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Best Massage Chair

The most significant benefit of having a massage chair is the availability of your personal masseur at all times. Health and therapeutic benefits come after that. But choosing the best massage chair often becomes very challenging.

If you made your mind to invest in a massage chair, you should know this:

“There may be thousands of chairs in the market, but not many of them are worthy of being called the best.”

Tens of factors come into play in the choice of a quality chair. But the thing that makes a choice more puzzling are some hidden details about the quality, rollers, massage tracks, or any other feature.

With the team of experts, we have invested days to research among best-selling massage chairs. After testing, considering massage chairs reviews, and taking all possible features into account, we have selected “7 Best Massage Chairs.” Additionally, with each chair we have mentioned the category of people, the specific chair will be suitable.

In the end, we have an in-depth “Massage chair buying guide.” If you have a rudimentary knowledge of massage chairs, we recommend you to read the guide first. It is possible that after reading the buyer’s guide, you will be able to figure out, “Which massage chair is best for me?”

The 7 Best Massage Chair of 2021

Image Product Features Rating Price
Editor Choice Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Offers Best Massaging experience with the top-notch Built Quality
  • Dimensions: 48x38x60”
  • Chair Weight: 239 lbs
  • Person Weight (max): 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-Years
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Best Massage Chair for Back Pain Kahuna Chairs LM6800 A good choice for the money with a unique massaging experience
  • Dimensions: 48x30x55”
  • Chair Weight: 214 lbs
  • Person Weight (max): 265 lbs
  • Warranty: 3-Years
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Osaki OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair. Best Mid-range chair in the market.
  • Dimensions: 47x32x46”
  • Chair Weight: 200 lbs
  • Person Weight (max): 220 lbs
  • Warranty: 3-Years
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Human Touch Novo XT2. Unique Design with best Zero gravity Feature.
  • Dimensions: 43x33x63”
  • Chair Weight: 273 lbs
  • Person Weight (max): 285 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-Years
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Affordable Real Relax Favor 3 plus Simple, inexpensive yet offer good features
  • Dimensions: 49x30x53”
  • Chair Weight: 200 lbs
  • Person Weight (max): 440 lbs
  • Warranty: 3-Years
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Ogawa Active L Massage Chair Highly durable and under-rated
  • Dimensions: 46x32x63”
  • Chair Weight: 239 lbs
  • Person Weight (max): 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-Years
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High-end Panasonic MAJ7 Have feature that no other chair provides.
  • Dimensions: 45x35x51”
  • Chair Weight: 192 lbs
  • Person Weight (max): 264 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-Years
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In 2015 Luraco Technologies introduced their first USA-made iRobotics 7 that rocked the Massage chair market. This chair was a masterpiece of the finest built-quality with highly alluring features. But near the start of 2019, this iRobotics 7 plus replaced its predecessor, and since then, it is the best-selling massage chair.

This massage chair is a combination of master engineering artwork and supreme medical research. Luraco’s experts have put their best efforts to make this chair therapeutically useful for the body. That’s the reason; it is considered a high-grade medical chair.

Design & Construction:

In terms of design, it seems no different than an ordinary massage chair, but only in the first look. If you have a close look at the chair, you will notice the segmented calves. These segmented calves are rare in any other massage chair and serve the function of both therapy and adjustment.

Another thing you will notice is the glowing look of the chair. The reason for being such an enthralling chair is their top-notch construction. Luraco has used high-quality leather for manufacturing it, which makes it a long-lasting massage chair.

On the seat, this massage chair has fine pattern lines that make it look attractive. Additionally, for placing hand, there are some knob-like elevations that, when enforced by leather, give a unique temptation to the design. One of the reasons why we consider it one of the best massage chairs is that Luraco kept the best Design and Construction.


From its construction, you might deduce it as a chair with reasonable comfort. But it is more than just comfortable. It has a unique horse-shoe shaped head pad that lets your head in a state of rest. For the protection of your spine, the back seat is strengthened to give a cushioning effect. Additionally, with a great collection of airbags, this is a highly comfortable chair to sit on.

Things don’t stop here; it also offers additional pads both over seats and over the foot. These pads let you control the intensity, as well as provide comfort. In terms of comfort, you will not find a match for this massage chair.


This massage chair offers such a great diversity of features. It is these features that make it the best massage chair in the market. Key Features include:

  • Total Air Bags: 100
  • Chair weight: 265Ibs
  • Maximum Person’s Weight: 300Ibs
  • S-Track
  • Recommended Height: 4’7″-6’7″
  • Back Rollers: 2
  • Number of Motors: 12
  • Omron Blood Pressure Monitor attached
  • Bluetooth and Memory Feature
  • Rollers Intensity Control (included for both 3D and 4D rollers)
  • 5-year Warranty


This massage chair offers a good combination of relaxation and deep tissue massage therapy. Both with rollers and airbags, the massaging effect of this chair is the best in the market. Almost all the body parts get both rollers and airbags massage except arms. The Rollers cover the area of occiput to lower lumbar spine. Here these rollers offer various forms of massage, including Kneading, percussion, stretching, and shiatsu.

Additionally, it’s vibrational massaging along with 3D rollers mimics the masseur’s hand, giving a highly therapeutic massage.

Besides rollers, airbag technology also works brilliantly in relaxing massage therapy. The best thing about these airbags is the sublime compressing action. However, shoulder and head Airbags show dual function. Shoulder airbags grab your shoulders from the front and work antagonist to rollers. In this way, you get a squeezing massage. While the head pillow has some airbags over their edges, these allow compression of your traps, thus rubbing every single muscle.

Above all, its scanning system makes sure the massage is synchronized with your body condition.

Things we love about this:

  • Setting this massage chair is surprisingly easy to do. It is among the easiest to assemble massage chair. If you have just purchased it, you’re ready to get a massage within 10 minutes.
  • The 3D scanning system of this massage chair is highly advanced. By turning on the power button, it will take 2 minutes to SCAN your body, then start giving you the massage your body needs.
  • You can not only control the intensity of Rollers but also of Airbags. This feature makes a highly customizable massage possible.
  • It is being listed as a Medical Device by the FDA. It also meets the standards of CE and UL.
  • With an extendable ottoman and segmented calves, this chair allows a great range of height.
  • The power consumption of this massage chair is the best in the market. Using it will utilize only 150 watts.
  • Not only you can control the intensity of rollers and airbags, but also their speed is customizable.
  • This massage chair offers two high therapeutic massaging action rare in the market. One is the gripping massage, and the other is stretching. Along with that, it offers full-body heat. Again, this goes into the therapeutic benefits of this chair.
  • The customer care of Luraco is a solid reason to purchase this product. Moreover, if your chair broke, the parts of iRobotics 7 plus are readily available.

