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Best Pulse Oximeter

In the words of the American Lung Association, Pulse Oximeter provides a non-invasive way to check oxygen saturation in your RBCs. You might already know this thing. But the tricky part is the choice of the best pulse oximeter.

A considerable number of ordinary people remain confused in choosing Pulse Oximeter. There are two reasons behind such confusion. The first one is, not enough knowledge is given about these oximeters. Secondly, there are a lot of questions regarding the performance of these oximeters. In fact, research is done to check the accuracy of many inexpensive pulse oximeters. The result of this research raised a serious question regarding the performance.


Such things make choosing a good pulse oximeter more difficult. But you need not worry. After doing a lot of research and testing, we came with these “10 best pulse oximeters“. While making this list, we have made sure that we cover every person who can be looking for pulse oximeters. From Home use to Usage in sports, we got you all covered. But for medical use, we recommend taking advice from a doctor before purchasing any product.

Regarding the question of pediatric pulse oximeters, they are separate. But some companies provide both adult and pediatric pulse oximeters. We’ll mention that while reviewing each product separately.

The 10 Best Pulse Oximeters for Healthcare and Home-Use

Editor Choice #1

Pulse Oximeter is a lot different from other medical products like the stethoscopeblood pressure monitors, in terms you don’t need any sort of extensive buyer’s guide. Just a few things, and you’re ready to buy.

METENE is a healthcare brand, famous for creating medical equipment as well as personal care products. This Pulse Oximeter by Metene is among the best-selling of 2020.

The Pulse Oximeter is small and compact, with a charismatic display. On the Screen, you see Oxygen saturation along with the heart rate in glowing white color. The Acrylic material is quite compact. With a large display, reading is straightforward.

There are two reasons why this is first on our list. Both are related to usage. It can be used by both sports as well as for home use, as approved by the FDA. Secondly, it is made to be used for both adults and children. So, this thing makes a pulse oximeter for all types of environments.

Regarding the performance, this oximeter is among the most accurate ones in the market. Yet you should expect a margin of 2% in your reading. Hundreds of Nurses recommend this. Personally, we asked a nurse about this oximeter and she replied, you won’t get anything better.


  • It is effortless to use. Just press one button, and it will start taking readings. Moreover, with smart METENE technology, it will automatically switch off after 8 seconds of inactivity.
  • The design is brilliant. The glowing feature and small look make it look distinctive than many other oximeters.
  • Functions very quickly. Along with this, it uses the most advanced photoelectric sensor system to detect p02 showing a highly accurate result.
  • There is no need for calibrations. It comes with readily available batteries.
  • You will get 1-Year METENE Warranty and support.


  • You won’t see the display in daylight and while observing under bright lights.

The two things that can make any pulse oximeter the best are compact design and accuracy. This Pulse Oximeter by ATMOKO is the epitome of these two. ATMOKO always focuses on creating innovative health and personal care equipment. This ATMOKO pulse oximeter is a good example.

In appearance, it seems a small and compact thing. There is a large black OLED display with readings that can appear in two colors. It measures oxygen saturation and heart rate. An additional thing is Pulse rate intensity that lets you know any fluctuation in oxygen saturation.

This pulse oximeter appears to be a bit old-fashioned, still, due to its performance, we consider it one the best. Although, there is a new version of this oximeter, better in design yet not as effective as this one.

Performance-wise, this gives a very accurate reading. Moreover, this is made for people of every age. From children to seniors, everybody can use it, and it shows perfect results. Additionally, for athletes, hikers, and climbers, this is an ideal oximeter for its compact design and prolonged usage. Moreover, it is FDA and CE is approved.

Some physicians might recommend you for home use, we don’t recommend this as a medical pulse oximeter. Not because it might not be accurate, but there is no mentioning of this thing by the manufacturer. So, it is better to avoid is for medical use.


  • Suitable for home use. People of all ages can efficiently operate it, and credit goes to its simple start technology. Moreover, the rotatable screen feature makes sure that you can read it easily.
  • Comfortable to use. ATMOKO has a specially designed silicone fingertip opening that makes readings effortless.
  • It shows a fast and accurate result. You can check your recordings within 8-10s. Though, very specific still, you should expect a margin of 2% as per standard guidelines.
  • This is among the most durable and efficient pulse oximeters. With two AAA batteries, it can work for more than 30 hours continuously.
  • Weight is minimum. You can carry it with you. Hence very good for traveling.


