Health has more importance than any other thing in life.” The Pandemic of 2020 has proved this thing. Being a sensitive topic, the information on “Health” should be credible and trustworthy. Additionally, when patients search for their problems on the internet, they should know which medical website to trust.

Fortunately, Search Engines are becoming more user-oriented and showing results from official websites. Still, a lot of people remain confused about whether particular medical advice is reliable or not. Therefore, we have made the list of “11 Best Medical and Health Websites” that provide the most accurate medical information.

Additionally, many of these sites conduct research studies that open new doors for medical treatments. So, whether you’re a healthcare professional or a layman, these medical websites will provide valuable information.

List of Best Medical websites

Rank Website Established (Compay) Owned By Estimated Visits (millions) Covering Topics
1. 2006 Red Ventures 250 Medical Information & Reviews
2. 1887 U.S Governement 190 Medical Information & Research
3. 1889 Mayo Hospital 100 Medical Conditions
4. 1948 U.K Department of Health 45 All Health Topics
5. 1946 U.S Department of Health 130 Control for Diseases
6. 1996 Internet Brands 135 Medical Conditions & Drugs
7. 2001 Drugsite Trust 35 Pharmaceutical Drugs information & Research
8. 1948 United Nations 120 Global Health Concerns
9. 1998 National Library of Medicine 40 Medical information & Statistics
10. 1867 John Hopkins Hospital 10 Health Problems for Patients
11. 1967 Sussex Publishers 30 Mental Heath issues
San Francisco based “,” founded in 2006, is the most visited Health website for the past two years. Unlike many of its competitors, it is not under any governmental organization, preferably a privately held company.

There is barely any health topic that this website has not covered. But has a unique approach. They have a team of hundreds of MDs, Surgeons, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Mental Health Experts who provide valuable information, but other health specialists review the topics. But the best part is they have mentioned the author’s Bio and credibility. Also, on their “About” page, you can know every person who is part of the HealthLine team.

Besides having a Good team of Medical Experts, their Marketing team also has some wizards. Using the user-centered approach and maintaining the transparency of its resources, Healthline has become the top medical website within no time. On the medical topics page, they also mention relatable studies that provide value to the user.

Along with providing Medical information, they also give Health product recommendations and reviews. Medical specialists verify these reviews and recommendations. Hence, their transparency and sincerity make them one of the best medical information websites.

National Institute of Health (NIH); in the United States Government Health Agency dealing with Public Health and Research. It was founded in 1886, and since then, it is the hub of Medical knowledge. Now, it is the most prestigious source of acquaintance and an encyclopedia of Health and Medical education.

With more than 20,000 employees and over 6,000 Medical researchers, NIH is currently leading the World Health. NIH has both the resources, as well as the human resources, to educate Layman. In 2020, the NIH received an annual budget of 41.68 Billion Dollars.

NIH covers every health topic from the spread of the disease to the mode of action of particular micro-organism, and from Diet and Nutrition to control of the disease. But the main focus of the National Institute of Health is on the research.

Through its various Sub-divisions, NIH is the search engine of the research papers. Authentic Medical Researches by NIH, the lead foundation for new treatments.

Thus, NIH focuses on Research and Innovation, along with providing quality medical information. For Healthcare professionals, it is a goldmine, as it keeps them updated with the new things in the medical world. The Best part about NIH is their every piece of content is the effort of hundreds of people, so, no question can be raised regarding their information.

In the healthcare business since 1889, Mayo Clinic is among the most trustworthy source of health and medical knowledge on the internet. Today, Mayo Clinic has more than 63,000 employees and non-profitable offering excellent health services.

Mayo Clinic Hospital is also one of the top hospitals in the world. Therefore, Mayo Clinic focuses on providing medical and health knowledge along with the possible options of treatment. Thus, employing their expertise, they cover a medical topic from every possible aspect.

Along with providing medical information, Mayo Clinic contributes significantly to medical research. Having over more than 4,000 research personnel, Mayo Clinic put a great effort towards the control of diseases. But the studies are more medically oriented.

Another thing that Mayo Clinic on which Mayo Clinic is putting a lot of energy is bringing innovation in medicine. Thus, having an atmosphere of hospitals, researchers, and physicians Mayo Clinic is among the most reliable source of health knowledge.

National Health Services, NHS, was founded in 1948, and since then it is serving the people of the United Kingdom. NHS is more than a simple website as it represents the brilliant healthcare system of the United Kingdom.

National Health Services, NHS, was founded in 1948, and since then it is serving the people of the United Kingdom. NHS is more than a simple website as it represents the brilliant healthcare system of the United Kingdom.

NHS is among the top employers’ organizations having 1.6 Million employees. Thus, with such a large team of professionals, it is serving the people of the UK. provides trustworthy information on every possible health topic. Either you’re looking for suggestions regarding your eating plans, exercise, or mental well-being, NHS will be a reliable source for you.

Additionally, NHS works on Health Research along with publishing news and developments in the healthcare world. The best part about is that they continuously review and update their content. Topics that require more research are more often updated and reviewed.

An additional thing is NHS provides more country centered information. So, if you’re a resident of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Island, NHS will be more beneficial for you. Officially, NHS say that their website is visited 50 million times a month. Overall, it is a highly credible source of knowledge and among the best health websites on the globe.

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, is an American Public healthcare agency that aims at controlling and preventing the disease. Having over 10,000 Employee CDC has improved tremendously in the past two decades. In 2020, after the Pandemic, it has become a significant source of Medical knowledge.

Although CDC coverage is limited to only selective health topics like Diabetes, Heart Problems, it has more authentic knowledge than any other source. But the peculiar fact is CDC covers most common diseases. Along with providing medical expertise and options for treatment CDC employs research for better controlling these diseases.