Things we Don’t like:

  • This massage chair offers only S-Track, which might be a bad thing if you consider it a modern technology parameter.
  • The space-saving feature is becoming popular, and this massage chair lacks it. This means you need a good clearance (19 inches) from the wall.
  • This massage chair is among the high-end ones. If you’re tight on a budget, this is not made for you.
  • Despite being modified, the remote has a simple appearance. If you’re the person who takes cares of aesthetics, this might not look pretty for you.

Who should buy this?

If space is not an issue for you and wants some best long-lasting massage chair in the market, iRobotics 7 plus is made for you. Additionally, anyone looking for a commercial massage chair will not get any better choice for the price.

Kahuna Massage chairs though started in 1997, got its peak in this decade. The credit for this popularity goes to this LM6800 because it makes a massage chair in most people’s budgets without compromising much on the quality.

Unlike many massage chair, LM6800 is a combination of top-notch built quality, and friendly for the pocket. In fact, it has many advanced features that many expensive yet old brands don’t have. From its appearance, and attributes it looks like an inexpensive model of iRobotics 7 plus. However, there are a few things about this chair that need to be explained.

Design & Construction:

From its design, it looks pretty simple. However, the thing that makes it distinctive is its inclining position. This massage chair has symmetry in its organization that makes it make artful. However, the reclining feature is like ordinary massage chairs.

An unusual thing in the design is the shoulder massagers shielded by tough pads. Chairs like Osaki-4000, and iRobotics 7 plus, don’t have this thing. Therefore, it feels a little peculiar yet compelling. Additionally, the cushion pillow is not so thick, yet it covers the right area. Upholstery is thick and made up of artificial leather.

The rest of the things like Ottoman, arms, and calf massagers have a conventional design yet brilliant construction. Leather is used in all parts, along with clothed fabric. However, don’t expect its structure like expensive models as it is among critical factors where manufacturer compromise for the price.


In terms of comfort, this chair performs exceptionally well. The cushion pillow and back seat provide the same comfort as the most expensive chairs. Additional padding in the back, give your latissimi dorsi a sublime coziness.
Another reason Kahuna LM 6800 gives a satisfying feeling of comfort is by airbags. This chair has extended airbags that squeeze your arms and shoulders in a way to provide an elite comfort. The best thing is, its seating is comfortable enough to give you a floating effect.

Overall, comfort is the distinctive feature of this chair and is beaten by only a few expensive models.


This massage chair is a combination of high-end to elementary features. Its key features include:

  • Total Airbags: 36
  • Weight Recommend for Person (lbs): 220
  • Weight of Chair (lbs): 200
  • Recommended Height for Person: 5’3″-6’2″
  • Massage Track: L/S Hybrid
  • Heating System: Only Back & Legs
  • Back-Rollers: 4
  • Space Saving Feature
  • FDA approved
  • 5 Year Warranty (For Parts and Labor 3-year only)


This massage chair got many things to provide a therapeutic massage. The most important of them is the massage track. With its L-track and four back rollers, it offers a good therapeutic massage across the whole back up to hamstrings. Besides providing common massaging types like Shiatsu, tapping, and kneading, it offers a special yoga program that will make all your tensions go away.

Additionally, airbags perfectly serve the purpose of massaging. Shoulders, calves, and arms massages are ordinary. But neck and foot massagers are perfect. Both neck and foot massagers are made for those people who need a highly therapeutic thing.

Overall, massage is a combination of many advanced and a few conventional features, yet the therapeutic nature of this massage is among the best.

Things we love about this:

  • The Built-Quality is remarkably decent for the price. Such a combination of Quality and Price is rare.
  • Having an L-track, and Heat therapy along with 3D scan technology, provides the massage your back need.
  • The Airbags of this massage are more robust than many other chairs. Hence, it performs the functions of pressing your body way better than you could think of.
  • Besides providing good air massage, it also offers a stretch-program that genuinely helps improve the shape of your spine.
  • This massage chair is smaller than many of its competitors. Additionally, it also offers a space-saving feature that needs only 3-inches clearance from the wall.
  • Zero-gravity function, along with comfortable seating, make me feel float. This overwhelming Zero-Gravity feature makes it one of the best massage chairs.
  • The Remote has easy to read and control instructions.
  • You get good instructions from the manufacturers, which sets you free from the trouble of assembling it.

Things we don’t like:

  • The Rollers are only two-directional. That means you will not be able to get the feel the masseur’s hands.
  • Massage sessions are for short durations. Even the Yoga Programs stops after 15 minutes. For long therapy lovers, the massage experience can be a little annoying.
  • On the one hand, it provides excellent therapy to hamstrings, and on the other, it don’t offer a good calf massage. This anomaly raises a question on its therapeutic function.
  • This massage chair neither Bluetooth nor the memory function.

Final verdict

This massage chair cost half the price of its competitors, along with many exceptional features like the stretch program, and space-saving feature. But it lacks many things like full-body body heat and 3D massagers. Additionally, the built-quality of this chair is not as good as highly expensive models. Yet, despite all these things, it provides efficient massage, satisfactory built-quality, and brilliant features in a friendly budget. If your budget is low, this is the best massage chair you will get.

Titan Chairs manufacture the most reliable and comfortable massage chairs in the market. Their Osaki OS-4000 is a highly competitive massage chair, offering features of both expensive and inexpensive models. The reason to be placed among the best massage chairs is its price to features ratio.

This chair stands among leaders in mid-range chairs. Having matchless durability, finest built-quality, and exceptional design make it top-selling models of Titan Chair.

Design & Construction:

OSAKI OS-4000 is different than most massage chairs on the list. It has a lustrous look with a polyurethane construction. On the side of the chair, there is hard plastic serving the function of protection. Like the Kahuna LM6800, yet smaller in size, this massage chair has lateral shoulder housing. This tough shoulder housing account for providing adequate compression to shoulders.

Besides having a cushion pillow, it also has a separate neck massager. This massager is not like other neck massagers in the market that contain rollers; however, it functions similarly as an Airbag. Also, this neck massager limits the intensity of the rollers. You can also remove it to increase the intensity.

Having a synthetic leather upholstery and polyurethane construction makes it resistant and durable. Additionally, excess PU covering around the airbags enhances the beauty of this massage chair.


This chair doesn’t offer exceptional features like many inexpensive models, but whatever it provides, it does the best.

  • Total Airbags: 38
  • Recommended maximum weight of the person (lbs): 265
  • Height (recommended): 5’4’’-6’4’’
  • Chair Weight (Ibs): 214
  • Shoulder and Waist Size: 20 inches (46 inches Jacket size); 40 inches respectively
  • Massage Track: S-track
  • Total Back rollers: 4
  • Lumber Heat Only
  • Two-Stage Zero-Gravity
  • 3-Year Warranty.