  • After replacing batteries, the bottom won’t stick as better as before.
  • There is nothing said about the guarantee of this oximeter.

Most Advanced Pulse Oximeter

This pulse oximeter by INNOVO-MEDICAL is one of the best-selling pulse oximeters, and credit goes to its advanced features. Previously, the older version of this oximeter used to be good, but this one broke the records.

The pulse oximeter itself is small, with a relatively small display and INNOVO logo on the front. But this short display tells big things. Along with oxygen saturation and heart rate, it also shows the perfusion index and Plethysmograph. Perfusion index is the ratio of pulsatile blood flow to the static. In simple words, it is the strength of the pulse, while Plethysmograph tells you about any irregular changes in blood volume.

In terms of performance, this is among the most accurate pulse oximeters in the market. Not only is it made for sports use, but it also works equally well clinically. Authorities like the FDA and CE approve it. But the thing worthy of mentioning is, it is only made for adults. INNOVO prescribes it will not work efficiently for children and adults having small fingers.

The thing that we love and make this one of the advanced pulse oximeters is modern technology. Whenever your oxygen saturation is low, this oximeter will warn you. You can adjust this sound. But the best thing is the brightness adjustment. No matter how the conditions are around you, you can easily see the readings.


  • The brilliantly updated version of this oximeter, both easy to use as well as comfortable while measuring.
  • The accuracy of this pulse oximeter is matchless. INNOVO medical does a number of a clinical trial before releasing their products, and thus their product shows very accurate results. This pulse oximeter doesn’t show result instantly, instead takes time to interpret and then show the result. That’s the reason a lot of doctors consider this the most reliable pulse oximeter in the market.
  • Its usage is very diverse. For sports and well as clinically, you can use this oximeter.
  • With 2 AAA batteries, it can work more than 25 hours of continuous usage. But if you don’t use it often, it will work for a month due to the power-efficient system.
  • The customer care of INNOVO medical is the best. In case you get a detective oximeter, your problem will be solved quickly.


  • For using long-term, this is not quite a brilliant oximeter. For after 6 or 8 months, there can be a lot of issues in constructions and ultimately in the accuracy.

Best Pulse Oximeter for Sports

If you’re an athlete and need to monitor your oxygen saturation continuously, this is the oximeter for you. CHOICEMED USA creates not only expertise in producing high quality but also inexpensive products. In appearance, this looks one of the simplest oximeters in our list.

The Pulse oximeter is dull black with a tiny screen showing BPM and Sp02. Also, you will notice a plain power button. You can call this one of the easy to use pulse oximeters.

The way to check your peripheral oxygen saturation is easy. Just put your finger, press the start button, and you’re done. A useful feature of this pulse oximeter is a continuous reading system. As long as you have your finger on the sensor, it will keep detecting. But this thing is not much appreciated as it can make the accuracy questionable.

As far as accuracy is concerned, it is good enough to be trusted. If you’re a sportsman, you can expect 98% accuracy, only when you measure appropriately. However, CHOICEMED doesn’t call it a medical oximeter.

Since it is a very accurate pulse oximeter, a lot of people ask the question of why it is not medically useable? Well, the manufacturer’s intent behind creating this oximeter is used in sports; therefore, they say to use it in sports only. If you can want it for routine measurements, you can go with it. But for medical conditions like asthma, use it under the prescription of your doctor.


  • Combination of old design and new technology. From the appearance, you will call it a conventional oximeter, but it has unique features like low-batty indicators, adjustable brightness, and above all, brilliant sensing system.
  • Small and compact, comes with carrying bag. Athletes can carry it easily with them by an adjustable lanyard.
  • Both adults and children can use this.
  • The Pulse oximeter is very durable and a long-lasting oximeter.
  • Very affordable. If you want a pulse oximeter for everyday home use, this can save your money, providing highly accurate results.


  • While Putting in the batteries, it is confusing every time as no polarity symbols on the back.
  • Taking recording can take up a bit long and, therefore, sometimes become irritating.

