Best Percussion Massage Guns Reviews 2021 – Buying Guide

Table of Contents
Product Pros Cons  Rating Pricing
Theragun PRO – Strong
– 2 batteries
– Bluetooth pairing
– 2 year warranty
– Price
LifePro-Pulse-FX – Strong
– Lightweight
– Lifetime warranty
– price
– No removal battery
– Noisy
OPOVE-M3-Pro-Massage-Gun – Portable
– Quiet
– 1 year warranty
– Not strong as competition
TimTam-Power-Massage-Pro – Very strong
– Adjustable arm
– Lightweight
– Strange design
– Battery life is
– Middle range
Best-Hand-Held-Percussion-Massage-Gun – Lightweight
– Quiet
– Bluetooth pairing
– Only three speed settings
– No included carrying case

Do you know? Over the last two years, the massage gun industry has exploded. Not only the gym maniacs, but pain sufferers are also looking for highly therapeutic percussion massagers.

If you are the person that needs to revitalize his muscles, a massage gun is made for you. Our Team has put a diligent effort to find all top-selling massage guns in the market. Then, after days of testing, we came up with these “10 Best Massage Guns 2021.

While reviewing these massage guns, we found that there are many methods to classify these “percussion massagers.” But we preferred ‘therapy’ over all others.

Additionally, in the end, we have a “Buyers Guide or Selection Criteria list.” If you’re entirely new to massage guns, we recommended reading that guide first. In this way, you’ll understand the terminologies, and choosing your “best massage gun” will be a lot easier. and you can check our Best Handheld Massager reviewPercussion Massager Benefits.

The 10 Best Percussion Massagers Tested & Reviewed 2021

Update: If you have a good budget: Theragun G4 PRO – All-New 4th Generation Percussive Therapy is better than Theragun G3 Pro.


The Founder of Theragun, Dr. Jason Wersland, has the honor to introduce the first massage gun. As for introducing percussion massagers, Theragun products are currently the most popular ones.

Over the years, the thing that remained the same about the Theragun is its highly therapeutic massaging action. G3Pro is a mixture of good power and Ergonomic design.

The design itself has the Classic Theragun appearance; however, G3 Pro has many texturized patterns to make it alluring. Its design allows the three-way gripping while the Four Position arm position account gives it versatility.

Compared to their counterparts, especially Theragun Elite and Mini, it provides better therapy than them but most also durable.

Percussion Massaging and Features

Theragun G3Pro massaging force and stroke length are among the high-end massaging gun. The strong force and adequate compression are enough for sound energizing the muscles.

Additionally, with its six attachments, you get a highly personalized percussion therapy. However, it only comes with two-speed options, one for deep tissue therapy and others for a soft one.

The battery is not only removable, but Theragun provides you an additional one for a backup. The life of a battery is 75-80 minutes, depending upon the type of speed. It comes with 2 cases.

On the weight scale, it stands on the upper limit around 3lbs. Thus, you expect a slight heavyweight, but it is due to brilliant manufacturing quality. While using its noise, it can vary from 60-70db.

Though the features of G3Pro might be questionable, the massaging action compensates for everything. Combining the high speed, proper attachment, and appropriate percussion will provide you with the best percussion massage experience.

Coming to the price, this is among the highly expensive massage guns. But due to its dazzling massaging experience, it worth every penny.


  • Having two batteries and two cases make G3Pro a highly portable massage gun.
  • For those having tough skin, it can do percussion better than any other massager in the market.
  • Having an adjustable arm, along with the option of varying grip, make doing massage easier. It is very crucial for proper therapy, especially if you just started using hand-held massagers.
  • This is the massager than will work for years, as it is built for long life.
  • Getting accessories and batteries is easy.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty for device and charger.


  • The weight can be irritating, especially if you switch from a lightweight massager.
  • You will not get many speed options.
  • Having a high noise is a con of almost every Theragun. But the main drawback is the presence of G3Pro in among the few top ones.


