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15 Best Knee Brace

Whether you walk or run, your knees have a crucial role in both. For our lifetimes, our entire mobility is related to the movement of knees. There is barely any movement of the lower limb that doesn’t involve the movement of knees.

When the knee is in pain, inflamed, the ligament is torn, or simply want to prevent any knee injuries, a knee brace is a good option. But choosing the Best knee braces can be challenging, not because of the diversity of products, but due to the complexity of the knee joint.

The knee is a hinge variety of joint that is the most complex joint of the human body. Having 4 four crucial ligaments, two cartilaginous menisci, and a dozen bursa make this a very tricky joint to understand. Also, the articulation between the bones is not that easy. Things become more complicated due to the attachment of the patella.

Do you know? The knee is the most commonly injured joint. But to wear a Knee brace, you don’t always have major damage. It can be anything from contact between bones to inflammation of a patellar tendon. Which knee brace to choose mainly depends upon the type of injury you have. But here you should an important question, “Do Knee braces work?”

There is a lot of studies that show the effectiveness of knee brace in osteoarthritis as well in sports players. In fact, for osteoarthritis, knee braces are used as a fundamental management tool.

Now the next big thing, Which Knee brace to choose? From hundreds of products, we have sorted these “15 Best Knee Braces for 2021” that you can consider buying. Moreover, we have a Buying guide at the end that will help you select the best product along with the factors to look at while buying.

Quick Results for Best Knee Braces Award winners:

  1. Best Overall: Techware Pro.
  2. Runners up: UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve.
  3. Most Effective: Bauerfeind GenuTrain S Knee Support.

For the rest, follow the list.

The 15 Best Knee Braces of 2021

Editor Choice

This Dual Strap knee brace is a perfect pack of unique design and strength. Whether you want to get rid of Knee pain or looking for extra support, this is an ideal choice for you. It has a unique bi-directional support system having two strips on one side, and one on the other. This thing makes it quite suitable to grip the knee and provide compression, especially for a person having some degenerative disease of the knee.

This Knee Brace has some excellent padding around the knee with having four spring stabilizers, two on each side providing additional support with mobility. Unlike many knee braces, this offers a wide range of movement while keeping support in place.

The material used in manufacture is Neoprene, which is very light and durable. Moreover, the comfort level of this knee brace is also up to the mark. You can use this for quite an extended period, and it will provide a perfect grip, compression, and comfort all at once. Regarding the Construction of this Knee brace, it is a built-in way to adjust according to the knee with an Open patella design.


  • It comes in four different sizes to fit every knee. It is a perfect choice for those who have really large or Fatty legs.
  • Perfect Combination of support and mobility.
  • Very Adaptable, you can make personal adjustments and can wear or remove it with your shoes on.
  • Multi Usage. Not only made to wear after surgical treatment, and ligaments tear but also for daily sport.
  • You can control the compression/ depending upon how you want to place it.
  • Material is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions, also doesn’t get old after washing.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 60 days.


  • You have to tie it correctly, in case you don’t do that it will slip.
  • Silicone Strips inside the brace might be challenging to wash.
  • If your legs are small, you will have an issue regarding the movements.
  • The smell of Neoprene does not go quickly.

Who should buy this?

If you want a controllable compression than sleeves and more mobility than hinge braces, this is the right choice for you. Also, for playing sports and ACL, LCL, Meniscus issues, Bursitis, and for chondromalacia, this is an effective knee brace.

Compression sleeves are not only used in inflammatory issues of the knee but also widely used in sports. In fact, they are most commonly used in basketball and football. Design-wise it looks like a simple sleeve, but the fenestrated fabric makes it very attractive to watch. These fenestrations are an excellent source of air, especially during running and sports.

The reason why this is among the best knee brace is high-quality material. It is made up of 68% polyamide and 32% spandex. Both are synthetic fibers. Polyamide makes this a resistance, while spandex provides this knee brace a high level of elasticity. This fabric is three-layered, which makes it a good thing in support. With the most exquisite structure, the material is quite durable.