Best pulse oximeter for iPhone

Being a technology wizard, you might want to keep track of your oxygen saturation, MASIMO Pulse oximeter enables you to do that. MASIMO is a world-famous healthcare product, and this is the one highly advanced pulse oximeter.

This pulse oximeter is the essence of modern design and accurate results. On the front, you get a big screen, showing several different things. Besides oxygen saturation and pulse rate, it also measures respiratory rate, Pleth Variability Index, and Perfusion Index.

With its Bluetooth feature, you can keep a record of your personal oxygen saturation and all other functions. Not only IOS but also android users can save the readings on their mobile.

Like all other things, its performance is trust-worthy. You can have a reasonably accurate reading. It is equally suitable for sports and as well for home use.

Besides this, both children and adults can use it. A thing worth mentioning regarding the accuracy is, for sports purposes, you won’t any better choice if you want to track your activities. But for medical conditions, we need to elaborate things further.

Since this pulse oximeter gives a lot of features, different people opt for it for a different purpose. If you want to use it to measure Sp02 and pulse rate, it can be used medically but after a prescription. But other things like the Perfusion Index of this oximeter not as medically accurate as of the demand. Overall, from sports and other points of measurement, it is perfect, and medically, it is good but not perfect.


  • The device itself is built flawlessly. You can get accurate measurements for years.
  • Unique to others. This pulse oximeter has many distinguishing features that other pulse oximeters lack.
  • Having such diverse hallmarks, this oximeter is very easy to use. Just put your finger and press the start button, and this pulse oximeter will take care of the rest.
  • You can keep a track record of your data for years. Whenever you make a recording, you can save on your phone’s memory. You can keep this record for future assessments.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty and brilliant customer support.


  • This pulse oximeter comes at four times the price of a conventional oximeter. While buying, make sure to keep your purpose in mind.
  • Medically, it is not as accurate as of the MASIMO healthcare claim about it.

Best Pulse Oximeter for home use

Accurate Bio-med is the manufacturer of this oximeter, specializes in creating pulse oximeters only. This AMENO pulse oximeter is an excellent device for homes in term; it is both reliable and easy to use. Due to its contrasting colors, it appears a child toy. This purple boundary around the black display, make it look a pretty thing for home-usage.

The small display shows well-glowing results in two different colors. Along with Peripheral oxygen saturation and pulse rate, it also indicates a perforation index. All the results, this pulse oximeter show, are reasonably accurate. It is FDA and CE approved. For athletics and trainer, it can work very well, as it shows results pretty fast.

The manufacturer has not said anything about the medical usage. But since it has a raving design, therefore, it is widely used for measuring Sp02 for children. But this pulse oximeter is purely made for home-use. Using it at home can save you from a lot of troubles.


  • Despite its simple design, it has some very advanced features. The brilliant OLED display, Low Batty indicator, and power-efficient system make it one of the best oximeters.
  • This AMENO pulse oximeter has an advanced sensing mechanism for taking quick and accurate results. Moreover, it is comfortable to wear for both seniors and children.
  • Due to the power-efficient system, batteries last very long. You can use it accurately with 35 hours of continuous usage.
  • This is exclusively made for seniors, especially those who want to check the oxygen saturation many times a day. No matter how much you use, it will give highly accurate results.
  • In case you find any problem in the oximeter, you will get your money back, and that’s only within the first 90 days.


  • If an athlete buys it for sports or outdoor activities like hiking, the screen might be too small for you. This often can become irritating, as after a tough run or a hike.
  • There is a lot of room to improve in terms of its design.

Best affordable Pulse Oximeter

If you want to know about SENPAI of a pulse oximeter, it is the ZACURATE. Zacurate creates a top-quality pulse oximeter, and its products are best-selling in the market. Their Pulse Oximeters are famous for showing accurate results within an affordable range.

This 500DL pulse oximeter comes in a variety of colors, but we like black as it looks professional. Moreover, black color put a stamp of compactness over its well-built design. The display is relatively big, more significant than ordinary, as well as many expensive oximeters. The numbers are big enough that anyone can easily read them.