Unlike Theragun, LifePro Fitness is in the percussion massager business for only a few years. But within this short duration, their massage guns are competing with the top industry models. Such a quick success is due to high therapeutic massagers.

In terms of design, it looks like a minimalistic version of Theragun. But it is more grip-oriented than any other massage gun. This ergonomic design makes it look pretty and having one in black ameliorate charm further.

Additionally, the material and Built-Quality of this handheld massager are exceptional. They not only strengthen its structure but makes gripping effortless. We call it a modern massage gun.

Percussion and Features

LifePro claims it to be the most intense percussion massager. Although it is not the most powerful one, with 66lbs stall force, it is among the top five intense massagers in the market.

Also, for providing a deep tissue therapy, LifePro has improved Pulse FX’s percussion power. The arm of LifePro FX can rotate; thus, it can percuss at three different angles.

Contrary to G3Pro, it has three-speed options. Also, the speed range is highly diverse. Thus, it accounts for a better range of therapy. LifePro claims its battery to work for 7 hours, but it lasts merely around 4 hours at high speed. Secondly, the battery is not removable.

If we compare its built-quality with the weight, we have to appraise LifePro for creating such a masterpiece. It weighs only 2.2lbs that is very light, especially if you compare the quality. Depending on the speed, noise can vary from 65-75db.

Pulse FX also comes with a case, but the best part is the attachments in the case. It has five different attachments, and unlike Thergun models, the attachments are entirely different rather than a slight variation. This not only makes percussion more customizable but also better for relieving pain.

Despite many good qualities, the thing that makes this the “best massage gun” is the price. It costs virtually half the price of Theragun G3Pro. It is undoubtedly worth every buck; you will pay for it.


  • Though it is a highly powerful percussion massager, still through its attachments, you can get excellent soft tissue therapy. Also, for use on the neck, it will be absolutely fine.
  • Charging it is very easy, as it comes with a charging dock.
  • Replacing the heads are the easiest thing to do.
  • It shows steadiness in motion upon using it all angles. This is due to its powerful motor.
  • Its price is its biggest asset against its top competitors.
  • LifePro provides a Lifetime warranty for the device, and 30 Days money-back guarantee.


  • Not having a removable battery makes it portability debatable as you have to rely on charging.
  • Noise can be a significant issue, especially if you a muscular person and need a very intense massage. Its noise-producing ability is slightly more than Theragun.
  • If you only need soft tissue therapy, spending money of Pulse FX will not be an excellent choice.


Not long ago, OPOVE was not anywhere in the massage gun business. But within the last two years, their percussion massager became the top-selling. The reason for such popularity is their affordable and easy to use massagers.

Looking at it, you observe a unique type of massager that can be ideally called a handheld massager. Besides having a good grip, such design decreases the weight of massager. Exclusive to OPOVE M3 Pro is it the subtle gripping pattern. This pattern not only accounts for enhanced grip but also absorbs sweat from your hands.

OPOVE claims that they have added Nylon and glass fiber shell that enhances the durability. But the material is more responsible for lightweight construction than the strength.

Percussion and Features

If we describe features precisely, “Although they are not the best ones, the good combination of all these features is what makes it the best massage gun.” Its percussion intensity and depth are more oriented towards a soft percussion massager. They are 30lbs and 12mm, respectively.

It can work at three speeds. The changing speed is in moderately varying RPMs, and this is the reason this works best on swollen muscles, soft areas like neck and inflamed tendon. Its battery is removable and works for 3 hours, sometimes less than this if you use it at full speed.

Not truly very lightweight, but on the higher end of lightweight chart by weighing 2.5lbs. Additionally, like many other percussion massagers, it comes with a carrying case.

Comparing the noise with other devices, it is one of the quietest percussion massagers. Even working at top-speed and full force, it sounds only 55db. But since it doesn’t percuss with mighty strength, the sound is justifiable.

If we talk about percussion therapy, it is not the most intense but satisfying one. Its four attachments enhance the percussion effect. Overall, the percussion is suitable for conditions like plantar facilities but not for true gym lovers.