Another good thing is the silicone grip gel, which makes its grip really good, especially during sports. Being a compression knee sleeve, the support is not that high, while allowing a good range of mobility. Moreover, the compression is good enough to lessen the swelling and inflammation.

While talking about compression knee braces, most of them are comfortable with a simple design. But this Ultra Flex knee brace is best among all. You can wear it all day without even a little unease.


  • The construction is not like the ordinary knee compression sleeves. At the top and bottom, the fabric is interwoven with plastic in a way to improve grip.
  • Offers moderate compression, balancing support with a high level of flexibility. This is best applicable when running.
  • Perfect for keeping the knee warms and improving the blood flow around the knees.
  • Extra elasticity due to its material make is best for reducing the mild level of pain. Also, flexibility has a role in preventing slippage.
  • Though for a compression knee brace, you have to make a bit effort to wear, this is really easy to wear and remove. Also, you can wear and remove roughly, without fearing for damage.
  • It doesn’t graze the skin while running or regular use. Therefore, people with sensitive skin can also wear them.


  • It is not machine washable. You have to wash it with great care to prevent damage to the fabric.
  • Though come in four sizes, for big fatty legs, this is not the right choice. Moreover, selecting a proper size can be an issue. Make sure to properly read size instruction.

Who should buy this?

Generally, for running and sports, it is an excellent thing. Also, for Patellar Tendonitis (jumper’s knee), niggling knee pain, and arthritis, it is an excellent choice. But for ligament tear, you should go with other knee braces.

PowerLix creates not only brilliant quality Knee braces but also very fantastic elbow and ankle braces as well. This Knee compression sleeve by PowerLix is one of the best-selling due to its stellar design and exceptional support.

Originally this Knee Compression is for daily use, usage in sports, and for the low level of knee pain. One reason to consider this among the best knee braces is due to its exceptional design. The Finest pattern of fabric not only makes it fashionable but also suitable for unusual grip and comfort.

PowerLix officially said anything regarding the material, but it feels like some synthetic polymer version of Nylon. The strength of the material is more than conventional polymers. Also, the knitted design around the joint with exceptional material lies the foundation of brilliant support. Moreover, the anti-slip system of this compression sleeve is quite better than others.

It also provides a wide range of mobility. The stupendous grip offers an ultimate level of comfort with a mild degree of compression. Yet the compression is among the finest of all compression sleeves on the market.


  • This Knee brace provides 360-degree protection providing a four-sided compression making it optimum for knee injuries and pain.
  • The design is really ergonomic with a unique sweat absorption system making it phenomenal compression sleeve for sports.
  • Unparalleled performance in terms of durability and flexibility. The built quality is most exceptional, making it long-lasting, providing a wide range of mobility.
  • Not only made for daily knee pain but also used for Knee injuries like Cruciate and collateral ligaments damage along with for tendonitis and bursitis.Compression Sleeves
  • Give the performance of what you don’t expect from a compression sleeve.
  • Neoprene mixed with a hidden synthetic polymer construction not only makes it resilient to wear and tear but economical than many other knee compression sleeves.
  • It comes with a Money Back guarantee for six months.


  • Washing can affect this sleeve. Ordinarily, it is better if you hand wash the knee braces. But even if you hand wash it roughly it compression ability can get damaged, and it can’t give that level of compression.
  • Though we understand compression sleeves around a wide range of mobility, the same goes for this brace. But during the provision of this support, somehow, the support is compromised and can be better.

Who should buy this?

If someone is looking for a compression sleeve for both injuries and sports, this should be his or her first choice.

You might know SHOCK DOCTOR for creating top-quality mouth guards. But their knee braces are also very exceptional in terms of Built quality and high-level performance. Being a Hinge Knee brace, it is for the ultimate level of protection as in skiing or also for slightly severe kinds of injuries.

