In our massage chair cost analysis, we examined over 330 Massage chairs. We came to know that number of people looking for “Best Massage Chair under $1000 2021” is more significant than any other query during the scrutiny of trends. This also led us to believe that “price” is the biggest factor in determining the “Best Massage Chair.”

If you’re tight on budget and want a good quality massage chair, let us share a fact with you. Finding a quality massage chair for under $1000 can be usually challenging, as you don’t have a good variety of products. Mostly you will encounter Chinese brands, but with exemplary dedication, you can find a good massage chair.

Our researchers have gone through every massage chair that is present under the $1000 range for your convenience. But we considered only 7 of them capable enough to make on our list. We considered different factors like basic massage parameters, therapy, comfort features, things related to the brand, and finally, the value a chair provides to the customer.

Throughout the whole guide, we remained very objective. Also, there is no detailed buyer’s guide, just a few considerations in the end.

The 7 Best Massage Chair Under $1000 of 2021

Editor’s Choice for Best massage chair under $1000:

Real Relax made its name as an affordable massage chair brand, as most of its massage chairs are budget-friendly. Favor 3 plus is among their latest models that combine many elementary and a few advanced features.

Design and Features:

Though the design might not appear too appealing, yet it is better than many expensive massage chairs. The design’s noticeable features are a flat seat, unique arms massagers, slightly smaller hip airbags, and a good neck pillow. Additionally, the position of shoulder massager is uncommon, but it proves efficient in massaging.

While in its basic features, lack an appropriate massaging track and use the fixed frame track to provide therapy. Fixed frame massage therapy is the most superficial level of massage track. However, having the rollers at four different spots somehow compensates for S or L massage track.

Besides having back rollers, you also get foot rollers. You can control the intensities of both rollers to required massage therapy. Furthermore, you also get back and foot heating that is among the advanced features.

The Zero-Gravity function of this massage chair is better than many expensive counterparts. Its Zero-Gravity is two stagings, together with design and features worth more the price.

Massaging and Comfort:

The massaging action of this massage is better than the usual fixed-frame chairs. The potent cause is heat-therapy. It provides tapping, Shiatsu, and kneading massage. However, the airbag is even better. It has a total of 50 airbags, oriented at the right spots. In favor 3 plus, airbag therapy is more crucial than rollers as they account for its significant massaging action.

Though a zero-gravity recliner, it is also space-saving [need 5 inches clearance]. Since made for 2020, its controls are straightforward and have useful technology features. It’s Bluetooth, app control, and a chromo-therapy enhance comfort. At the same time, the Ottoman is also retractable.

Overall, the massaging action might not be useful as high priced chairs, but still more than enough for the price.


  • It is easy to assemble and doesn’t need maintenance as other inexpensive chairs.
  • The massage intensity is excellent, even best for the best.
  • It can accommodate the people with unusually high weight, 440lbs, even the most expensive models don’t offer such a great weight. Additionally, slightly taller will find it an appropriate choice.
  • The warranty is of 3-years, and Real Relax provides good customer support.
  • 6 Auto-Modes installed for built-in therapy.


  • The rollers are only 2 Directional, nor do they reach the lower areas of like glutes. Additionally, no customization of massage is available.
  • The built-quality and internal machinery compensate for the price.

Top-Selling Massage Chair under $1000

Although Best Massage is not among the best massage chair manufacturer, it still provides an affordable choice for most users. Due to this reason, despite some issues, people love to trust them. Now, Best Massage is in the business for over ten years, and their massage chairs are mostly the inexpensive ones. EC-06 is not among the newer models but still the right choice for the budget.

Design and Features:

EC-06 has among the few good designed massage chairs for the price. Its neck pillow is usually significant, and the back also good padding. Arms of the chairs are different from most of the other chairs, with additional plastic protection over them. Also, thick plastic is added to make it look attractive on the sides, and somehow it is doing its task greatly. Seating and other things are the ordinary ones. The side remote gives it a distinctive look.

This massage chair has S/L Hybrid track, which is the reason behind such immense popularity. Although rollers are not 3D, having an S/L hybrid track is a bang for the buck. These rollers extent to the neck, and their intensity is also satisfactory with three controls.

Besides having a sound massage track, it also has a back heating and body-scanning technology. The rollers are also present in the foot with unusual heat therapy. It is not a zero-gravity chair, but it can recline up to 90 Degree. Overall, the design can be only be called good, but features are worth more money.