Comfort & Massaging:

Polyurethane, not only makes this a durable but also a comfortable massage chair. Neck Pillow assists in sensible massaging to your neck. While airbags in seat make sitting comfortably. Foot and calf massagers have a good number of airbags that make the massaging experience very comfortable. The zero-gravity feature enhances the comfort experience of the massage chair.

In terms of massage, this massage chair has both the features of Kahuna LM 6800 and iRobotics 7. Kneading, stretching, and grasping it also give a vibrational therapy. This vibration therapy energizes the muscles while the heat therapy ameliorates the therapeutic effect of vibration. Airbags massage further enhances the massaging experience. In short, Osaki OS-4000 provides one of the best massaging experience with complete comfort.

Things we Love about this:

  • Titan chairs are among the massage chair industry leaders. They have summed expensive features at a reasonable price.
  • Built-quality of this massage chair is matchless for the price, even not beaten by many expensive models. Not only the externals, but the machinery is designed to last long.
  • The remote is easy to use as it provides the complete details of every feature of the feature. The additional smaller remote help you when the chair is in reclining and in Zero-gravity mode.
  • Since Osaki doesn’t believe in intense massage, massage therapy is good enough to give a soothing effect and not intense to bother you. [This can also be a con for some people]
  • The Air massaging system of this chair is among the industry leaders. By only having 38 airbags, the way it squeezes the body is a masterpiece of therapy.
  • The massaging system of this chair pays special attention to arms, as it offers separate massage for arms and forearms. Hence, your arms will get the best massage any chair can offer.
  • For providing a better massaging experience, this massage chair has an exemplary scanning system. Not only has it done this thing for the back, but also for the calves and foot that ultimately help the ottoman adjust.
  • Shoulder massage of this chair is unique as it works to substitute for stretching of the spine.

Things we don’t like:

  • This massage chair lacks many new features. A few of them are music, Bluetooth, memory feature, and an L-track.
  • You will not get any space-saving feature in this massage chair. It almost needs 20 inches of clearance from the wall. If you are going to purchase, make sure you have got enough space for this chair.
  • You can’t control the intensity of back rollers. For lovers of customizable massage, this will prove a lousy option.
  • This chair only relies on airbags for therapy in calves and feet. If you want intensity therapy in these areas, this is not the right choice.

Who should buy this?

If you’re the person who has enough space and prefers comfortable therapy over aesthetics, then new features of this massage chair will be the best one for you. Additionally, if anyone wants to get the best built-quality massage chair in the mid-range, there is no better option than Osaki OS-4000.

The reason for Human Touch’s popularity is it’s surprisingly advance chairs. Initially, in 2016, they launched Novo XT, and at that time, it became the biggest competitor of Luraco’s iRobotics 7. Almost a year back, they upgraded this Novo XT with some new features.

The reason to place this among the best massage chairs is not only because it accommodates taller people. But it is among the most advanced high-end massage chairs in the market.

Design and Construction:

From a design and construction perspective, Novo XT2 is different from all other chairs on the list. It looks like a recliner placed on a stand. Its neck pillow and ottoman make it look similar to Osaki OS-4000, but it is more significant in width and length. Additionally, the thick hard plastic covering it made it look unique.

On the sidewalls, human touch has added audio speakers to make the massage more enthralling. The foot and calves massager looks like all other massage chairs, but there are bigger airbags while the shoulder and arms massagers are bigger and improved in XT2.

The construction of this massage chair lies between OS-4000 and iRobotics 7 plus. It is made up of synthetic leather, similar to PU (polyurethane). After improving XT to XT2, it is the only true competitor of iRobotics 7 plus in terms of construction. Generally speaking, construction is good enough to make it the best massage chair.


  • Total number of airbags: 36
  • Person’s Recommended Weight (lbs): 285
  • Recommended height: 5’-6’9”
  • Weight of Chair (lbs): 273
  • Massage Track: S/L Hybrid Track
  • Back Rollers: 4
  • Bluetooth and Music feature Included
  • Zero-Gravity Feature
  • Lumber heat via Warm Air Technology
  • Stretch Program Included
  • Five years warranty

Comfort and Massaging:

Nova XT2 offers one of the most comfortable and top-notch massaging experiences. It offers comfortable seating with unique upholstery. Additionally, the neck pillow provides more comprehensive support to the neck and helps control the intensity of neck massage. Arms, calves, shoulder, waist, and seat massage give the sensation of extreme comfort by adapting with body structures.

In Novo XtT2, the rollers serve the purpose of providing the massage from neck to hamstrings. These rollers imitate the human hands better than any massage chair by offering the best percussion massage. Foot also get the roller massage, but the rest of the areas like arms, shoulder, calves, and waist only’ get airbag massage.

The best yet the peculiar thing about XT2 airbag massage therapy is the strategic placement of the airbags. Thus via this feature, the massage chair offers a smart massage.

Things we Love about this:

  • Human Touch is one of the massage industry leaders. They have molded their almost a half-century experience to create this massage chair that is the epitome of the finest built-quality.
  • This massage chair has 35 built-in massage programs that are exclusively designed for therapeutic purposes. Hence either for rehabilitation from joint pain or improving back shape, this will be the ultimate chair for you.
  • The control of this massage chair is easy to operate. With a big LED remote, every feature is in front of you.
  • This chair is aesthetically provoking with its magnificent sound system.
  • Due to its unique design and built-in space-saving feature, this chair will good for small places. It only requires 2 inches clearance from the wall, which is better than any other massage chair in the market.
  • Though its appearance makes it a complex chair, yet to set it up is very easy.
  • You get a great range of massage intensities. Either it would help if you had a gentle massage to relieve soreness or an intense massage to relieve pain, it offers everything.
  • This massage chair is unusual in size with useful extendable ottomans. This fundamental reason makes it the best massage chair for tall persons.

Things we don’t like:

  • Although, this chair has got some advanced feature but still don’t have many features. The most important of them is the memory feature. If you are going to buy it a therapeutic chair, you will have to adjust settings every time you sit in.
  • Only having lumber heat is a rudimentary feature that comes in the most inexpensive model. Being a high-end model, we are expecting full body heat.
  • There is no vibration therapy in this chair.
  • Since it is a luxury massage chair, the price is not budget-friendly.

Who should buy this?

Despite having some drawbacks, this massage chair offers the best massage therapy for tall persons, and also got some competitive built-quality. If you have a stable budget and need a highly luxurious and advanced massage chair, Novo XT2 will prove best for you.

It is a fact that good massage chairs are expensive, as quality comes with a price. But a significant number of people neither need a high level of therapy nor have a reasonable budget. For such people, inexpensive massage chairs work brilliantly.

You should be careful while purchasing an inexpensive model as you can easily be bluffed by “Some Special Chinese Brands.” On the other hand, Real Relax offers an affordable choice, along with maintaining many quality standards.