The Knee brace is perfect is the term of design and construction. On the front, you see an open-patella-style brace with a covering of foam. Also, on the back, there is a foamy design but only limited to the region of the knee pit or popliteal fossa. On the sides, there are hinges for high-level protection. The Control of the hinges is related to the trap system on the front, making it well-built.

As a Hinge brace, you won’t be expecting a high level of flexibility or mobility, yet the Shock doctor surprises you with the movement more magnificent than other hinge braces. Moreover, with the X-shape trap system, it provides one the best support for any knee brace.

A good reason to recommend this as one of the best knee braces is a combination of ultimate comfort with durability. Shock Doctor has used Neoprene in the construction, which made it not only light in weight but also long-lasting. Also, the foamy textures on the back and front make it comfortable to wear.


  • Built to provide an ultimate level of support. On the one hand, the side hinge prevents lateral instability, and the trap system prevents flexion and extension. Moreover, the smooth internals provides therapy for inflammation. For all these reasons, it is one of the best knee braces when you have inflammation or ligament tear.
  • Despite the bulky design, it is well ventilated. Along with this, it has an anti-microbial system to prevent odor.
  • The stitching of this knee brace is done brilliantly, and this makes this thing very long-lasting.
  • Have a wide variety of sizes, even higher than TECHWARE pro. Legs of every size can fit in great comfort.
  • The controllable compression is also a very good thing. But the best part is it doesn’t compromise the support.
  • Regardless of sturdy construction, it is easily washable.
  • You will not regret the price.

Drawbacks we have seen:

  • Shock doctor officially doesn’t give you any sort of warranty. Though we can’t question the durability of this product, it would be better if some kind of formal warranty they can provide.
  • Size can be deceptive while buying this. We know it offers a variety of sizes, but in most cases, it is seen that if you buy according to the extent you personally measured, it will be a little tight. So to prevent any later headache, you be really careful about the size.
  • We recommend this knee brace for pain and injuries, not for light sports like golf, basketball. Because if you tightly adjust this knee brace, after wearing for a longer time, you might feel uncomfortable due to limited mobility.

Who should buy this?

People suffering from moderate to severe knee injuries or low to high knee pain should consider it a reliable choice.

Best Knee Brace for Running

Physix gear is famous in the fitness market due to its amazing products. This Knee Brace is more than a compression sleeve, especially in terms of performance. Its design is straightforward with a mosaic design on the front, and on the back. This makes it look beautiful and also provides thickness to the sleeve, which ultimately leads to a more exceptional grip.

Physix Gear has used Nylon for construction, a synthetic polyamide, really flexible and long-lasting. Its four-way compression system provides adequate compaction to keep the knee warm. Also, this compression is graded, which means that compressing the areas closer to the joint than those that are little peripheral.

With the exceptional fabric, this knee sleeve has a sound support system. The top and bottom are modified with a nonslip gel for providing an adequate level of support. Also, flexibility is far beyond imagination.

No matter how hard you exercise or run, this knee brace will neither slips not lessen the support. The fabric is designed in a way that is very comfortable to wear. Along with this, it is internally smooth to prevent any abrasion with the knee. With this utmost comfort, excellent support, and flexibility, this is the best knee brace for runners and also for a low level of pain.


  • Neither too tight nor too loose, a well-balanced support PHYSIX FLEX KNITTING system, among the finest knee compression sleeves.
  • Very easy to wear and remove.
  • Made for use for a longer time also after usage, no signs or marks.
  • Washed and cleaned very quickly with the quick-dry technology of Physix. Moreover, people with sensitive skin can also use it.
  • Act a good pain reliever for osteoarthritis and other knee strains.
  • A bit longer than many compression sleeves covering a lot of thigh and leg length.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.


  • This knee brace will be much better if PHYSIX Gear improves its customer support.
  • Only suitable for a low level of pain and running. This is not a functional knee brace for a high level of knee injuries.