Since OPOVE is recently getting popular, its price is less than half of G3Pro. With having such a useful feature, this price is a blessing.


  • Those people who don’t have a bulky body, this will provide adequate therapy.
  • Good for relieving pain.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • This percussion massager is easy to use and operate. The power button is located at your thumb, and effortless to push.
  • Quieter than most massage guns, and thus you can use it even while watching T.V.
  • Appropriate device for travel having the best portability.


  • Not a deep percussion as compare to high-end models.
  • Challenging to do back massage, especially you feel an issue for gripping.
  • The owner’s manual is not very extensive.


TimTam is a peculiar massage gun manufacturer. Peculiar in the sense that they are the best at providing those features that are rare in other massagers. On the other hand, they lack many preliminary features. But despite their unusual nature, they produce the most powerful percussion massagers.

Power Massage Pro is the latest version of TimTam’s top-selling power massager. They have added various unique features to make the best massage gun in the market.

The design of the Power Massager is too impressive. Fairly speaking, it is among the strongest ones in the market. Tough, Tim Tam has tried to give a new look to its pro massager, but still, it’s not attractive. The construction, however, has got too much better. Despite the Crude design, we appreciate Tim Tam, for continuing with it, as it’s their distinctive feature.

No matter what you say about the design, you will have to appraise it, when you look at the features.

Percussion and Features

The reason for calling it the most potent massage gun is its 75lbs Stall force and 20mm Stroke Length. No other percussion massager offers such a combination of features. With its unusual ability to percuss, this is also the best deep tissue massage gun.

The arm can be adjusted at seven different angles, that again a rare thing. It has three speeds and three attachment options. The speed offers a vast range, while the attachments don’t have diversity. The battery is removable, but battery life is not great and will stand 60 minutes only.

Unlike most people’s expectations, Power Massager Pro is very lightweight. It weighs only around 2lbs. But since Tim Tam wants to remain unusual, they don’t offer a case; instead, you will get a bag. Noise is not bad, but it can be better. Although Tim Tam officially states the noise as 25db, that practically is impossible for the type of motor they have. It produces a 60-70db sound.

Therapy is a distinctive parameter of Power Massager Pro. Besides providing a satisfying deep tissue massage, it also has five built-in programs on an excellent percussion. Additionally, it has temperature senor, and heat that takes the massaging experience to the next level. Hence, it is a highly smart massage gun.

Lastly, it costs slightly less price than the Flagship Thergun G3Pro with a year warranty. So, if you are stuck between this and G3Pro, instead of looking at therapy, search for the features that will be suitable for your body.


A lot of percussion massager lovers prefer handheld massager as they think it is easy to use. It is HYPERICE that made these handheld massagers so popular. If you are a fan, such percussion massager hypervolt can prove the right choice.

The design of HYPERVOLT is similar to OPOVE M3. It might be challenging to differentiate between them from 2 yards distance. However, HYPERVOLT is the premium version of M3Pro. Overall, the design is highly ergonomic with top-notch built-Quality.

Percussion and Features

Officially, the HYERICE has not mentioned anything about Stall Force, but it is around 65lbs. On the percussion length is only 10mm. Both of these things balance each other. Additionally, it has five attachments with three variable speeds. Unlike many other percussion massagers, the attachments are well-built for comfort.

The variations in speed also allow a great range, which is appropriate for deep tissue and soft tissue therapy. The battery is removable and has a good life. On top percussion, the battery will completely drain in 2.5 hours while up to three hours on slightly less intensity.

The Weight is neither too heavy nor light. It weighs 2.8lbs. While unlike its competitors, its arm is not moveable probably because of its design

For percussion therapy, it can prove the right choice since its massaging action is very diverse. Additionally, it also conventional HYPERICE pressure sensors that detect a change in body muscle and apply percussion accordingly. Although it might not percuss deep as other massagers, the therapy will be highly custom.