Along with that, CDC is the official source of statistics for various diseases and ailments. As a public health department, the CDC has to go through multiple controversies. But, as mentioned earlier, they improved over the past years.

Since the world is moving towards preventive medicine, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention will have a more prominent role to perform in the future. Up till, now they are not only among the most visited health websites but also among the most accurate ones.

As you guess from the name, WebMD claims itself as a search engine for Medical Doctors. It was founded in 1998 and now works as a subsidiary of Internet Brands. In terms of visitors, this is among the most visited health websites on the internet.

WebMD does not work individually, different other websites like Medscape, Medicine Net, and On Health come under the WebMD network. All of these provide valuable health advice. The individual image of WebMD is a medical website that provides information regarding Drugs. But WebMD covers almost every health topic but specifically those related to diseases.

Over the years, WebMD has gone through a lot. Unlike many other health websites on the list, it has to face a lot of criticism. WebMD has been accused of providing not understandable information to laypeople. Therefore, a lot of memes can also be regarding them. Along with that, In NY times, WebMD has been criticized for showing biasedness towards the drugs.

Still, after all these criticisms, WebMD manages to maintain a robust online reputation. Along with that, their information is up to date and supported by relevant studies. But unlike Healthline, they don’t Show transparency regarding their writers, as it is a private organization. Overall, WebMD is trustworthy and well-grounded, and among the best medical websites of 2020.

Unlike another Medical website on the list, is not related to any medical information but drugs. The History of is also fascinating. In 2001, it was founded by two pharmacists from New Zealand.

Since then, it became the Data Base of medical drugs. Over the years, evolved a lot. Its fate took the next step in 2010 after it collaborated with the FDA.

Although it is a private organization, yet its credibility is considered far more than many governmental organizations. covers every aspect of a Medical drug from dosage to interactions. But the best part is the transparency and up to date knowledge. makes sure to mention the practitioner reviewed a specific piece of content. Secondly, they update content far more than any other health website. Many of the content is updated almost weekly, and many of them even twice or thrice a week.

Also, in terms of visitors, it stands among the top medical websites. Additionally, the News Centre of is very active and keeps readers aware of every news. Not only the website but also their app is equally popular. Trust and Quality make this such a popular medical website. is the official website of the World Health Organization. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, it came into being with the United Nations, and now it works under the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

World Health Organization deals with diseases that are affecting people around the globe. In the case of a new disease, WHO releases guidelines that set a path for other health websites, and for researchers. In the Pandemic of 2020, the World Health Organization was the ultimate source of knowledge.

Having more than 6,000 employees and many regional offices, the World Health Organization is putting its best possible efforts to eradicate or control diseases. Despite these facts, it is considered more a political institute than a source of medical knowledge.

There will be many schools of thought regarding the role of the World Health Organization. But all of them believe in the credibility and authenticity of their knowledge. That’s why it is the top medical website in the world.

In October 1998, the National Library of Medicine introduced Medline Plus to provide Medical information. Over the years, Medline Plus improved a lot, and today, it is among the best medical information websites.

MedlinePlus is like the second version of WebMD, but mainly targeting medical information instead of medicinal drugs. Additionally, Medline plus has a massive database of medical knowledge and research. But the best part about Medline is they are a highly patient-oriented medical website.

Another good thing about them is they align the information in a particular sequence that ultimately helps readers. Also, medical students seeking medical knowledge can get help from relative researches, statistics, and clinical trials.

Working on Simplicity principles, Medline Plus is the favorite of a lot of healthcare professionals. Overall, it is a reliable source for both knowledge and statistics.

After Mayo Clinic, Hopkins Medicine will prove 2nd most reliable medical knowledge source for people looking to find a Doctors. Since John Hopkins hospital is among the top 10 hospitals worldwide, people knew anything they say would have a good weight.

The method of providing Medical education is similar to Mayo Clinic. It targets everything from symptoms and causes to the treatment. But the difference is, Hopkins medicine offers more extensive and straightforward information.

John’s Hopkins Medical school is among the top three medical schools in the US; therefore, many medical students around the globe consider them a prestigious source of knowledge.

Hopkins medicine significantly contributes to medical research. They also have a great role in bringing innovation to healthcare services. With an ancient history and brilliant employees, Hopkins medicine is not only among the most visited medical websites but also the most reliable ones.

Psychology today is a Magazine founded in 1967, and published every two months. It has a most visited website related to mental health and psychology. Now, Psychology today is becoming the search engine for Mental health problems.

Over the past decade, Psychology is making a transition from a magazine to a health website. To a great extent, it is succeeded in that effort. Now, they have an enormous database of therapists & millions of non-specialists benefit from it.

Another thing that Psychology Today has improved is to bring transparency in its articles. They have a team of hundreds of writers, all experts in their relevant fields. For the complex mental health topics, they engage in a team effort. So, they are like Healthline is the mental health genre.

Along with that, Psychology Today publishes dozens of new articles every day based on facts and researches. Hence, it is highly beneficial for ordinary persons.

But despite working hard on maintaining transparency, Psychology Today still only do well for ordinary people. For references and citations, it might be as credible as research papers. Overall, it is a reliable source for psychology topics.


Although many websites on the list cover different medical topics, overall, they fall into the same genre of health. All of the websites mentioned above are highly credible, but we have placed them in the order of User-Friendly information [not by the number of visits].

It is recommended if you’re seeking medical or health advice, trust these best medical websites since they value your health.

If you have any queries regarding our content, you can Contact Us. Also, you can read our story and method of writing by reading About Us.

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