Who should buy this?

For runners, weight lifters, and doing exercise, it is really a good knee brace.

Best Knee brace for arthritis

If you’re not a fan of using compression sleeves for knee pains, Bracoo provides you an excellent alternative. This brace by Bracoo is a dual strap one, very much similar Techware Pro. It shows good results when worn for knee pain, sports, and knee injuries as well.

The design is an open patella style with an elementary look. There are three straps, two clockwise and one in the counter direction, making sure that it fits perfectly onto your knee. While wearing, you will a specialized stabilizer ring around the patella, which is good for both protection and attraction.

This Knee brace is made up of a slightly thickened neoprene. It is worthy to note that it is not too thickened internally. Instead, its internal surface is really smooth for preventing uneasiness during contact.

Having three straps, it provides a good range of support, equally controlling the compression. The variability in support and compression is behind its multi-usage. Also, the mobility can vary depending upon your adjustment of a support level.

Although a Dual strap Knee brace, the strap moving in a counter-clockwise direction account for controlling lateral movements of the knee. This thing is crucial in joint instabilities. As you can have an idea from the design, this knee brace has the right comfort level.


  • Personally, we are a big of dual strap braces, and there are two reasons for that. The First one is you can adjust the tightness by adjusting the Velcro. Secondly, they are the most effortless knee braces to wear. These two things are also pretty good in this knee brace by Bracco.
  • For injuries and pain, it performs better than a simple dual brace. The way it is designed, it prevents excessive sliding of thigh bone over the shine bone. This thing makes it suitable for ligaments injuries.
  • Another good reason for loving this knee brace is the usage of bursitis and tendonitis, especially the patella. With its unique ring stabilizer, it can save you from many problems of the patella.
  • Being providing a good range of mobility, you can use it for sports as well. It can serve as a function of many hinge braces.
  • Generally, we don’t mention the price as all the knee braces come in a somehow affordable range. But this knee brace is surprisingly efficient for the price.
  • Suitable to wear under jeans but no under light dresses, especially when women are using it.


  • This would be the best of all knee braces if Bracoo made it for separate sizes. This all in one feature is really questionable, and those with skinny or fatty legs can have a real issue using this knee brace.
  • If you have long legs, this knee brace can disturb you because of its short length. For all above 6’2,’’ we recommend you using some hinge or any other dual strap knee brace.
  • There is not any kind of warranty given. However, the good thing is their customer care is good enough to solve your issues regarding the product.

Who should buy this?

For those people suffering from some knee pains, especially women, it can be a solid and affordable choice for them.

Best Dual Strap Knee brace

As mentioned earlier, we’re a big fan of Dual strap knee braces; this EzyFit Knee brace is one of the prominent ones of all. EzyFit specializes in creating fitness products, preferably for women. But this knee brace got fame for its elite comfort.

This Knee brace has a firm look with a velvety textured appearance. Dull black color enhances the beauty further. If someone doesn’t touch and just see, he will visualize it as an exceptionally compact strap. The open patellar design further makes it look like a hinged brace. But after placing it in your hands, you can feel the smoothness of design as well as the sturdiness of this brace. Above all, it is not too bulky.

The bi-directional strap system of this knee brace gives a high level of support. Assisting the strap are two side stabilizers on each the side. This is very efficient for preventing side frailties caused by the damage of collateral ligaments. Being proving a high level of support, EzyFit has to compromise on Mobility. That’s why a lot of runners prefer Bracoo Knee Brace or Compression sleeve.

Internally, it is well-built with a thickened ring to support the patella. Along with this, it has a non-slip silicone grip, which is an unusual thing in dual strap braces. This, on the one hand, keeps the comfort level up to the mark and, on the other account, additional stability requires after knee injuries or post-surgically.