It doesn’t produce high noise. HYPERVOLT deserves appreciation in using the same motor as other high-end massagers, but still able to compensate noise. Working on top speed, it will produce around 60db sound that is justifiable for the performance while the price is the same as LifePulse’s FX but with a year warranty.


  • HYPERICE doesn’t exaggerate things; they mention things as they are.
  • The material used to build this massager is the premium one. It lasts longer than other handheld massagers.
  • Suitable to use for therapeutic purposes like Tendonitis, Joint pain, soft tissues, and muscle knots.
  • It is among the few massage guns that can provide equally good deep tissue and soft therapy.


  • It does not come with a case. You have to spend extra money from your pocket.
  • The warranty is less for the price.

Nocry Massage Gun Review

Dissimilar to other percussion massager brands, NoCry is manufacturing many other DIY products. But they put their maximum efforts in creating their massage guns. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for his first massage gun with impressive features in a comparatively reasonable budget.

The design is different from other handheld massagers. The grip is angulated to the main body. Although there appears no logic in doing it, users reported that such construction is easy to grip. We can’t say there is any symmetry is the design, but it not look bad at all.

Moreover, Nocry massage gun has used good quality material for construction. So, you can’t question the durability.

Percussion and Features

NoCry’s massager might appear a simple one, but it has the qualities to beat many expensive models. Its percussion strength and depth are 55lbs and 12mm, respectively. Though these values are not high, they are still on the higher side of the strength graph.

They provide four attachments. All of them are for entirely different use. Having a five-speed adjustment feature, they offer a range of speed. Their speed range is even more diverse than Tim Tam’s Pro massager. But keep in mind, the speed has more variations over the higher side.

Although the battery life of this percussion massager can last about six hours, it’s not removable. Both of these things act against each other. It also comes with a highly durable case. Furthermore, it weighs only 2.2lbs.

In terms of Noise production, it is among the quitter massagers. NoCry Claim they use ‘Quiet Glide’ technology, and their massager proves it. On full speed, its sound will range around 55-60dbs.

If we talk about price, it is even inexpensive than OPOVE M3Pro. Moreover, they offer a 30 Day full refund, and four-year warranty for the device. Due to having exceptional features, within a sensible price, we call it the best massage gun for the money.

Overall, the percussion is suitable for both deep tissue therapy and a moderate one.


  • NoCry massage gun does not charge too much for their brand. That’s why this massage gun is comparatively affordable.
  • It is a highly portable device, easy to carry and use.
  • It is specially made for beginner’s use.
  • NoCry cares about their customers. Therefore, they provide the best customer support.
  • It is the best alternative to expensive handheld massagers.


  • For athletes having bulky bodies, this will not percuss as better as other high-end models.
  • The percussion ability loses its efficiency after continuous usage on top speed.
  • Battery should be replaceable, especially for traveling.


This is the second LifePro massager on the list. We are not adding it to show some partiality, but only because it is the best. Contrary to its expensive counterpart, it has both a different shape and price.

LifePro Sonic is more for the power grip than adjusting at a different position. The design is very simple and minimalistic, a lot different than other handheld massagers. The grip is highly ergonomic, and like the OPOVE M3Pro, they have unique placement of their adjustment button.

Although we don’t expect such a simplicity from LifePro, it is the core reason for its popularity. Secondly, the quality of the material is also good. Despite coming at an affordable price, the quality is good enough to last for years. The massager can mesmerize you at first glance.

Percussion and Features

Although it is a mid-range model of LifePro, still the percussion is like the elite massagers. Contrary to expectations, stall force in sonic massager is around 70lbs [That very high]. This force is even greater than Life Pro’s Flagship model. But the stroke length is on the downside that is 12mm. The combination of these two is suitable for adequate therapy.

Besides percussion speed and attachment options are also great, both of them are five in number. Hence, the speed options are even better than Pulse FX. Since LifePro has focused on creating this as a portable massage gun, it has a removable battery. The battery can last for almost 3 hours.

Although a thoughtful effort is making it lightweight, Lifepro no completely succeeded in doing so. It weighs 2.5lbs. Depending upon the speed, the noise can vary from 60-70db.