Massaging and Comfort:

Since it is S/L hybrid track, the rollers cover most of the back for the massage. These rollers can provide four types of massages, including percussion, simple rolling, kneading, and Shiatsu. Besides, these EC-06 has 9 Auto-programs that are more than enough for the price.

In addition to rollers, it uses airbags for massaging. Airbags squeeze areas like arms, shoulders, hips, calves, and feet. But only 21 of them are present throughout the chair. Although Best Massage says that they are strategically placed, but they are good enough. In arms, the airbags don’t show an excellent squeezing action; the rest of the areas are acceptable.

In its comfort features, it doesn’t have modern features like Bluetooth, memory, or Chromo-therapy. Although it has an extendable ottoman, it doesn’t affect the comfort too much. But, it also a stretch-program that is highly therapeutic and a rare feature for the price. It doesn’t have a space-saving feature. In Comfort and Aesthetics, the massage chair characteristics are satisfactory but not extra-ordinary.


  • Best Massage’s EC-06 has the longest massage track for the price.
  • Heat therapy, especially in feet, provides a highly relaxing massage experience. Secondly, the Duration of massage is good.
  • Controls are easy to understand, and operating it is effortless.
  • It can be a perfect gift, as good in both price and features.
  • The Built-Quality [only external] is a lot better than its competitors for the price.


  • Although Best Massage offers a 30 Day money back and one year warranty, their support system is a little flawed.
  • You will feel so little massage in your arms that you better consider extracting them.

Whenever you buy it, make your mind for some assembly.

Best Zero-Gravity Massage Chair under $1000

It is rare to find Japanese manufactured and American Assembled massage chairs at an affordable price. But fortunately, Ootori is the one that provides such good massage chairs at an affordable price. Since OOTORI is not in the massage chair business for a long time, they offer some good chairs at a low price to make their life-long customers.

Although OOTORI NOVA 500 also comes under $1000 range, it doesn’t have exceptional features as N503. We call it the best zero-gravity massage chair under $1000.

Design and Features:

OOTORI Nova N503 shows an exceptionally well-built design for the price. It has good padding all over. The pillow is built correctly for adequate neck support. The shoulder massager is in a slightly peculiar yet beneficial direction. Other areas, especially arms, have a suitable location for adequate therapy.

One noticeable thing is that calves’ support is not bifid. This type of calves made the design look flat. On the sides, there is fine leather stitching that not only makes the design attractive but also describes the built-quality of the chair.

OOTORI love to classify their massage chair on the massage track, and this one is the fixed frame one. There are 8 Rollers arranged with the upper two for the neck and upper back, while lower ones for the remaining back. Upper rollers show a great degree of rotation, and somehow they can be called 3D. But the OOTORI allows full customization of these rollers; still, it can’t compensate for the S or L track.

The Best feature of Nova 503 is its Zero-gravity option. It keeps you in a condition of weightlessness similar to expensive models like Osaki OS-4000T. Together the design and features are the best you can get in under $1000

Massaging and Comfort:

Despite having a Fixed-Frame massage track, the massaging action is not that bad. In addition to kneading, Shiatsu, and tapping, it also has knocking. Along these, it has 5 Built-in programs for a good massage.

Airbags are the secondary source of massage. Nova 503’s airbags are powerful than other massage chairs in the price. Having a total of 34 airbags, they firmly compress all body parts. Their shoulder and waist airbags are better than their biggest rivals. In addition to that, the seat has a vibrational feature.

Its unique feature includes back heating and foot rollers. The heating is exceptional, but the foot rollers are the ordinary ones.

In terms of comfort, it has Bluetooth but no memory and chromo-therapy. Additionally, the Ottoman is not extendable, but the chair itself has a space-saving design. Overall, its massaging action is extra-ordinary with fair comfort features.


  • This massage chair has a better built-quality than most chairs under $1000. Due to this reason, it lasts longer than most of them.
  • Having a Space-saving design with Zero-Gravity makes it a perfect choice for the living room.
  • The massage therapy is intense.
  • OOTORI provides three years warranty, and they also have good customer support.
  • Cleaning the massage chair is very easy.


  • Your height should be in perfect range to use this chair. For shorter people, it will not be the right choice.
  • The pillow is too thick and prevents good therapy on the neck.