  • EZYFIT provides a variety of sizes. For people with large legs, it is a perfect choice.
  • The stability of this dual strap knee brace is unmatchable. For a level of the double strap, the stability is supreme. With an adequate level of compression along with high quality, side stabilizers make it an effective knee brace for injuries.
  • Those people who have hairy legs, they feel an issue that even dual strap braces start slipping, especially when sweat comes out. But this knee brace solves this issue. With a brilliant system of ventilation, it wrings the sweat, and the anti-slip system prevents it from sliding.
  • Stitching is done brilliantly to work effectively for sensitive skins.
  • This Neoprene designed knee brace has a unique thing. It is heat resistant. This thing is excellent when recovering from injuries to maintain the temperature that allows proper blood flow.


  • For athletes and trainers, this knee brace can’t be that good as it is prone to damage via bending. Especially during running when the knee is going full flexion, this can damage the brace, and it will not be as effective as you would expect.
  • Though we have assigned the built quality a very high rating, this can become questionable if you have a kind of rough use like cycling. You have to use it with care.

Who should buy this?

If you’re a fan of dual strap brace and want something good for injuries, you can choose this.

Best Compression Knee Brace with Straps

Usually, while buying compression sleeves, you have to adjust to the standard compression. It is quite rare to have controllable compactness with a compression knee brace. Athledict provides this opportunity by making a functional knee brace for runners and injury prevention.

This compression knee brace comes in a look at the modern world. It has an exceptional design. On the black sleeve, the red texture looks very charismatic. Things become prettier when the strap forms an X-shape pattern both on the front and back. These straps end on Velcro on the front. It looks like that to enhance compression on the sleeve, someone has manually used the straps.

A unique thing about this knee brace is its adjustment with the anatomical shape of the knee—the design help in this thing. Support and Mobility are also trustworthy. Typically for compression sleeves, support is an issue, but not of this one. With its supreme fabric, the knee gets adequate amount of flexibility along with a balanced compression.

The comfort gauge of this knee brace is good but not very elite. We could say the comfort can be a lot better if they used some kind of foamy material. Excluding the comfort, the built quality is exceptional.


  • Style comes first. Personally, we’re a big fan of how attractive this sleeve is. For workouts and sports, this can make you distinct from others.
  • The support system of this knee brace is not like other compression braces. Two factors guard it. The first one is the smooth internal fabric design to stick and second by modified top and bottoms that prevent its slippage during high-level physical activities.
  • Being used for workouts, a lot of people might have an issue regarding sweating. With its breathable and anti-sweat system, the fabric won’t let the sleeve soaked with sweat.
  • The thing that makes this knee brace one of the best is its strap system. This strap system lets you vary the degree of compression on the knee. Hence, the compression is behind the multi-usage, like in sports, in knee injuries, and even post-surgically.
  • The flexibility of the material is astonishing. In sports, this additional flexibility grants it excessive injury prevention.


  • First of all, Athledict should work on comfort. If you apply full compression to secure your knee better, it can cause uneasiness.
  • No information is known about the material. It seems like the neoprene, but the smell lasts a bit. Moreover, the lack of information regarding the material raise question on durability.

Who should buy this?

For athletes or Gym fans, this can be a perfect choice.

Best Selling Knee Brace of 2021

This unique design dual strap brace is the best-selling of 2020. The reason behind such success and demand are some extra-ordinary features. The design is open-patella style, with idiosyncratic Velcro Designed straps. Arrangement of straps is not like other dual straps instead of the cruciate pattern of the straps that make it look good looking.

The support of this knee brace is matchless. Along with this, there are highly flexible and durable side stabilizers that help reduce instabilities significantly. Anti-slip technology of this knee brace makes the support further better. To give support to the patella, a special patella gel pad is there. In running, walking, or for injuries prevention, these gel pads work by allowing bending at the knee joint, keeping the patella stable.

BodyProx becomes famous for staggering built-quality. The material is neoprene, with some additional polymers giving strength and durability. Stitching is brilliantly done, which makes this knee brace long-lasting.
The internal fabric of this knee brace is coated with neoprene. Further, Gel pads make this a comfortable knee brace to wear.