It not only comes with a carry case, but above all, it comparatively affordable. The reason to call it the best massage gun for athletes is that it will provide therapy suitable for them. Additionally, many athletes, especially runners, prefer those percussion massagers that are affordable, and their brand also has a good reputation. As LifePro is famous for, it also provides a lifetime warranty for the massager.

Overall, the features vs. price is the best thing you can get from a brand like LifePro.


  • Attachment and speed combinations are appropriate for pain relief.
  • The gripping technology makes it feel wonderfully ergonomic in hand.
  • Using and handling it is very easy, as you get an in-depth guide from the manufacturer.
  • You will get the best customer support from any massage gun brand.
  • It is super portable.


  • Noise can be very irritating. Continuous usage with full speed can cause the production of sound above the mentioned limit.
  • The battery has not well-designed to stay in. If you use it roughly, you might start feeling issues related to the attachment of the battery.


When Voxpree came into the map, the percussion massager market has already a lot of brands. But providing some unique feature, especially the lightweight, it gained attention within days.

Although, Theragun Mini is less in weight to M30, since this offer a better therapy, we consider it the best lightweight percussion massager. If you compare weights of all the massage guns, it will be in the top 2 or 3.

The appearance is fundamental. However, having an alternate color texture and battery option on the grip made it look unique. Though not the best one, the overall quality of the gun is good for the usage, you can expect from it. Overall, the general features are highly charismatic, especially for new buyers.

Percussion and Features

“The appearance is usually deceptive” perfectly befits Voxpree M30. Although it is not among the most powerful massage guns, the percussion force is way more than what you expect. Moreover, the percussion depth is the same as other massagers in the price.

A unique thing about this massage gun is its attachment. It is their unique shapes that make them special. Additionally, five variable speed options enhance the chances of sound therapy. Battery, however, shows peculiarity. On the one hand, it’s not removable, and on the other, it lasts longer than even the highly expensive ones.

Regarding the noise, there is a discrepancy. Voxpree claims that it produces at 45db of sound, but in reality, it is around 60-65dbs. Hence, it is not as quiet as we were expecting from it.

Since Voxpree is new in the market, they try to value users by providing an additional pouch with a case. We don’t know how users take this thing, but at least we can consider it a kind gesture. Furthermore, the price is also comparatively affordable.

We summarize Voxpree 30 as, “Having a lightweight is its distinction, but even it weighs more, the features themselves are enough to make it the best massage gun.”


  • Easy to carry and use. Also suitable for travel, but make sure you are fine with battery feature.
  • With unique attachments, it gives a different sense of therapy than other massage guns.
  • Worth every penny. The price could have been more with such features.
  • The customer service of Voxpree is among the better ones. They give you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.
  • It will last longer than heavy and sturdy massagers.


  • It doesn’t provide true deep tissue massage, instead, an intermediate-level therapy.
  • The usage of Voxpree M30 requires care.


New massage gun customers always look for two things; the first is “the price should be ideal, and second is the unique features. Fitpulse percussive massager has both these two. Many of its features are not even in the most expensive models. Therefore, we consider it appropriate to call the “best massage gun for beginners.”

Fitpulse massage gun is not a renounced brand; they came in the market only a few years ago. Their percussion massage offers exceptional features for the price.

The design is similar to OPOVE M3Pro, the grip, however, is slightly thin. Close to the attachments, the rotator has a plastic guard that negatively affects the design. The rest of the things like material quality are excellent. Overall, the design and appearance are not as impressive to allure at first sight.

Percussion and Features

Unfortunately, high percussion force and depth are not the typical features of this gun. The stall force is 40lbs, while stroke length is 12mm. Both of these factors are acceptable.

The speed and attachments make it stand among the best massage guns. There are not many percussion massagers that could run at 30 different speeds. Additionally, Fitpulse also provides ten attachments. Many of these attachments are similar to other massager’s, while few are unique.