The biggest problem while going with inexpensive massage chairs in their internal constructions. Apparently, you will get all the features like good massaging and comfort, nice design, and satisfactory construction. But the internal features like the roller’s construction, overall structure, and motors don’t perform up to the mark. That’s why they are inexpensive.

Design and Construction:

This massage chair is a standard looking one which an elementary construction. The chair doesn’t appear bulky or heavy, preferably an elegant one. Head cushion and ottoman though simple, but are quite fascinating. The shoulder massagers are placed slightly above usual. These unusual massagers work both as gripping and compressing your traps.

While arms massager seems like flaps of airbags joined by walls. Back and seating are no extraordinary. But the bottom stand and side plastic are tough enough to strengthen the chair.

Artificial or Faux leather is being used to cover the chair. The quality of material lies in between top-quality leather to inexpensive sheet leather. In fact, the material is good enough to last for years. Overall, the design and construction are better than what you expect at this price.


  • Total Airbags: 50
  • Recommended height of a person: 5′-6’1″.
  • Weight Recommend: 400Ibs
  • Chair Weight: 200Ibs
  • Massage Track: Fixed Frame Track
  • Back Rollers: 8
  • Heat: Lumber only
  • Zero-Gravity Feature
  • Bluetooth & LED lights
  • FDA approved
  • 3 Year Warranty

Massaging and Comfort:

Since this is not a highly therapeutic massage chair, don’t expect an extraordinary massage from it. Yet, the massaging performs a lot better than the threshold. The rollers don’t follow any track; rather, they show a pattern of movement similar to an ordinary neck and back massagers. But still, it offers kneading, shiatsu, and percussion.

The airbag technology of this massage chair is better than many expensive models. With a good number of airbags, it presses your body with the right intensity. Though this airbag technology is limited, yet therapeutically it is advantageous.

Above all, comfort is also up to the mark. Although seating does not have any airbags, yet it has thick padding that makes sitting comfortably. Additionally, the back wall of the chair is built to support your spine that ultimately makes sitting relaxing.

Things we love about this:

  • Affordable price is the best benefit of having this massage chair. Though it comes under a 1000$ mark, it offers features more than that.
  • The massage chair does not occupy a large space. It will fit perfectly for living and study rooms and need a clearance of only 3 inches.
  • Although it is not an expensive chair, still the recommended weight for a person is far more than any other chair on the list.
  • Setting up this chair doesn’t require any experience or effort. Within 20-30 minutes, you’re ready to use this chair.
  • Airbags of this massage chair are quite strong and have three intensities of massage.
  • Though it has a fixed frame track, it still provides effective vibrational therapy for pain relief.
  • Foot rollers and Zero-gravity functions more exceptionally better than what you should be expecting at a price.
  • Real Relax offers decent customer service. In case of any problem, they are ready for immediate help.

Things we don’t like:

  • Fixed-Frame massage track is a rudimentary feature and badly affects your massaging experience.
  • The rollers don’t work in a multi-directional way, hence the purpose of mimicking human massage dies. Also, they don’t work at high intensity.
  • Since shoulder bags are in a peculiar position, if you are around 5’3″, you will not get a good shoulder massager.
  • Customization features are considerably less. But you shouldn’t expect them at this price.

Who should buy this?

Although this chair has many drawbacks, yet the benefits are far more. If you’re tight on budget and looking for the best massage chair under 1000$, this is the perfect choice in terms of features and therapy.

From 1996, Ogawa has been creating massage chairs. But from the last 15 years, they innovated their products to a great extent. Ogawa emphasizes on producing high end, yet therapeutic health products. Their massage chair is an excellent combination of good quality and advance features. In fact, this is the best massage chair in the mid-range chairs.

The best part about this massage chair is it features are a rival iRobotic 7 plus, while its built-quality is also among the top models. Still, it comes in not a high-end price range. We call it an underrated massage chair.

Design and Construction:

The design of this chair appears pretty simple, yet it unique of its kind. Its stand is short yet correctly supports the weight of the chair. The shoulder housing pads are massive like LM6800, but they are designed to give a captivating look. The shoulder massagers are the right place. The head pad is slightly thicker than an ordinary chair to decrease the intensity of neck rollers.

The back wall of Ogawa Active L also has a pad similar to the head one. If you remove this pad, you will see the finely patterned cushion to support your back. The seat appears ordinary while foot massagers have giant airbags along with thick padding.

In terms of construction, synthetic leather is being used in all parts. But the leather is a lot better than synthetic leather of an inexpensive chair. Overall, its built-quality lies in between the highly exceptional and inexpensive ones.


  • Total number of airbags: 44
  • Recommended Height of a person: 5’-6’2’’
  • Person’s recommended weight (lbs): 300
  • Weight of chair (lbs): 239
  • Massage Track: S/L Hybrid
  • Number of Back Rollers: 4
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Two-Stage Zero-Gravity
  • Bluetooth and Memory Feature
  • 5 Year Warranty (1-year in-home)

Massaging and Comfort:

There is no doubt in being a highly comfortable massage chair. The sole credit for this comfort goes to its construction. Ogawa has built this in a way to adjust to the body shape. For comfort back massage, the sides are slightly bulged inwards to give support to lateral parts of the back. Similarly, the seat has a good number of airbags to provide seating massage.

This chair offers massage primarily by back rollers and secondarily by airbags. Additionally, foot rollers serve brilliantly to provide an effective massage. It offers kneading, shiatsu, percussion, and Swedish massage. But no gripping, as it more realistic and often in high-end chairs.

Additionally, vibration therapy of this Ogawa Active L is more intense than other chairs. The best thing about this chair is its big and robust airbags that brilliantly serve the function of an effective massage. Overall, its massage is healthy and therapeutic.

Things we Love about this:

  • Both the setting and using this chair are easy to do. With its easy to use big touch screen remote, all features are straightforward to access and understand.
  • The 3D scanning system of the Ogawa Active L is the best. Additionally, it offers a leg scan that allows this chair to adjust its length and increase the efficiency of massage.
  • Although it only has nine auto-program, yet they offer excellent therapy as this chair work on providing a strategic massage.
  • You get a memory feature that saves you from adjusting the setting every time you want to take a massage.
  • Aesthetically, it is among the best massage chairs. It’s Bluetooth, fair music system, and a chromo-therapy feature make it an appealing chair to use.
  • The space-saving feature enhances the usability of this chair. It can be perfect for small spaces as it only requires 5-inch clearance from the wall.
  • This is one of the quietest massage chairs in the market.
  • 2 Stage Zero-Gravity feature makes it a unique chair providing an effective massage.
  • The FDA approves it as a medical device.

