears perfectly without putting any strain on your airs. 

It also keeps your needs in mind. The stethoscope makes sure to come with all the accessories that you need. It has a dual-head, 4 size of Ear Tips, an extra Diaphragm, a Name Tag, and a case to keep your accessories convenient.  

Need not to mention, the tube of the Paramed 29.5 is long. It is also made of durable material. Although the stethoscope is made lightweight for comfortable use, the tubing is still strong. It can be cleaned with a swipe of alcohol. So your fear of a non-lasting product is also diminished. 


  • Latex-free material
  • Advanced chest-piece
  • 360 Degrees rotatable
  • Four ear tips
  • 29.5 is long
  • dual-head


  • It has accurate versatility
  • Very comfortable
  • It comes fully equipped
  • Very durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Sound quality is inconsistent

Want a basic light weighed but all featured stethoscope? Then this Classic Dual Head Stethoscope for Medical and Home use is just for you! This you can be nurses, doctors, medical students, and even also a homely user. 

This elite and cute-looking Stethoscope which comes in various colors are very comfy, handy, and flexible. The latex-free pliable tubes with non-chilled chest ring which provides extra comfort to the patients while checkup. 

 Because of its basic non-heavy features, it is very portable, best for the doctors and medical students as they have to carry the stethoscope all day long. Also, you can carry it in your go-to medical kit.  

Ahh still feels ordinary?  

Then let me tell you, it has chrome-plated external spring binaural and a sleek finish.  

No! Not finished yet. 

Alongside all these external features and all that important for a stethoscope are accurate reading and evaluations. And guess what? Its premium quality chest piece furnishes an outstanding contact with the patient and gives the most accurate readings as well as amazing sound clarity.  

What else do you need? 


  • Classic Dual Head Stethoscope
  • Comfy, handy, and flexible
  • chrome-plated external spring binaural
  • Accurate reading and evaluations


  • Multiple color choice. The pink one is really cute. Trust me!
  • Very affordable. All professional quality features at a handy price. Best for limited budget medical students.
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Easily portable and lightweight.


  • The earbuds can hurt the ears
  • In a noisy environment, it cannot pick out the sound

Want a medical kit with all professional material?  

Then Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope Dual Head Adult + Free Storage Case, EMT Shears, Penlight, 128 + 512 Tuning Fork, Taylor Hammer + Lister Bandage Scissors is for you! I think the name says it all. 

This all-purpose kit has a Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope with Dual Head, Matching EMT Shear a designed Penlight, 128 and 512 Tuning Fork, Matching Color Taylor Hammer and Lister Bandage Scissors, and also a free matching classy Storage case to keep it all together. 

It comes in three major colors. Red, black and purple. The Black one is a personal favorite. Looks way too classy. 

The Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope with Dual Head is light and gives accurate heart and lungs readings. The aluminum plated chest ring is very durable as well as both machined and hands polished for premium quality acoustic sound. 

Next what they have are EMT Shears and Lister Bandage Scissors. These most necessary kit materials come in matching colors. These can easily cut through any kind of fabric, even denim, vinyl, and leather. 

Both scissors have the perfect 5.5” size.  Protected smooth edges allow easy removal of dressings and bandages without causing any cut to the patient. They are reusable and resistant stainless steel. 

Then they have matching designed disposable penlights with a concave head and pupil gauge for assessing the ears, nose, and throat. This essential diagnostic pair is made of aluminum alloy. And there is also Black Taylor Percussion Hammer for neurological, deep tendon, joint reflexes, etc needs. 


  • Dual Head Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope
  • Designed Penlight
  • Aluminum plated chest ring
  • EMT shears with the kit


  • All essentials in one bag. Has great professional value.
  • Classy, handy, and portable, and in the perfect size.
  • Best go-to med-kit for medical students and nurses.


  • Pricy. Needs more materials.
  • It is not best for the ICU patients cause it cannot pick out the fragile heartbeat.

Since you have gone through this shortlist of ours, you should now have a basic understanding of stethoscope and their brands. With this bunch of information, you shouldn’t have any problem with picking the best stethoscope for EMT that suits you. 

Choose wisely and save lives. 

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