  • The most exceptional support system in any of the dual strap knee brace. With the perfect side and patella stabilizer, it is an excellent choice for ligament and meniscus injuries.
  • Velcro designed straps allow you to control compression for keeping the joint warm. This adjustable compression controls mobility while running and doing the workout.
  • The additional flexibility of knee brace makes it a perfect knee brace for use in sports. No matter how much strain in your knee, this strain is well-controlled by this design.
  • The design makes this a well-ventilated knee brace. Moreover, the material is a suitable absorbent and doesn’t allow any collection of swear. Along with this, there are many small and big pores. All these things make it a perfect knee brace for athletes.
  • This Knee brace is bulkier, smooth, and comfortable. The additional comfort you get in this knee brace allows you to wear it for a longer time.


  • BodyProx knee brace has the same issue of BRACOO knee support. It comes in one size for all. Thus, this size incompetence makes it the wrong choice for those having skinny or bulky legs.
  • The durability of this knee brace is not as excellent as what we’re expecting from this. After five or six months, this knee brace might not be able to function as properly as at the start.
  • The sticking ability of Velcro strips vanishes with time.

Who should buy this?

People who want a knee brace with the most excellent support and also willing to use it carefully, consider it a good choice.

Best Hinged Knee Brace

If you ever got experience buying any brace, you will know DONJOY as the ultimate leader of this industry. It is a DONJOY specialty that they create very specific products. That’s the reason for injuries and pain, their knee or other braces are best in the market. But for sports, their use is a bit limited. But this Bionic is the most diverse and widely used knee brace by DONJOY.

It has a very compact look and a captivating design. There is bi-directional strapping on the front, along with meshed clothing. Side-hinge makes it look really sturdy. In terms of design, it is the master knee brace.

Being of hinge variety, you can expect an elite level of support. It has a wide range of sizes that help in selecting the brace, which perfectly fits your knee. Side hinges provide ultimate support in high contact sports and recovering from injuries.

This knee brace has a multi-material construction. Neoprene provides durability, while spandex is responsible for flexibility. The DONJOY has kept a perfect ratio of these two materials to offer the best performance for the users.

The compression straps of this hinge brace, let the user control the tightness. Together with side hinges, these straps make sure that you don’t move your knee too much in sports and when recovering from injuries. Thus, you get less mobility with breathtaking support.

In terms of wearing, it is like a sleeve. Anti-Migration Technology lets this sleeved brace remain in position. When you wear it, you will praise the comfort of this knee brace.


  • Made for prime performance. The way it is designed and constructed, let your knees feel the energy. Better if you use for sports with high risk-injuries like skiing, football, ice hockey.
  • With providing stable support and limiting movement, for knee injuries from bursitis to tendinitis, this is knee brace you need.
  • Along with the sublime compression, it provides an adequate degree of thermal regulation. This thing makes it suitable for knee pain, especially around the patella.
  • Full hinge support, such as level of support and protection, is rare among other hinges.
  • Despite a complicated construction, the material is suitable for washing, and neither shrinks or expands.
  • The finest fabric and stitching make it a very long-lasting brace.


  • Being bulky, it sometimes can hurt people with weak legs or sensitive skin.
  • Price is not in everyone’s range. Only buy if you want in real need of this. Don’t get impressed by the style, instead prefer you need.

Who should buy this?

People who want are a fan of hinge braces and want maximum protection, and relief from injuries and pain can go with this knee brace. But make sure to keep an eye on price.

Best Compression Knee Sleeve for Hiking

This knee brace is the same as what you expect from its name. It is the epitome of providing the ultimate compression as a sleeve. Whether a runner or person suffering from injury buys it, it’s because of only imposing compression.

From its design, you can call it the most straightforward looking sleeve. But the construction contradicts it. The pattern of the sleeve’s fabric makes it looks distinctive in design. You can appreciate a crucial compression logo on the front.