Things we don’t like:

  • The rollers are not 3D. Also, you can’t control the intensities of the rollers. So, the therapeutic nature of this chair is not as good as high-end chairs.
  • The intensity of the massage, primarily via rollers, is not right.
  • Though it offers a stretch program, it is not useful even as other models.

Who should buy this?

Ogawa Active L has got some highly advanced features, but at the same time, it lacks features that inexpensive chairs are providing —comparing all of them together, this chair values more than it is worth. Anyone looking for the best massage chair under 5000$, and want a modern chair for his home, Ogawa active plus will be the best choice.

Panasonic is a multi-billion dollar Japanese brand that is famous for its electronic products. It also exhibits itself as a high-end massage chair brand with some quality chairs. The MAJ7 is currently the Panasonic flagship model among the best luxury massage chairs in the market.

But since this chair stands at the endpoint of top-quality chairs, it is more used commercially than in the home. But if somebody is going with it, he will have the massaging experience far better than his imagination.

Design and Construction:

Both in Design and Construction, this chair is a masterpiece of the alignment and quality of the material. The chair is designed in a unique pattern for better massage therapy. The hard side plastic has three layers forming rigid structures. Additionally, Shoulder housing is smaller but covers a great length. There are head and back pads for controlling the intensity. But the best thing about these pads is that you can control their thickness manually.

The shoulder airbags are in a slightly lower position as compared to other models. Another noticeable thing in the design is the unique arm massagers. The space for arm massage therapy seems hidden, while the additional arms made it look like a recliner.

The waist massager is fairly significant while the seat has a thick airbag that allows this chair to inflate almost 6 inches during the massager. Calves and Foot massager are like other chairs, but the only difference lies in the rollers.

Panasonic has taken serious care of the construction. Very high-quality leather has been used to provide a charismatic look and long-life to the chair. Overall, this chair holds a unique design and top-notch construction.


  • Total Airbags: 37
  • Recommended height for the person: 5’8’’-6’2’’
  • Person weight limit: 265Ibs
  • Chair weight: 192Ibs
  • Massage Track: S-Track
  • Back Rollers: 4
  • Full Body Heat.
  • Stretch Program Included
  • 4D Rollers.
  • Three User Memory Feature
  • 5 Year Warranty

Massaging and Comfort:

The design of Panasonic MAJ7 provides it the comfort you expect from a luxury chair. Its rollers offer a 4D massage by correctly impersonating the human hands. It provides not only common massaging techniques like percussion, compression, and shiatsu but also the rare ones like the gripping and Junetsu. But the best part is, MAJ7 does the massage better than other chairs.

Panasonic also believes in unique air therapy. That’s why they have employed big and strong airbags for an advanced air massage. Additionally, this air massage assists rollers in providing better therapy. The best example of this is; when you are taking the massaging the airbags lifts you, and the rollers can go to your glutes and hamstrings for a good massage.

If you talk about comfort, this chair is designed perfectly to align with your body contours. Hence, you get a satisfying comfort as you take the massage.

Things we love about this:

  • In terms of Built-Quality, this chair is unbeatable. This is built to last for a minimum of 12+ years.
  • The massaging techniques and quality of the massage offered by this chair are brilliant. It is probably the only chair in the market that can replace human masseur.
  • Its design doesn’t resemble other chairs in the market. It appears a combination of a massage chair and a recliner.
  • Despite the high built-quality, the chair is very light in weight. It is among the most lightweight massage chairs.
  • The air massage intensity is exceptionally high. But you get the feature of customizing it that allow the airbags massage across a broad spectrum.
  • The foot rollers of this chair give unusually relaxing massage therapy.
  • It massages the covert points where other chairs are unable to provide massage as deep tissue massage to your glutes.

Things we don’t like:

  • You will not get Bluetooth and music feature with this chair. So, make sure that if this thing is crucial for you, spend your money wisely.
  • This is not a Zero-gravity chair. Also, there is no vibration massage.
  • You can only enjoy massaging therapy for 20 minutes.
  • This can be a costly choice if you want an ordinary chair for your living room.

Final verdict

There is no doubt about the built-quality and massaging of this chair since they are the best. But on the other hand, it is not only expensive but lacks features like Zero-gravity and space-saving recline. Hence, it might not prove a good model if you a hobbyist. But if you want some perfect therapeutic chair, or looking for a commercial massage chair or best massage chair under 10000$, there is no substitute for this.

The Complete Buying Guide on Choosing the Best Massage Chair

The choice of a quality massage chair can, sometimes, be challenging as you have to look for several factors. We completely understand this concern. Therefore, while creating this buying guide, we have made sure that we explain everything from terminologies to technologies. But our prime intent is to select more therapeutically active massage chairs over any other things.

Besides this, we have arranged things in order so you can have a sequence to follow. Also, in each selection, we have placed questions. It is better if you answer these questions and categorize yourself. We hope that all these things will make the choice of the best massage chair much more comfortable.

*If you don’t feel comfortable reading the text, we made this “Best Massage Chair infographic” for you to sort things readily.

Best Massage Chair [Info-graphic}


Unlike other therapeutic equipment, for massage chairs, budget is the prime thing. In massage chairs, all the things ultimately end in the question, what is your budget? We’ll ask you the same, keep your budget in mind, then go with selection and features.

One question you should always ask yourself, what is the intent behind buying the massage chair? If you want a massage chair, for either commercial or home use, you will somehow fall in the same category, you will just have to go with the chair that has more durability. But if you want a massage chair for some therapeutic purpose like full back massage, or back pain to improper posture, you will need something different. Hence, your purpose leads to a budget that ultimately helps in your choice.

Coming to budget, there are three categories.

Average Class Chairs, Up to 2000$:

Massage chairs in this range are the mixture of some advance, and many old features. A few noticeable things are either they occupy a reasonably good space, hard to assemble, or have no S or L track. Hence, for a beginner level therapy or general home-use, this is the best category

Mid-Range Chairs, Up to 6000$:

In our opinion, this is the ideal category for anyone looking for a massage chair. In this category, most of the massage chairs will be good enough to be called the best. Therefore, the vast majority of Best massage chair reviews revolve around this category. Massage chairs from this category can lack only when you expect additional advanced features at this price. Otherwise, this category is perfect.

High-end chair more than 6000$.

Massage chairs in the category are the ones either for commercial or for additional customizable features. Most people don’t go in this range. But the massage chair of this range can give you an exceptionally high level of massage with luxury.

While reviewing each chair, we have time to time mentioned purpose as well as the price. Now, you knew your budget as well as purpose. You can proceed with the specifications.