The battery is not removable and can work around 4.5 hours, depending upon the speed. It also comes with a case. The weight is 2.5lbs, which is acceptable. Regarding the noise, the manufacturer says that it produces around 60db, which is slightly more than its real limit of 70db.

Regarding the price, it is among the good yet highly affordable percussion massagers. If we summarize its features, they are worth more money than they are demanding.


  • You get a vast diversity of speed. The speed is virtually customizable.
  • Each of the ten attachments is designed differently for each body part. Hence, you get a highly personalized massage.
  • The Charging system of the massager is high-speed.
  • Operating the massager is very easy. That’s why it will prove suitable for beginners.
  • High beneficial for soft-tissue therapy.


  • The brand is a Chinese manufacturer, and have a little presence outside Amazon.
  • Not competent for people who love intense massaging.
A newer version of this item: Medcursor Mini Massage Gun

Medcursor Massager Gun Review

Unlike many other brands mentioned here, Medcursor massager gun is working on various massagers, including the neck, shoulders, and foot. But their percussion massager gained popularity more than any other product. Such a great accomplishment within a short time is due to useful features vs. the best price.

In its design, it is quite more straightforward than other handheld massagers. There is no texture over the design, while the plastic knob is the same as Fitpulse’s massager. This massager has another variant for the same price, but slightly better design. However, other features are better in this massager; therefore, we preferred it.

The design and appearance are highly modest, and the overall quality of the massager is up to a mark. Overall, the appearance worth the money.

Features and Percussion

You will be amazed to know that it is a perfect deep tissue massager. Both the percussion force and depth are a lot better than high price massagers. Percussion force range from 45-55lbs, while the extent is 14mm. If we compare both of these features with other massage guns, they are more than impressive.

Medcursor provides six different attachments, and you can use all of these at four different speeds. But we expected more speed options as the difference between the speeds is high. They also provide a carrying case which is made ideally.

The battery life is perfect. Officially, Medcursor says that the massager can last up to 12 hours, but that’s not the case. Depending on the built-in modes and speed, it will barely last around 4-5 hours. Though the battery life is a lot better than many other massagers, due to Medcussor’s exaggerated claim, we’re not much happy. The Battery, however, is not removable.

In terms of weight, it is among the lighter ones and weighs slightly above 2.2lbs. The price is less than all other massage guns on the list; therefore, we consider it the best affordable percussion massager.

Lastly, Noise is not a big issue of this massager. Working on this top speed, it will produce around 60db sound. Overall, you will not find percussion massager under 100$ better than this.


  • Built-in massage modes make using it a lot easier.
  • The device is easy to handle with proper controls.
  • Surpass your expectations in terms of deep tissue therapy.
  • Massage gun Medcursor has got a good reputation, primarily due to manufacturing other types of massagers. Customer service is better.


  • The attachments are not of good quality. Many of them can hurt.
  • On top speed, the massager vibrates a lot more than other massagers.

Definite Massage Gun Buyers Guide

You might have noticed using both the “buyers guide and selection criteria list.” The purpose of doing this is to address the different categories of people. If you are a beginner, you should consider it a guide to aware of the terms. However, if you have some knowledge of massage guns, use it to know the criteria we kept in our mind in making this list.

Summary of all things you should look for:

Therapeutic Features

As mentioned in the start, therapy holds prime importance while purchasing a massage gun. We conducted a small survey in 50 massage gun’s potential buyers, and asked them, “What is their core intent behind purchasing a massage gun?” 76% of them agreed on “Relieving pain or Therapy.” While 6% of them said, “For therapeutic Purpose.”

It led us to conclude ‘Therapy’ as an ultimate decider for buying a massage gun. But therapy alone in nothing. It is the combination dictated by various features. Some of them are:

Stall Force

Stall force is the maximum amount of power a motor can apply before it stalls. In terms of massage gun, it is the pressure a massage gun can put on the body before the gun stops. If you can imagine real massage therapy, you can consider it the force masseur applies with his hands.

Though stall force is a relative, yet it determines the level of therapy a massage gun can provide. Thus, the stall force is among the primary therapy feature of massage guns.