Most Durable massage chair under $1000

SMAGREHO is a Chinese manufacturer and retailer of massage chairs. Due to this thing, most of their massage chairs are under $1500 range. Unlike other brands, they are just getting started and putting a diligent effort into building trust.

Usually, we don’t recommend Chinese brands, especially new ones, but SMAGREHO has better customer support and features. Although it offers a worthy therapy, if you’re still not feeling comfortable choosing such sellers, we recommended choosing better ones like OOTORI and Real Relax.

Design and Features:

The design of chair closes resembles Real Relax Favor 3 plus. However, the wide top and thick seating made it different. Its neck pillow is also better than many other chairs on the list. The material feels soft on the back, while highly thickened in the calves and feet. The rest of the things are like the other massage chairs.

MM350 has a fixed frame massage track. Its massage track is similar to Nova 503; however, rollers work pretty well. Although the rollers are 2D, they are quite strong. Moreover, cover a large area than other fixed-frame chairs.

Zero-Gravity is another useful feature of this chair. But the Zero-Gravity of this chair is not the same as many expensive models. A unique thing about this massage chair is its construction. Though it appears plain, thick artificial leather gives it longevity. Additionally, side plastic and internal machinery are somewhat better than other chairs. That’s why we consider it more than durable than others.

Massaging and Comfort:

The massaging of this chair is also quite satisfying. On the one hand, rollers are substantial and, on the other, provide a good massage, mainly kneading, Shiatsu, and tapping. The rollers’ massage is good but can’t be called the best.

Airbags, however, provide better therapy and compensate for rollers. Not only are airbags strategically placed, but they are usually strong. The shoulder and arm airbags provide much better therapy than all of those mentioned above. Calves and foot air therapy is also good. Foot rollers enhance this air massage. Its six auto-programs allow much better therapy than its price.

Besides this, you get the option of lumber heat only. In comfort, you get the space-saving feature along with an extendable Ottoman. Additionally, the Bluetooth feature is also present.

Overall, you can raise questions on massaging and comfort, but they are more than enough for the price.


  • Usually searching massage chair under $1000, people are more concerned regarding the durability. The MM350 has the durability for you.
  • Assembly doesn’t require much effort and workforce. Within 30 minutes after opening the box, you are ready to enjoy it.
  • People who love intense massaging will find it highly enjoyable.
  • Extra-wide to adjust people with large bodies.
  • Easy to move. So, the massage can be enjoyed using at various places in your home.


  • If you’re short, like 5’3″, you will not be able to perfectly enjoy shoulder massaging as it is placed above their standard location.
  • The warranty is only for one year.
  • The foot rollers are not as intense as the back ones.

Best Shiatsu Massage Chair under $1000.

As told earlier, we don’t consider Best Massage as some top-notch manufacturer due to their customer service. But still, in comparison to other Chinese Brands in the price, they are way better. That’s why any massage chair recommendation guide under $1000 is incomplete without BestMassage’s Chairs.

It is the second BM chair on the list. The previous model EC-06C is slightly older in comparison to this Shiatsu one. In many functions, it is better than EC-06 but unable to enjoy the same reputation. It is BM’s highly underrated massage chair.

Top Customer Reviews:

  • Easy to assemble: It was set up easily in 30 minutes
  • Back massage works great
  • Very comfortable except for the stretching mode
  • I fell asleep during a massage twice
  • good value for money
  • Good product in its price range
  • The price was right

Design and Features:

In comparison to EC-06, the design of bm-ec77 feels prettier and compact. Even after comparing it with the rest of the chairs on the list, we found the design pretty solid. The prismatic appearance of the side plastic gives it a distinctive look.

Some reviewers said in terms of Built-Quality, everything appears appropriate. Both the material and overall construction are satisfactory. Special features include thick padding of neck pillow, shoulder massager’s appropriate location, and padding around the shoulders massagers. The arm massager is also somewhat different than other massage chairs.

Bestmassage bm-ec77 has a fixed massage track. The rollers are eight in number, and their orientation is the same as any other fixed frame chair.

The thing most people don’t know is that it is a zero-gravity chair. But this reclining is not as great as other models. Still, having Zero-gravity adds some value to the quality of the chair. On the whole, the design and features are not highly exceptional but still admirable for the price.

