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Best Neck Massager for Migraines

Tension Headaches and Migraine can be bothersome for anybody. Why am I saying this? Firstly I have studied it a lot, and I can understand how disturbing they can be, and secondly, I also faced this problem of half head pain commonly called migraine. And who knows better than a person gone through the same phase as you. But one important question you should ask me here. “You are writing about Best Neck Massager for Migraines and Tension Headaches. Do they actually work?”

Well, I answer you in detail. There is a lot of research done on this topic. Recently, a study is done, which shows the reduction of migraines after a neck massage. Also, some big names like the Mayo clinic and NHS suggest that massage is an effective therapeutic measure in relieving tension headaches.

Moreover, it sounds quite logical that massage can relieve migraine and tension headaches as it relieves tight muscles. This relieved muscles cause pressure removal from the nerves and make blood supply better. In this way, pain is mitigated.

Next big thing, why neck massagers? Since technology has become so advanced, highly effective neck massagers are there in the market. Neck Massagers based on classic Japanese Shiatsu method are very effective for migraines and tension headaches. To this point, I hope you will be satisfied to use a neck massager but also confused about which one to use. Well, don’t take stress about it. Our team has researched a lot and finally made a list of these “7 Best Neck Massagers for Migraines and Tension Headaches” That you can consider buying.

The Best Neck Massager for Migraines 2021


Various Varieties of Neck Massagers are available to alleviate not only neck pain but also migraine and tension headache. Among them, the most commonly used are neck pillows, hanging arms, and handheld massagers.

This Papillion Neck Massage pillow is exclusively designed to work at a good speed, also keeping efficiency in pace. This neck massager is a bit different, simple in appearance, and looks like a classic neck pillow.


Its core features are three adjustable speeds, multi-direction function with an additional option of heating. Although there are many other features as well, only a few are related to migraine and tension headaches.

The Best thing about this Neck Massager is the personalized experience of massage, which is quite important in relieving headaches. Its undulating design help you put your neck precisely that enhances the massaging experience. By using heating and speeding systems together, you can relieve stretch on your neck muscle that can ultimately have a soothing effect on your brain.

One thing that we like is the power and durability of this massager. It can work with the same brilliant power for a period of months and years. When this power combines with a manipulating capacity of rotators, it can heal your neck soreness, the tension in muscles, enhance blood flows, and ultimately can you calm your mind.

Despite having many expensive products in the market, this is the most accurate massager that gives the same realistic massage that mimics human hands. This thing is important for relieving headaches, which require precise control of hands. Due to this reason, it is the best neck massager for migraine and tension headaches.

The last thing, might not be essential to mention is the portability, especially for taking neck massage. This feature is common in almost all the products enlisted here, but the thing worth mentioning is the adjustability to the lineation of the neck in all conditions.

Overall, in all aspects, this is the best neck massager for migraines and tension headaches.


  • Cost is excellent for having all the brilliant features.
  • The fantastic speed with good heat therapy exclusive for migraines and tension headaches
  • It can be Multi-Functional. Therefore, it can be a good gift.


  • Setting up at the start may be problematic, and you might face issues regarding orientation.


This massager by truMedic has many contrasting features to what we mentioned in the Papillion Neck Massage Pillow. Basically, it is a complete therapy pack to use, especially at a place where you sit comfortably. This massager, though, can be used be for full-body therapy, but the recommended use is for the neck.

While looking at it, you will say it a bizarre massager. After gripping in hand, you will feel some outstanding built quality. The method to use this is to set the massager on your neck, and place your arms in wrapping that you can adjust according to your own arm length. On the left of massager, you got the controls that are really easy to use. While near the arms wrapping, you got the charging plug.


This massager comes with some brilliant features more than you expect. It has two directional shiatsu rotators that are powerful. Adding to this, the heating system is also quite intelligent. The thing unique in this massager’s heat system is, it is very steady. Heat therapy starts slowly, but one started to give you constant thermal therapy.

Though these features are available in many other massagers as well, the reason this is perfect neck massager to relieve migraines and tension headache is its placement on the neck. When you place this massager on your neck, your forearms will be relaxing on the wrapping. This applies pressure on your neck and allows shiatsu rotators to do a deep therapy. Things get more satisfying when you use heat. All your tension and soreness in the neck muscles are relieved, and you will feel a lot better.

Due to the peculiar position of your arm, you might consider it a burdensome task to place arms in such a position. But this is not the case; actually, it is a very gratifying experience to put your hands in a position like that.

The Few things that we would like to mention in the end are its multi-functionality and home use. You can use this for full-body therapy, but you will not enjoy the same pleasure as using it for the neck. The second thing, it is not very portable. You have to use it in your home or at any place you sit comfortably and take the massage.