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Massage Track:

Massage track includes an apparatus used to give massage therapy. It has both roller’s type and position or movement of these rollers in a massage chair. This thing is essential as it lays the foundation for your Therapy. Various types of massage tracks are in the market; some noticeable are:

Fixed-Frame Massage Track:

Some inexpensive massage chairs have a fixed massage track. This means that the massage roller is fixed at one point, and they provide massage by remaining in that position. An excellent example of such a fixed frame is Lernonl Massage Chair that only costs 799$, but its rollers don’t go up and down instead, remain in the same place. Such massage chairs with fixed-frame and not so popular, and only comes in starter level products.


This is the most popular massager track currently in the market. You might know that our spine is curved, not straight. First, there an inward hump in the cervical region, then in the thoracic region, there is outward bulging, opposite of thoracic in lumber. Hence our back is somehow an S-shaped.

The rollers in S-track type massage chairs adjust with the contours of our back. In this way, they provide the ultimate level of Therapy for back pain massage. A good number of mid-range chairs and many luxury ones come with an S-type massage track.


This is one step ahead of S-track. Usually, every massage chair with L-track has a hybrid L/S-track system. In this track, in addition to providing massage to the back, the tracker moves under the glutes. This provides Therapy to the buttock by an L-shaped pattern of rollers. For a good massage session, L-track is preferred over its competitors.

Other Massage track:

Besides having massage rollers, some remarkably inexpensive massage chairs also have rolling balls. These rolling balls though a good source of Therapy but not to the level of massage chairs. The rolling balls in these chairs comparable with neck massagers that are used to mild neck pains. Massage chairs have such technology low-priced and can come in the 200-400$ price range.

Now, you know about the massage track, you should choose which one will be appropriate for you. S-track works fine for most people, but if you want more deep massage goes with the S/L Hybrid.

The massage track consists of rollers. If a masseur is giving a massage, he will use his finger to apply pressure. Rollers are the fingers of the massage track. Rollers not only differ in numbers but also in their movement.

Rollers Numbers:

There are four or five standards of roller number. The most inexpensive is dual-rollers. As you can guess from the name, some two-rollers provide massage. Similarly, rollers can be three (rare), quad, and six-rollers. Besides that, some high-end massage chairs have more than six rollers. There is a general rule; greater is the number of rollers better is the massage.

2D, 3D and 4D massage track.

Besides moving up and down, rollers move around their circumference, and this determines the dimension of the massage track. 2D track means that rollers move up and down and on the sides. 3D track along with up and down movement shows inward movement. The 3D track is an industry-standard, and adequate enough to give a soothing massage. 4D Track is not any additional thing, but a 3D track with speed control.

3D tracks are enough to provide a quality massage, and most chairs come with it. However, if you want a hard massage in one area and a lighter on the other, you can use the 4D massaging chair.

Roller Adjustment

This feature is also called body scan technology, but we call it roller adjustment as the ultimate result is controlling the position of rollers. Basically, what this roller adjustment is, the massage chair has a built-in feature to scan your body and pinpoint pressure points, and then it adjusts the rollers in a way to make Therapy more effective. In roller adjustment, there may be many variations:

No Adjustment:

Only Highly inexpensive chairs come with scan technology; hence it is not therapeutically good. The rollers just move, and you have to adjust yourself for the right message.

3D Scan and manual Adjustment:

3D scans are the most common in massage chairs. Whenever you sit on a massage chair, it detects your body and adjusts its rollers accordingly to provide the massage. A lot of massage chairs move one step forward; the chair detects the body and allows you to adjust the rollers as per your requirements manually. However, manual adjustment can be difficult, as many people can’t adjust appropriately.

Along with this, some massage chairs have both a manual as well as 3D scan technology. You can switch between these both choices by your controller.

Body scan technology is an essential thing if you look at a massage from a therapeutic point. You should ask yourself which scan technology is right for you. Most massage experts recommend that either go with auto roller adjustment or both manual and automatic adjustment.

Air Massaging System:

The thing that people are now more focusing is the air massage system or the presence of airbags. By squeezing and decompressing, the airbag provides calmative massage therapy. Now many massage chair comes with more than 50 airbags located at various positions. These airbags, along with rollers, take the massaging experience to the next level.

So whenever you buy a massage chair, make sure the chair has a good number of airbags. Greater will be airbags better will be the efficiency of massage. But there is an exception to this in chairs that offer more significant airbags to compensate for the numbers.

Massaging Types:

For some people massaging types are of more concern than many of the things mentioned above. Yet, we think it is appropriate if you prefer other things like track and roller adjustment over this one. However, you should make sure that the massage chair you’re going to buy provides which sort of massage. Commonly Massage chairs give these types of massage.


Kneading massage focuses on stretching the tight muscles. In massage chairs, the roller goes in a hoop-shaped order to provide this massage. Chairs from almost every price range come with kneading massage. However, the level of Therapy is different in every price range.

Besides using rollers, some models like Real Relax Massage chair uses airbags to squeeze the tense and hence provide kneading. Whether you should use rollers or airbags for kneading depends upon your level of Therapy. If you want to relieve muscle aches, go with airbags and better go with rollers for deep tissue massage. All in all, you can have both.


This is the most widely used Japanese method of massage. Not only massage chairs but also massage pillows, massage guns use this technique to provide effective Therapy. Shiatsu massaging technique is like the Chinese acupuncture to pinpoint the pressure points, and then rollers move to enhance the massaging experience.

A lot of Massage chair has technique covert in their roller adjustment. The majority of massaging chairs you will see will be working on the Shiatsu principle. But some chairs are more advanced than others, especially those with calf massagers. This Calf massaging gives you a more soothing experience than others. So, make sure your massage chair is providing you an appropriate level of massage.


This massaging technique is comparable to the percussion massaging technique. In tapping, the roller will rapidly compress your skin and then come out. But all this tapping happens sequentially. The difference between kneading and taping is, tapping is just compression while kneading is multi-directional Therapy. So, that’s why airbags can also do tapping but not as effectively as rollers. Taping is useful when it is done alternatively with other massaging techniques.


Massage Track either S or L having rollers on them provide the basis for the rolling massage. Rolling tracks not only offer massage on the back, but in many full-body massage chairs, you also get rollers in the foot but rarely in calves. Rolling, by far, is considered the highly efficient massage you get via massage chairs.

It is better if you choose full body massage chairs over the ones for the back only. Rolling, when combined with air therapy, makes the massage very curative.

Deep tissue:

Usually, deep tissue massage is a manipulation technique for a high level of Therapy. This deep tissue massage is related to price. Usually, high-end chairs, with rollers and airbags mixture, provide an excellent deep tissue massage. Generally, it is said that higher a massage chair mimics the masseur greater is its ability to provide deep tissue massage.

Other Massage Techniques:

There are other massaging techniques like gripping, heat massage, and Swedish type of massage. There are unique massage chairs based on the Swedish massaging technique. However, a lot of people don’t know about such massaging chairs and go with Shiatsu ones. However, for more significant rubbing massage, they are excellent.