Regarding the question about its performance, it is the most accurate pulse oximeter in the price range. Its accuracy is comparable to that of the expensive oximeters. Moreover, it shows the result reasonably quickly, within 8-10s. ZACURATE calls a pulse oximeter for sports and health usage. They don’t say anything regarding medical usage.

For seniors and for using in-home, this is affordable as well as a correct choice. Apart from all other things, the reason that makes this pulse oximeter so accessible is its battery life. It can work more than 40 hours of continuous usage. All in all, it is an excellent choice at a reasonable price.


  • We’re a massive fan of the compact design and unusual display of this pulse oximeter. This makes it an excellent choice for athletes as well as for seniors.
  • This pulse oximeter has some advanced sensing system, probably among the few pulse oximeters in the market than can detect 100% oxygen saturation.
  • It comes with a year warranty along with reliable customer support in case of any technical issue.
  • ZACURATE gives an extensive user-guide for making your reading accurate, as well as maintaining this pulse oximeter for life-long usage.
  • The ratio of price to specs ratio is better than any other pulse oximeter in the market.


  • We would love if ZACURATE team with some medical professional to release this model clinically.
  • It is only made for adults.
  • This pulse oximeter is very sensitive. Both lack of care and inappropriate method of recording hurts its accuracy badly, and this might start showing inaccurate results.

Best Pulse Oximeter for Exercise

Concord Health Supply is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality medical products. They create a wide range of pulse oximeter, but the one we like the most is the concord deluxe. This pulse oximeter is a mixture of an average design and a fantastic performance.

In construction, this oximeter is well-made. But despite the sturdy construction, the design is pretty basic. The display is also average. But concord is a lot better than many brands with a mediocre show in the sense that it displays quite big numbers that are very easy to read.

Regardless of the display, it has many features that are only in the most advanced pulse oximeters in the market. With a combination of average display and extra-ordinary features, the accuracy of this pulse oximeter is imposing. Besides Zacurate pro, it is the second pulse oximeter that can detect up to 100% oxygen.

Authorities like the FDA and CE has approved this pulse oximeter. Besides that, it can be used by both adults and children. However, it is only restricted to sports use, more precisely for exercise and gym. There are two reasons to call it the top-rated oximeter for training. The first one is a brilliant construction that is favoring its use in exercise.

While the second one is when you exercise, your peripheral oxygen saturation becomes more, for some people, it becomes more significant than the standard value. This pulse oximeter is perfectly capable of measuring that changing values.


  • The changing screen feature makes reading easy to read, especially after a workout.
  • The accuracy of this pulse oximeter is equivalent to expensive medical oximeters. Besides accuracy, it gives reading pretty quick within 8 seconds.
  • Battery time and warranty are also extra-ordinary. They are 30 hours and two years, respectively.
  • Exceptionally excellent performing for seniors.
  • With all the exceptional features, it is still in budget.


  • If you’ve already used any oximeter with a big display, the small OLED screen can become very disturbing for you.
  • Not very quick to start.

Best Oximeter for Sleep Apnea/Overnight Monitoring

While trying to cover everything regarding the best pulse oximeters, how can we forget, people with sleep issues, especially sleep apnea? Fortunately, there are a lot of O2 ring tackers that take care of your oxygen saturation, while you’re sleeping, and this is best among all.

WELLUE always focused on creating innovative healthcare products. This O2 ring is a perfect example of innovation in health. The ring is well-built, perfect for the fingers and thumb of an adult. You can differentiate it from other ring oximeters by its glossy display. After turning this on, the oxygen saturation and heart rate start alternatively appearing on the screen.

Due to WELLUE smart sensor, this is a reasonably accurate oxygen tracker. Moreover, it has a dual vibrational system that starts vibration whenever the heart rate and O2 level are not normal. The battery life of the oxygen tracker is also good and can last for 14-16 hours.

Besides that, it has built-in memory along with tracking via an app or pc software. The ability to keep a record in all forms of technology made it a unique O2 ring tracker. But this tracker is exclusively for adults, if you want for a child, you can go with a WELLUE kids O2 tracker.