In our reviewing criteria, we considered 30lbs stall force for sound therapy and 50-60Ibs force for high-level deep tissue therapy.

Stroke length refers to the degree of percussion a massage gun can perform. In simple words, it means the amount of length massage gun can penetrate. It is usually measured in millimeters (mm). Together with the stall force, stroke length can increase the effectiveness of the massage.

Stroke length of 10-12 mm is considered among the slight soft percussion massager. The stroke length higher than 13mm is right for deep massage therapy. Stroke Length is a distinctive feature of Tim Tam massagers, as they come with top stroke length massagers.

Stroke Length

Stroke length refers to the degree of percussion a massage gun can perform. In simple words, it means the amount of length massage gun can penetrate. It is usually measured in millimeters (mm). Together with the stall force, stroke length can increase the effectiveness of the massage.

Stroke length of 10-12 mm is considered among the slight soft percussion massager. The stroke length higher than 13mm is right for deep massage therapy. Stroke Length is a distinctive feature of Tim Tam massagers, as they come with top stroke length massagers.


Speed has a crucial role in the therapeutic effect of a massage gun. For deep tissue therapy, speed can act as a catalyst. The speed of massage gun is measured in rpm. But the number of speeds is more crucial than the amount.

A few massage guns come with only single speed mode; most of them have more than three-speed modes. We recommend choosing the one that will more benefit percussion.

Design and Usage Features

As we mention in our other therapeutic product reviews, the design is relative. One massage gun’s design might be appealing to one person, but others might not consider it worthy of buying. Therefore, we left the decision to choose a design to our readers. But, still, we have mentioned in individual product reviews, which design feel more pleasing to us.

On the other hand, usage is crucial for everybody. Under Usage features the sub-features are as follows:

Portability & Carrying Case

The majority of Massage guns buyers are gym enthusiasts; therefore, while going to the gym, most people carry their massager with them. Hence, a massage should be easy to carry and portable. Additionally, having a carrying case enhances portability.

These two things greatly determine usage for many people, that’s why we keep on mentioning these in reviews.

Weight and Noise

Collectively, weight and noise play a crucial role in the choice of a massage gun. Ideally, a massage gun should weigh around 1.6 lbs to 3.2lbs. Although there are many models lighter and heavier than these, we prefer this range.

Even if you choose a slightly heavier massage gun, it will not bother you. But having a loud massage gun can give you a headache instead of doing a favor. The noise of a massage gun is measured in Decibels (DB). In our results, the 60-70 DB Noise range is acceptable. Above it, your massage gun will sound like a drill machine.

Battery Life & Replacement

The battery not only inducts usage but also plays an essential role in portability. If the performance is good enough, we can neglect the battery life, but we still prefer battery life of at least one hour.

Additionally, having a replaceable battery is always a bonus point, especially from the portable aspect. Though we not given so much importance to a battery replacement, you can do so if you travel a lot.

Other Features you might need to look for

Therapeutic and usage features are among the important ones; still, there are many different you should consider necessary. Crucial among these are:


Budget is a significant concern for a good number of people looking for “Best Massage guns.” If you want a good percussive massage gun, your budget should be at least 100$ to 150$. If you have this budget, then we can help you find a good massager.


Budget is a significant concern for a good number of people looking for “Best Massage guns.” If you want a good percussive massage gun, your budget should be at least 100$ to 150$. If you have this budget, then we can help you find a good massager.

Special Featrures

Most people spend around 300$ for a massage gun. If you’re spending so much money, keep an eye on the warranty. In our opinion, the best massage gun should at least have a year’s warranty.

We even don’t recommend skipping the warranty even when you are tight on budget


We have done enough bragging to make you realize how we made this Best massage gun list. But our core purpose was to tell you about our method of reviewing but to narrate the facts as honestly as possible.

If you feel confused about choosing between two percussion massagers, feel free to ask your queries in the comments. We’ll be more than pleased to help you in selecting the best percussion massage guns.

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