Massage chair control

If you have advanced yet easy controls for a massage chair, this can make your life much more comfortable. There are three types of control a massage chair offers. Most massage chairs come with either remote or touchpad.

We prefer touchpad as it is more easily customizable. But some chairs like Infinity IT-8500 let you control your massage chair via an app. One thing you should always keep in mind that never to underestimate control while buying a massage chair. In the long run, easy controls are behind the long-life of a massage chair.

Therapy Standards:

Therapy is among the primary incentive to buy a massage chair. All massage chairs provide Therapy one way or the other. You should keep a close eye on the therapeutic features you’re getting. Some crucial standards are:


A significant number of massage chair uses heat as a therapeutic standard. Since heat increases the energy of your muscles, it works brilliantly. But massage chairs differ by a provision of heat to particular areas. The specific heat therapy areas include Lumber heat [almost every massage chair have it], Calf heat, Back, and full-body heat.

The majority of chairs from mid-range [up to 6000$] offer complete back heating, but it rare to have full body heating in this price range. Full body heating chairs are expensive as well as rare.

What heating standard will work for you? Usually, the chairs with full back heating also have calf heating features. Both of these are enough to give a soothing therapy. That is one of the reasons chairs of Real Relax are so popular.


This is an elite standard of Therapy, yet present in a good number of chairs. Though having Zero-gravity feature in any massage chair classifies it in a different type, it is still considered a Norm of Therapy. In Zero-g chairs, you feel an effect similar to free-falling as your legs are above the level of your heart.

There are myriads of therapeutic benefits of any zero-gravity feature. The two most important are: Your heart is relaxed as it won’t feel the same pressure; hence circulation got better. Secondly, your posture improves a lot due to the strengthening of spine muscles, and unloading of spinal discs.

So, if Therapy is your intent for buying a massage chair, prefer zero-gravity chairs.


This feature is rare among massage chairs and is highly therapeutic. In stretching, your body will be in a horizontal position, and you will get an effect of squeezing the spine by up and down movement of the back and ottoman. Also, rollers work to press your back. This stretching works brilliantly for immediate pain relief and reducing tension on the spine.

However, for people with low back issues stretching might be obtrusive. While as a general therapy procedure, it works like a charm. This stretching is a distinctive feature of chairs like Kahuna 6800 and Human Touch HT-7120.

So, if you want an additional effective therapy, consider a massage chair will stretching feature a worthy choice.


All massage chairs are comfortable, but what does this comfort mean? Everything from features to the ambiance that soothes the massaging experience come under the comfort. These are the few things, you can take into account while buying a massage chair.


For those space is an issue, there are a variety of chairs that save you from the trouble of space. Chairs like OS-4000 can occupy not only a good space but also require almost 20 inches clearance from the wall. This is essential to recline fully. However, others like Human Touch’s Novo XT2 require only 2-inch clearance from the wall. This can be a space-saving feature.

Besides that, there are many other chairs like infinity genesis that have a sliding base. This feature allows the chair first to slide, and then incline back.

So, if space is an issue for you, look for the chairs with space-saving features. For you, while reviewing each chair, we have mentioned this feature repeatedly.

Ottoman Retractable/Extendable:

If you don’t know, “Ottoman is a lower portion of massage chair containing foot and calf massager.” Many massage chairs come in an extendable ottoman feature, which means you can extend the foot and calves massager. This feature comes into play when you’re a tall person usually greater than 6’2”. This extendable feature is present is many massage chairs, including Kahuna 6800, Luraco robotics 7, and Novo XT2. Consider it an important feature while purchasing a massage chair for tall persons.

While the retractable ottoman feature is a little different if you want a massage chair, a part of your living room [when not using it] retraceable ottoman feature will help you. Chairs like Osaki Pro Maestro offer this feature. Just press a button, and the ottoman will fold and retract, and your massage chair can be used as an ordinary chair.

LED lights:

A few years back, not many chairs offer it, but this feature is becoming more and more popular. Lights of different colors glow and make your surrounding aesthetic and massaging experience highly pleasant. It is called chromo-therapy [Therapy with colors]. It will be better if the massage chair offers this feature; however, don’t consider it an ultimate determiner for buying a massage chair.

Memory and Music:

Music proves benefit in upgrading the therapeutic effect of massage. The updated model of massage chairs has Bluetooth compatible sound system that lets you enjoy music while taking massage therapy. Along with that, a rare feature in the massage chair is the setting storage option. You can adjust the setting that will suit you and save it for later use. Both Music and Memory are an additional feature, not a key one for a massage chair.


Brands possess absolute importance, as, after years of hard work, they have built their names. Here are the few brands that are rocking the massage world in 2020.


This brand is among the masters of electric massage chairs. Being in the business for more than two decades, Osaki offers massage chairs in every price range and with every feature you can expect. The reasons for being among the “Best Massage Chairs brands” are innovative products being highly comfortable and attractive.

Besides that, they work with top massage experts to make their products better. Their products come with a good warranty and the best customer support. Anyone looking to buy his first massage chair should trust Osaki.


USA-Based top-notch manufacturer of industrial products “Luraco” also creates the best medical massage chairs. Their iRobotics 7 plus is still the best-selling massage chair in the market. Luraco focuses on providing the best massaging experience using advanced technology.

Moreover, they offer features rare in the market like advanced scanning technology, and full-body stretching, and noise reduction. Besides that, the quality of their products is paramount.

Besides being reliable and therapeutic, they offer good warranty and sale support. Also, their massage chairs are medically graded to provide health benefits. However, they come to our high-end price range. If anyone wants a commercial or a therapeutic massage chair, this is the perfect brand.

Kahuna Chairs:

Founded in 1997 and disturbing as the name of, Kahuna chairs have become one of the most popular massage chair brands in 2020. Besides being highly therapeutic, they offer a great depth of products and prices. The reason for being highly popular is offering advanced features at a compelling price.

Kahuna Chairs engages innovative design, advanced technology, good warranty, and high diversification. The FDA approves all of its massage chairs. Additionally, they offer the best massage chairs in the average-price range.

Whether you’re looking for a massage chair as a hobbyist, or for therapeutic purposes, Kahuna Chairs has an effective solution for every problem.

Human Touch:

Being in the massage chair industry for more than 40 years, Human Touch has evolved as a leader. They focus on providing high-performance, brilliant quality ergonomic massage chairs. The thing that makes them unique is their exclusive design.

With the exclusive design, they also merge engineering innovations with medical applications to create a masterpiece like Novo XT2. Also, from a space-efficient point of view, their chairs manage to beat any other brand.

However, most of the Top-Quality Human Touch Chairs come in the high-end price chairs. If you want to be looking for the most trustworthy massage chair brand, Human Touch will prove best for you.