  • This O2 ring tracker is very comfortable to wear. Moreover, its size is not significant to bother or affect your finger. With a unique cushioning system, you will barely notice its presence.
  • Operating this tracker is as easy as pie. You get a detailed and easy user-guide on how to use this ring. Moreover, setting operations like turning one vibration on, syncing with the app, and all other things are effortless.
  • You don’t only get accuracy in this O2 tracker but also an excellent ability to show a quick result. This O2 tracker takes reading every 4s, while you’re sleeping to make sure that it vibrates as quickly as your level start trembling.
  • Due to its compact and small appearance, it is a lot better and more usable than the wrist 02 tracker for overnight monitoring. If you’ve already used a wrist O2 overnight tracker, you will love its minimalistic design.
  • Very useful in detecting movements while sleeping. Also, make sure that these movements won’t affect accuracy.


  • The O2 tracker itself vibrates/rings when changes occur at a reasonable level. Sometimes, while in deep sleep you don’t notice the vibration. This can become the best 02 trackers ever if they develop sync the alarm or vibration to a mobile app.
  • Despite the price, you will get an only one-year warranty, which we think is less as compared to many others in the market.

Best Pulse Oximeter for Elderly

Many pulse oximeters in our list, like METENCE pulse oximeter, is suitable for the one generally looking for a quality pulse oximeter. While others like this FL400 are good for a specific category, this pulse oximeter is an ultimate device for seniors and the elderly. The reason behind saying this is the final level of comfort, along with the most fantastic display.

It comes in a variety of colors. Black and pink are the most popular, and we like them pretty much. On the large black LED, it is pretty easy to read those large red numbers. Furthermore, starting this pulse oximeter is the easiest thing you can do.

The performance of this pulse oximeter varies in adults and children. The manufacturer hasn’t said anything about usage in a specific age group. Yet, if you use it in children, the results will be somewhat inaccurate. While in adults, the accuracy is analogous to other good oximeters in the market.

The rest of the things like battery life, usability are good enough to make it one of the best oximeter. The last thing worthy of mentioning is that it is a beginner-level pulse oximeter. The primary purpose of this pulse oximeter is to check your Oxygen saturation quickly and accurately whenever you start to feel uncomfortable. However, if you’re a senior looking for some innovative features as well, then you can choose among other options.


  • This is the most compact pulse oximeter on our list. It is short and will come into your pocket quickly. So, if you want a device that will always be with you, this can be the one.
  • Within the price you get this, the accuracy is far more than you can expect. Moreover, the time to show the result is also quick.
  • A good thing about this FL100 is the one year warranty with up to 40 hours of battery life.


  • The biggest issue regarding this pulse oximeter is an automatic switch-off feature. FACELAKE says that there is an automatic switch-off feature that works pretty well. But, a good number of people reported that after five or six months, the automatic switch-off feature would get damaged, and you have to remove batteries manually. We think that FACELAKE has to work on this.

What is a pulse oximeter?

Oxygen is a critical component of blood. In fact, essential for life. There are two ways to check oxygen in the blood. The first one is the Arterial Blood gases test that includes taking out the blood and checking the level of gases, including the oxygen.

The second and the widely used method of checking the oxygen level in blood is pulse oximetry. It involves checking the amount of oxygen combining with hemoglobin, precisely called oxygen saturation. A pulse oximeter is an instrument that is used for pulse oximetry. The pulse oximeter has become quite common due to its non-invasive and effortless measurement.

Usage of Pulse oximeter

The pulse oximeter is used for assessing a person’s health by checking his or her oxygen saturation levels. Most commonly, with conditions affecting the ability of the heart to pump oxygen and for maladies upsetting the functions of lungs, a pulse oximeter provides an effective method for checking the oxygen level.

Most common use of pulse oximeter is in

  • Congenital Heart anomalies i-e VSD
  • Myocardial Ischemia
  • Heart attack or Failure
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Pneumonia
  • Lung Cancer, emphysema
  • Anemia
  • Suffocation
  • Sleep Apnea
  • General Anesthesia

Benefits of using pulse oximeter

  • The pulse oximeter is used to check the ability of a person to do a physical activity, which means whether you need extra oxygen while exercising or not.
  • To check whether a lung medicine is working or not.
  • As a management tool for conditions that are affecting the oxygen saturation in the blood.
  • Widely used in hospitals to check neonatal oxygen saturation.
  • To detect the efficacy of different breathing procedures, like oxygen therapy, and ventilations.
  • Used after a surgical procedure, especially after General Anesthesia, to assess patient health.
  • To check whether a person has sleep apnea or not.