Massaging and Comfort:

We can call the massaging of this chair slightly above average. The rollers provide a potent therapy, in fact, the best shiatsu massage. In addition to Shiatsu, they also offer to knock, kneading, tapping.

Airbags therapy is also quite decent. With 32 airbags, the number is above average. However, the best part is the muscular action of these airbags on arms, hips, and calves. Most massage chairs neglect calves and arms in their therapy, but BM-EC77 get a lead here. The heat option is also there for the lower back or lumbar region.

The comfort features of this chair are also adequate. Firstly, the remote is well-built and offers reasonable control over commands. Although not have Bluetooth, but have a chromo-therapy feature. Space-saving design is another specialty. However, the Ottoman is extendable, to a smaller degree.

Combing massaging and comfort together, we advocate an excellent massaging but slightly compromised comfort features.


  • Built-in Massaging modes impart a highly healing therapy.
  • It offers the right combination of Shiatsu and Zero-gravity.
  • The weight adjusting limit for people is generous.
  • The chair itself carries a good weight, but it is easy to move.
  • Sitting on the chair is highly comfortable due to the thick padding of the chair.


  • Space-saving design is not a good one. We don’t consider 10-inch clearance as a good one, especially when the chair doesn’t fully recline.
  • It is not made for taller people.
  • It will have an average life of 4-5 years, hence not very long-lasting due to the machinery.

Most Reliable Massager Chair under $1000.

Synca Wellness is not like other brands on the list. They are in business for years, hold a good reputation, and also a manufacturer of high-end massage chairs. But unfortunately, Synca Wellness CirC is not a dedicated massage chair. The manufacturer itself calls it a compact chair.

The chair is more a living room recliner. But since it provides a good massage, people love to classify it as a massage chair. If you’re the person looking for an aesthetic chair that offers excellent massage, this will be an appropriate choice for you.

Design and Features:

As you can have an idea by the first look, that CirC doesn’t have shoulder, arms, calves, and foot massager. The design is an over simplified version of a massage chair. The neck pillow feels like a separate neck massager.

On the other hand, back of the chair takes a deep dive to help adjust our spine. The seating is also furrowed. Despite not having many massagers, the chair is highly alluring.

The manufacturing quality of the chair is top-notch. The finest leather is used to build the chair, while plastic used is also very resistant.

Probably the only reason to call it a massage chair is due to a massage track. Even the best part, it has an L-track. Due to the chair’s size, the track covers everything from the lower neck to the buttock. The Rollers are also 3D.

The reason to call it the most reliable massage chair for the price is due to the brand reputation of Synca wellness. In case of any damage, they assist you and guide you for happening the same thing in the future. Hence, the chair has much uniqueness in it.

Massaging and Comfort:

As you can guess, a track about the brilliant massaging. The massaging is absolutely brilliant. 3D rollers work similarly to a masseur’s hand and do kneading perfectly. The best part about massage goes even across your gluteus.

Additionally, one for massaging lower back and waist, group of airbags are present. These airbags are unusually large and compress with great power. Back Heat therapy is also available to decrease soreness.

Most people love to use foot massager with these chairs. Using a foot massager enhance the massaging experience many times.

The comfort feature & Aesthetics of this chair are better than all other chairs on the list. The sliding design provides a high degree of comfort. Mainly, most users love to place this chair in their living room and enjoy reading books along while taking a massage. The remote of the chair is not only easily accessible and controllable. The back of the chair has a lighting system. Furthermore, the chair does not occupy a large space but can accommodate a vast range of people.

In short, the massaging options are limited, but those are available are simply the best.


  • No assembly is required. The chair is out of the box, and you’re ready to enjoy it.
  • You get the best customer service.
  • The chair has a one year warranty, but it can be extendable.
  • It lasts longer than most of the chairs at this price.
  • The chair can have a Multi-usage.


  • Not purely a massage chair. People who want their first chair to have many options will get a lot of disappointment fromthis chair.
  • The massaging is basic, with no customization at all.

Massage Chair for Serious Buyers:

Almost 4/5th of people looking for “Best massager chair under $1000” are highly interested in purchasing one. But many of them, despite looking at several options, can’t select one. We call them serious buyers. We have to cross the mark $1000 slightly for such people, but not more than a few bucks.