Many other Brands:

These brands mentioned above are currently the leaders in the massage industry. But the massage chairs are not limited to these brands only.

There are many good ones like Inada, TruMedic, and Real Relax, Ogawa. All these brands, although among the manufacturers of best massage chairs, yet their overall brand performance lacks things to be called among the best.

Other Features to look for:


You won’t buy a massage often, that’s you should be conscious your brand offers a good warranty. Most massage chairs come with a 3-5 year warranty, including a one-year in-home and two-year warranty for parts. Having a good warranty makes a good impact on your choice of purchasing a massage chair, but beware of some inexpensive brands that offer lucrative ten years formal warranty with some covert details.

As mentioned in brands, we have only selected those models that are both well-reputed and trustworthy, so you need not worry about the warranty.

Weight and Height:

Though you might say this thing should be placed earlier but being not a technical option, it is better to be placed in the end. Majority of massage chairs for made for 250-280Ibs and up to 6’1’’. However, the variations in weight can be from 220-350Ibs, and for height up to 6’7’’.

*That’s all you need to know while buying a massage chair, the rest of the content is based on benefits and guide to using a massage chair.

Benefits of Massage [Health & Therapeutic]:

History of Massage is as old as civilization. But with years of human experience and advancement of medical knowledge, massage therapy got tremendously improved.

Now hundreds of researches are conducted every year to enhance our knowledge of the benefits of massage. Fortunately, we have studies that have shown the positive effects of massage. Some of these health benefits include:

Anxiety relief: Massage lessens your anxiety by playing with your hormones. A lot of studies show the effectiveness of massage in relieving anxiety.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief: Supported by studies, massage is done by therapist decrease tension in neck massages, and hence account for relieving neck pain. Besides that, many neck massagers exist that serve not only neck and shoulder pain, but also for tension headaches, and migraines.

Lower Back pain: By research, it is concluded that to some extent, massage helps in releasing lower back pain.

Osteoarthritis: Short-term benefits can be gained by massage.

Other benefits of massage include reducing stress, helping sleep better, and help in sports injuries. However, the benefits of massage are not limited to these; you can read more about the Benefits of Massage.

How does Massage Chair work?

Best Massage Chair

Depending upon the type of massage chair, working can vary. However, the central working principle is the same. In an electric massage chair, three massage methods are used: vibration, rolling, and air therapy. Rollers serve the function of providing vibration and rolling. By moving up and down along their tracts, they act to give a sensation of pleasure.

Along with that, these rollers show vibratory motion, mimicking masseur hands. When the numbers of rollers increase, massaging action becomes better. Besides, rollers, you will also see vibrational pads that do the same purpose. Thus, the combination of these vibratory and rotating motions help you provide the right massage.

Another component of massage chair that has a crucial role in is the airbags. Through squeezing and decompressing action, these airbags energize your muscles and give you a paramount physical therapy.

Benefits of Massage Chair [Health & Therapeutic]

Nobody denies the benefits of massage. But setting your schedule to get a massage from a masseur is both time-consuming and expensive. On the other hand, massage chairs allow you to have a customized experience of massage at any time you want. Besides this, massage chair help in reducing mental fatigue, and studies prove it. Here are some of the core benefits of having a massage chair.

Your Personal Masseur: The most significant benefit anybody can get from a massage chair is having your persona masseur available 24/7. You can take massage beyond the limitations and duration of time. With the new massaging technologies, you can get expensive massaging experiences with in the budget.

Improve your Posture: Massage chairs have a body scanning system that scans your body when you start using them. This body scanning system then guides the rollers and airbags to apply suitable pressure on your muscles and spines. By getting a massage, your stiff back muscles start getting proper nutrition and remodel themselves in better shape.

Also, getting Therapy like stretching amends improper bulges in your spines, and hence account for a better posture.

Mitigate pain: A massage chair is the source of superlative pain relief. Pain in muscles is used caused by the storage of excess compounds that need to break down. Massage galvanize your muscles without any additional support from you. This breakdown chemical and let you feel better.

Additionally, the muscles also get an adequate supply of nutrients, and as a result, they work correctly. Ultimately, your body starts feeling better.

Help release stress: Stress is an awful thing, especially if it is long term. One of the biggest benefits of massage chairs is it relieves stress and anxiety. It does by decreasing your cortisol levels and increase dopamine and serotonin levels. In fact, a study is done that massage decreased 30% of cortisol levels.

Hence, by increasing your anti-stress hormones, a massage chair will make you feel very relaxed.

Improve circulation and build a healthy immune system: Having a massage chair can give a good body circulation, and also a good immunity. As massage therapy decreases stress, it enables your heart to function properly. Thus, under relaxing body conditions, your heart performs many times better, and your body gets an adequate circulation.

Additionally, having a good circulation means that your lymphocytes are going to each body viscera and protecting it —also, your cytokine increase in the number that generates an immune response. Thus, using a massage chair can make you immune to germs and unhealthy conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The price range of a massage chair can vary from 500$ to 10,000$. However, you can get an above average chair around 5000$ mark.

Having a huge number of therapeutic and health benefits, massage chairs worth more than their price.

Ordinary, a good massage chair should work for 15 to 20 years. But, if you invest in more than just a ‘Good’ Chair, it can work for more than 25 years.

Since Massage chairs provide a high level of therapy, a 30 minutes session few times a week is enough for your well-being. Therefore, it is better you use it 3-4 times a week not everybody.

Massage Chairs are universally beneficial. However, for people with infectious disease, Heart problems, and skin problems massage chair can be bad.

Inexpensive chairs serve the basic purpose of a massage chair. However, they don’t have luxury options. Some inexpensive chairs compromise built-quality to compensate for the price, while providing a good massage while other does the opposite.

In short, inexpensive chairs can be good, but not the best.

Yes, they have a great number of Medical Benefits. Massage Chairs help in stress, circulation, immunity, arthritis, and sleep. But all the benefits are related to rehabilitation and therapy rather than cure.

If you are buying a massage chair for your home, you can put at three places.
1. Living Room
2. You Home Office/library
3. Bed Room

Final words

Massage chair purchase is once in a lifetime thing. It would be best if you took care of every possible detail you can think of. But at the same time, don’t confuse yourself with overwhelming information.

Therefore, Instead of writing superficial details, we try to in-depth review each chair and then enumerate things we like and those we don’t.

Moreover, we have selected only seven chair models, because, after our days of research, we decided to prefer quality over quantity. Additionally, we are continuously keeping an eye on new massage chairs. If any of the new products will be competent enough to be called among the best massage chair, we’ll add it to our list.

If you any questions regarding any particular chair or still confused in selecting your first massage chair, ask your query in comments, and we’ll try our best to help you.

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