How does a pulse oximeter work?

  • A pulse oximeter uses light as a source to measure oxygen saturation in your blood. The pulse oximeter used in hospitals and in-home use the same basic principle

    On a pulse oximeter, there is a source other is the source and a sensor. Light emits from the source, and enter your RBC. Red Blood Cells have the capacity to absorb light due to the presence of a large amount of oxygen. This absorption of light tells us how much SpO2 is; there in your blood. It is a non-invasive procedure and no pinching or pain at all.

    Moreover, pulse oximeters are reasonably accurate. However, you should expect tolerance of 2%. This means that, if your reading is 92%, your oxygen saturation can lie anywhere between 90 and 94.

Guide on using a pulse oximeter

Finger Pulse oximeters are most common in clinical settings as well for home use. However, there are certain things you should taking care of in order to make your reading precise.

These guidelines are for using a pulse oximeter in your home. In a hospital or clinic, your healthcare provider will be taking care of all these things.

  • You should make sure the area you have chosen to take reading must have proper blood flow.
  • Make sure your hand is warm, relaxed, and held below the level of your heart.
  • Also, keep in mind that you don’t have anything that can affect light like nail polish.
  • Avoid vibration, hand movement, and vibrant environment, especially infrared light sources, to make your readings accurate.
  • Make sure to take reading for 3-5min for better results.
  • Whenever you are gasping for breath like after exercise, make sure to take a reading on different hands for a reliable result.

Tips and Precautions for buying a pulse oximeter

There is a difference between the pulse oximeter used clinically and in-home or sports. Clinical or medical pulse oximeters are only available after a prescription. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use a pulse oximeter in your home.

If you have some medical condition, your physician will recommend a pulse oximeter, and you should use that. However, if you’re an athlete or senior and want to check or maintain a record of you can go with sports pulse oximeters. Moreover, sports pulse oximeters are as accurate as clinical oximeters. So, all these tips are for buying a pulse oximeter for home and sports usage.

Tips and Precautions for buying a pulse oximeter

While buying a medical device or equipment, there are always some considerations. These tips can save from trouble also help in selecting the thing quickly. Here are a few while buying a pulse oximeter.


In the choice of 99% health-related devices, accuracy will always come first. The reason is that the accuracy is related to the proper functioning of the product. You already know the function of a pulse oximeter, it will be futile if it doesn’t give accurate results.

But the big question is, how would you know a pulse oximeter is accurate? Well, for this you’ve to trust someone. We, TheMedMo, can the one. After considering hundreds of pulse oximeter in the market, and reading reviews of almost all. We’ve selected the ten best for you. Moreover, we have used many of them and compared them with the medical oximeter used clinically. So, you can trust us in choosing an accurate pulse oximeter.


Both the display and readability are connected. If you see a pulse oximeter, the first thing you notice is the screen. The bigger the screen is, the easier it will be to read. Keep in mind that when you buy a pulse oximeter, these two things should be in your mind.

But when readability vs display comparison comes in front of you, we recommend you to choose readability. There a lot of high-quality pulse oximeters that have relatively smaller displays, but the big digits compromise the small display.

So, always make sure that the pulse oximeter you’re buying has enough readability that makes reading effortless. A good thing that might help you is, while reviewing all the pulse oximeter, we’ve mentioned each thing separately. We hope this thing will prove beneficial.


Normally, for buying a home pulse oximeter, usage possesses a value. A lot of people consider a good pulse oximeter as an essential part of a first aid kit. In case you’re buying a personal pulse oximeter, no need to consider using.

However, while buying for home, make sure the pulse oximeter is feasible for both adults as well as for children. A lot of pulse oximeter in our “best pulse oximeter” list fulfills the usage requirement; you can consider them a choice.


While looking for a good pulse oximeter, style is one of the most neglected factors. If you’re a gym or sports enthusiast, you should always consider an accurate and stylish pulse oximeter. Choosing a color also comes under style.