Overall, this is one of the best massagers in the market, not due to its design, but due to the persuasive relive it gives after the massage.


  • Mimics human hands brilliantly. You will get a feeling of getting a massage by a trained masseur.
  • It is Built for persons of every age.
  • You can control the stress in a massaging area.


  • The cost is a bit high as compared to other products.
  • The battery is not replaceable, so you have to handle it with care.


Homedics is a leading brand in wellness and care, and their massagers are the best out there in the market. They have summoned their trust and quality into a brilliant massager that you can relive your headache. The enhanced 3D technology takes the massage experience to the next level.


Wholly this massage pillow looks like a very compact machine. It has a velvety texture with firm and fenestrated clothing in the center. The central area is a massaging hub. On the left, you get the controls that are really painless to start. With only two commands, you can enjoy the fantastic experience of massage. We really appreciate that the built quality of this massage pillow is the finest.

Looks aside, the thing that makes this the best massager for migraine and tension headache is its brilliant performance. Unlike the traditional massager, it doesn’t have two-directional kneading, and rather it operates differently. Its rotators move in a unique three-dimensional pattern continuously changing the pleasure of massage after rotation.

When the rotators move a little out, it feels like the masseur thumbs palpating deep into the skin. An additional feature is that it has a vibrational ability. Rotators, while moving in a unique pattern, when vibrates it rectify the massage experience. This thing is best to relieve tension headaches as vibrational pattern excite the cells of muscles of the neck, also nerves and vessels which relaxes the muscle and help allay headache.

Moreover, the heating system is not only easy to use but also equally efficient. The provided heat is really suitable for body tissues. The ability of this neck pillow to adjust with the scalp is the best feature to relieve headaches.

Overall, we say that if you want to enjoy a fascination with a humanly imitated massage that could not only relieve your headache but also updated with the technology, this is for you.


  • A very consistent and last lasting massager. It can be used for hours with years of durability.
  • Best for travel.
  • As within affordable range, best for gifts.


  • Though a 3D massager, the rotation is limited.


RESTECK creates some of the most popular neck massagers out there in the market in terms of quality and efficiency. This multi-functional massager by RESTECK also works best for migraine and tension headaches.

Coming to its built quality, it is really supreme, finest you could find in any neck massager. It resembles the TruMedic InstaShiatsu is a term of shape. A place to put arms while taking massage is not only more comfortable but also more spacious and can also adjust large arms. The controls are as simple as you expect. Moreover, the texturized black and dark grey pattern make it look more appealing.


Basically, this is a full-body massager, and its therapy system is adapted to work on even on the hardest parts. While using it as a neck massager, you will feel its massage cushion quite comfortable with large rotators. Rotators are built on traditional massaging styles. They are so big that they cover every tissue of the neck.

The kneading system of this massager is not only sturdy but durable as well. Though not a three-dimensional massager, when its large rotators change the direction, the appeal really palliative, which is best for attenuating tension headaches and migraines. The heating system is different from many other massagers in terms of adjusting the heat. You can adapt warms within a suitable range that can work an efficient therapy for mollifying the stiff muscles.

Due to its dynamic function, this massager is best for fat and muscular men and women. Since this massager works pretty brilliantly at high power, any type of tension in the neck that is causing headaches will be eased by this massager. Though skinny guys can use it in minimum power, we recommend them choosing some other neck massager.

Overall, this is one of the best neck massagers made for everyday use. If you want a therapy for relieving headaches as well as for using it as in your routine life, this is made for you.


  • With its unrivaled built quality, it can last for years.
  • It is made for the family.
  • Precise pressure controls are amazing.


  • May be Painful, especially for older people.


Efforts to mimic massage by hands are bringing fruits, and we’re moving towards technology that can massage even better than a trained masseur. 4D Massage technology is a step towards it. This electric massager by iKristin got attention due to its four-dimensional massaging system that can equally pacify, pain and headache also give a relaxing feeling after every massage.

This is the third hanging arm massager on our list—the reason we’re recommending these in due to their beneficial effect in tranquilizing headaches, especially migraines. What happens is when you place massager on your neck, and your hands are stabilizing the massager, this thing puts additional pressure on the nodes that can do deep therapy.


We’ve mentioned this thing while discussing Neck Massager by TruMedic. Still, the reason to narrate here is that iKristin Electric Massager precisely does this thing.

Its rotators are not as big as of many other massagers in the list, but they do a diverse function. While moving sideways, it moves up and down, which creates a pinching pressure on the neck. This will feel like a masseur giving a massage by changes pressure with thumbs and fingers.