We selected Real Relax Favor 5, as it has everything you will need for your first massage chair. Moreover, Real Relax also has enough good reputation that people can trust.

Design and Features:

In comparison to favor 3 plus, the design is a lot better. For a $1000 chair, the design is highly enthralling and gives a sense of aptness.

The manufacturing quality is also elite. Whether you look at the neck cushion or back padding, everything will exhibit top-notch manufacturing. Unlike other real relax models, shoulder massagers are at their right place. Also, arms massagers are usually significant.

The chair features an S-track with 3D rollers. Both of these features are rare at this price. Additionally, there are six built-in massage modes with a unique Yoga Program.

Favor 5 also has a zero-gravity feature. Its zero-gravity is not as good as OOTORI 503, but still better than many inexpensive ones. The chair has some unique features like seat vibration that enhances the therapeutic effect.

In short, it is the luxurious design and long-lasting built quality that makes it an exceptional massage chair for the price.

Massaging and Comfort:

Since it costs more money than any other chair, we expect massaging to that level. Honestly speaking, massaging is competitive enough to impress us.3D rollers are perfect for your spine therapy. These rollers feel pretty intense. That’s why on the neck Real Relax provides additional padding.

Lumber heat enhances the massaging action of rollers. If this chair has full back heating, it would be any different, as the lumber heating covers a good area.

Fifty airbags are there to provide air therapy. But contrary to other massage chairs, the airbags are highly robust. We appreciate Real Relax on putting good quality airbags around calves and shoulders. The foot along with airbags have rollers, but they are very ordinary ones.

Regarding comfort, it has Bluetooth technology and built-in speakers. Unfortunately, space-saving features and full stretch options are not there. Controls, however, are straightforward.

In massage, the actions of Favor 5 are competitive to chairs like Osaki-OS 4000, but in comfort and aesthetics, it is not much efficient.


  • Very well built. Not only the external leather is durable, but the internal apparatus is also exemplary.
  • The warranty is for three years, and somehow trustworthy customer support of Real Relax.
  • You will get adjustability for various options.
  • It offers good massaging options, each with a dual combination of massages.
  • The seating vibration makes it unique and incredibly soothing.


  • Massaging action has a much narrower height range comparing to other chairs.
  • The zero-gravity recline does not appear highly functional.

Considerations while Purchasing Massage Chair under $1000

We don’t suggest taking every possible factor into account while looking for the best massage chair under $1000. But this doesn’t mean you go and purchase some “Chinese Brand Special.”

Often such brands provide apparently an alluring feature, but in reality, they compromise many core features. That’s why we considered it worthy of mentioning things you should take into account.

Basic Things come first

If you are a potential massage chair buyer, you must be aware of all the terms used in a massage chair. Only after knowing them you can decide between the options. The basic things you should look for are Massage Track, Rollers, and Air Massage.

Some Chairs will offer excellent while others offer average rudimentary features. You have to decide with the combination of Therapeutic and Comfort Features the chair you will purchase.

Go towards Secondary personalized Features

The secondary features include Therapeutic and Comfort options. In Therapeutic opportunities, you get options of Zero-Gravity, Personalized rolling, Heating, and Stretching.

While in comfort or Aesthetics, you have to select from preferences like Saving-saving, Air ionization, Hideaway ottoman, Bluetooth options for Music, and lighting.

An important thing to keep in mind

Brand matter a lot for a massage chair. Whenever select a massage chair, always looks for the brand’s reputation, customer support, and contribution to the industry. Also, keep an eye on the warranty for individual parts.

We mentioned these details while reviewing each chair. Whether you select between these models or not, but always consider brand repute a critical parameter.

Which Features to Prefer

Brand matter a lot for a massage chair. Whenever select a massage chair, always looks for the brand’s reputation, customer support, and contribution to the industry. Also, keep an eye on the warranty for individual parts.

We mentioned these details while reviewing each chair. Whether you select between these models or not, but always consider brand repute a critical parameter.

Final Word

We know there are not many options for massager chair if you are restricting yourself to under $1000. But for our valuable users, we looked for every possible opportunity. Also, there complete unbiasedness and mentioning of things as they are.

Our team is overly optimistic about helping you find “Best Massage Chair under $1000 for 2021.” Still, if you are stuck between two options or things don’t make sense, feel free to ask a question by contacting us. We will be pleased to help you.

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