We suggest you choose the style according to the requirement. If you want a pediatric pulse oximeter, always look for some vivid color oximeter. While for adults, prefer a dull color to make look pulse oximeter more compact. The more innovative the pulse oximeter is more stylish; it will be. However, it is better if you sync style with usage, this will help you choose a better pulse oximeter.


Companies are making sure that all the modern pulse oximeters are portable and easy to carry. One of the reasons why finger and ring pulse oximeter became so common is that they are effortless to carry with you.

If you’re buying a sports pulse oximeter, you might also need it for travel. It will be good if you choose some small and compact oximeter, so that you can easily put in the bag, without the fear of being damaged. This thing is no longer a major issue, as a majority of new pulse oximeter are portable.


Alarms are essential; they keep you alert as well as help restraining within the limit. For buying pulse oximeter, especially for overnight monitoring, this thing holds a key place. Having an alarm is important because it will awake you whenever your oxygen levels are low.

For normal usage pulse oximeter, alarms are not as important as you might the limits of normal oxygen saturation. Besides this, many companies manufacture pulse oximeters that display normal levels on the screen after every recording. In such cases, you don’t have to worry about alarms. While for buying a pulse oximeter for continuous monitoring, alarms are exceptionally important.


To a considerable extent, durability depends upon the built-quality, somehow upon the brand. Sometimes, in the clinical setting, pulse oximeters are disposed of after usage, but they are inexpensive. While for home or sports use, the majority of people go with quality and expensive products. So, durability becomes an important factor in the choice of the best pulse oximeter.

Moreover, a lot of people think that the brand is behind the durability. But we are not a fan of this hypothesis. Some newly coming pulse oximeters last longer than many famous ones. We strongly believe that you use it, determine the life of pulse-oximeter. In our list, we considered the warranty as a decisive factor for durability.

Memory & Battery

Though these two seems different thing, yet they are somehow linked. A lot of people neglect memory while buying a pulse oximeter, as it’s not their requirement. However, people who need continuous monitoring of their oxygen saturation should keep memory an important factor. The memory includes both built-in storing capacity of a pulse oximeter and syncing this memory with a device.

Modern pulse oximeters have a built-in memory that you use to track a record of your O2 saturation. If you’re an athlete, you can also consider this thing while buying a pulse oximeter. In short, pulse oximeters having a built-in function to keep a record are important for one group of people.

However, the battery is important for everyone. We consider only those pulse oximeter worthy that has, at least, more than overall 25 hours of battery life or more 12 hours continuous monitoring. The interesting part is those pulse oximeters that have the ability to keep a record; they have short battery life. So, you have to keep a balance between battery and memory.

Warranty and Support

Different oximeter comes warranties with different time-period as well as the type. You can have a look at this. But the thing we suggest you do is that always opt for those brands, which always has good customer support.

There are many brands that you take the product back if you find any flaw, though they don’t give any formal warranties. But how will be you, which brand gives the best customer support? We’re here to help you. While reviewing each product, we have not only kept this thing in mind but also mentioned it in time to time. Still, if you’re confused, you can just put your queries in a comment, and our team will eradicate it.


For personal pulse oximeters, the price can be important as your usage is limited. But now, for everyone, price is not an issue. You can buy a pulse oximeter from 30$ to 300$. So, whatever your budget, you will always get what you need. We hope our price grading scale will help you select an appropriate pulse oximeter.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

SpO2= Peripheral Capillary Oxygen Saturation

PR bpm= Pulse rate beats per minute. Normal Value: 60-100 for Adults, for children 6 to 15, 70-100 bpm.

On some Pulse Oximeter: PI= Perfusion Index. Normal Value 0.02% to 20%

The Accuracy of pulse oximeter depends upon properly fitting of it over the finger. If properly placed home pulse oximeter can detect oxygen saturation with a leniency of 2%.

Many common and a few covert limitations can be there in a pulse oximeter. For a Comprehensive detail of limitations, please look at this “Limitations of Pulse Oximeter”.

Normal Pulse Oximeter values can range from 95 to 100%. Oxygen Levels below 90% are hypoxia, and less than 90% is a medical emergency.

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