Moreover, you get a good range of power and a precisely controlled heating system. The thing we like the best about this massager is its heat control system that is really accurate. This will automatically detect in case your skin is getting excess heat.

Performance-wise you can’t raise questions on this massager, which makes this a perfect massager for migraines and tension headaches. But the thing that bothers us is quality. This massager is made of artificial leather. Though many people like it, we personally don’t love artificial leather as it can’t resist wear and tear. In the short run, this is the best you can get, but if you want to use it for years, go with some other brand.

Overall, this massager will definitely relieve your tension headache with its brilliant performance, but you should buy only if you can compromise on built quality.


  • Very economical, worth every penny.
  • It is cordless.
  • Extra-long arm length for neck massager.


  • Durability is questionable.


You want the best massager for migraine and tension headache but don’t like the long hanging massagers. We have this dandy massager for you. This neck massager by FAIRYCAT is for those young men and women who need a device that they can quickly put in their bags.

A good thing about this massager is its shape. If someone sees you from a moderate distance, he or she might confuse you wearing a headset. Its construction is really brilliant. The material is sturdy plastic with neck protection silicone pads. Also, the arms are very durable and elastic. The Messaging nodes are unique and take a 360-degree flap to cover each tissue.


Though appear small, this neck massager can beat many good names in terms of performance. It has pulse massaging technology, which is the best thing to lessen muscle soreness and tension headaches. Another thing is it causes the release of endorphins, which help in pain relief.

Power control of this neck massager is also excellent. An unusual thing about this massager is its work brilliantly at low power, especially if you want relief from migraine or tension headache. This low power massage does a deep tissue therapy than a rapid massage. Furthermore, the constant heat it provides makes it a very reliable neck massager.

In terms of performance and quality, this is a masterly device. You can go with it if you are young and raw. Only in two cases, we recommend you to choose some other massager. First, when you want a full-body massager along with a massager for migraines and tension headache. Secondly, if you are middle age person because, in middle age, your body will not be able to tackle such direct therapy, in such a case, better go with a shiatsu massager.

Overall, we call it the best massager for tension headache and migraine compatible with modern-day requirements.


  • Unique design with new features.
  • Portable
  • Support Long massage sessions, battery life up to 4 hours.


  • May cause issues to the skin if you use it on high power.


Everyone wants minimalistic products with remarkable quality and performance. When it comes to massagers for relieving migraines and tension headaches, Naipo provides such a minimalistic pillow keeping in mind the quality that a user needs.

It has a sleek design with excellent built quality. The foamy leather is on the sides while a durable fenestrated cloth, covering the shiatsu 4D rotators, is in the center.

Contrary to many massage pillows, all four rotators work in a different way. The speed of movement in all rotators is synchronized but working in a different direction. This thing makes it a unique massage pillow. Start, and all the controls are under one button.


With brilliant massaging technology, the therapy is quite useful. The in and out movement enhances massage efficacy. Another good thing is the automatic direction change. This feature will let you enjoy a unique type of massage experience.

The heating system is very persistent and not too hot for muscles. All these things are perfect for minimizing tension in muscles, causing more blood to flow and most helpful in relieving headaches.

There are two reasons for choosing this massage pillow on our list. The first one is, obviously, the performance. The second is how ergonomic it is. This Massage pillow perfectly adjusts with the neck, which ultimately enhances the performance.

We’re not writing too many things about this massager as it as many features of Papillion Massage pillow that we’ve already narrated. Although it is a very good neck massager for migraine and tension headaches, it is very specific. However, Naipo says that you can use on other body parts, but it doesn’t work efficiently as its rotators are not very powerful.

So, if you’re only restricted to a neck massager, this could option to consider. But if you want a multi-functional massager, you can view some other massager.


  • A portable neck massager with an economical price.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Useful in the long run.


  • Not for fat people.
  • Power is an average level.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

We’ve already answered this at the start of this post. Since migraines have so many types, we can’t say accurately that a neck massager is an ultimate treatment.

But somehow, it alleviates the conditions. Again for some headaches, this could be successful, but for others might not. So, it is a therapeutic kind of thing rather than a treatment

Personally, we Love all these that’s why we put them there. But, still, if you insist we would call Homedics 3D Massage Pillow as our personal choice.

Broadly they are almost the same. The one difference that we felt is that those massagers that can relieve tension of suboccipital muscles are very efficient for headaches.

How this article is written?

For you, this article might seem a piece of content. But it is essence of our diligence.


45 Hours of Research [Both Resources and Products] +10 Hours of Writing.


30 Sources reviewed [A few of them has been mentioned]


25 Products Evaluated [7 selected]

Above all we say that this doesn’t substitute for a Doctor’s advice. If you any have queries, Comment down below or Contact Us.

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