All the things like compression, support, durability, and mobility of this knee brace are related to its construction and material. The material that is used is latex-free fabric, but what exactly is the constituents of the material, is unknown. This covert fabric is behind is excellent support, modest durability, astonishing mobility, and superior compression.

Along with this, it has an anti-slip technology that lets the brace stick to its original place while doing sporting activities. You will not have issues regarding comfort.

You might have noticed that we called this, “Best Compression sleeve for hiking” Why? There are three reasons for this; the first one, it is built to withstand severe conditions. Second, it sticks perfectly. Third and most important, it provides adequate compression that ameliorates the mobility of the knee. For other sports, this works very well.


  • We’re a big fan of how durable yet straightforward this compression sleeve this. The dual fabric protection around the patella makes it beneficial for patellar inflammation.
  • This Knee Brace has an excellent compression to keep your knee warm and also help in side-stability by unique fibered design. This thing makes it function for injuries as well.
  • The Black color without extra pattern lets you use a more prolonged period of time without getting dirty.
  • Till now, this is the first knee brace that you can machine wash, but it is better that you don’t take a risk. The best part is after every wash, neither it shrinks nor loses compression.
  • It comes in as many sizes as you can think of.
  • In case you’re not satisfied with the compression sleeve, you can return with a 100% refund.


  • The compression might be more than what you expect from a compression sleeve. Sometimes, this can cause redness of the skin.

Who should buy this?

Everyone who wants an ultimate compression experience either for sports and sprains can consider this a functional knee brace.

Best Knee Brace for ACL injuries

Vive Health creates all sorts of medical equipment from Crutches to Blood Pressure Monitor, and from personal care to therapeutic. Their brace holds a good repute, especially for recovering from injuries. This Knee brace is among the best for damages chiefly for injuries of cruciate ligaments and inflammation of joints.

The design is not very attractive but seems very sturdy. There are two big straps on the front. Moreover, the design style is an open patella. Around the patella, there is a gel pad that stabilizes the patella. On the sides, you got two aluminum hinges made impressively.

With the Vive anti-slip technology, this knee brace holds the leg competently. The straps control not only the compression but also aid is support. It is these straps that limit the anterior movement of the shin bone over the thigh bone. These straps provide additional strength to your leg.

Neoprene is used for construction. It provides both flexibility and permanence to this knee brace. But the best part is, you can wear this knee brace all day long without any discomfort.

Editor’s Note: Besides ACL, if you have an MCL and meniscus issue make sure to check our detailed guide on “Best Knee brace for MCL and Meniscus.


  • The way this knee brace is designed, all the combinations of Velcro straps, hinges, material make it therapeutic to wear.
  • Hinges are very resistant. They, on the one hand, prevent instabilities and on the other aid in sports activities like running.
  • It is effortless to wear and remove.
  • The material though appears bulky; it is breathable. The flexibility of the material is also trustworthy.
  • The long Straps are a good source of controlling the compression, also limiting the mobility, which makes it suitable for ACL injuries.
  • It comes with a 60-day guarantee.


  • The long Velcro straps can get damaged if you use it for substantial activities as in exercise. This can severely affect the performance of this knee brace.
  • The stitching is not excellent and therefore raises questions on built-quality.

Who should buy this?

If you have any knee injuries, especially the ACL damage, you should definitely consider it a worthy knee brace.

Best Patella knee Strap

The two common uses of knee strap braces are their usage in sports and for reducing pain in the patella. IPOW 2 is the best-selling knee strap and widely used for patellar tendonitis or runner’s knee.

This knee strap brace looks so simple that nothing can be said about its design. The additional thing is, it is thickened on the back to make you feel comfortable.

IPOW 2 is different from almost all other knee braces in the list, keeping in view its simplicity. Another thing that makes it unique is that it is purely a support brace; it has nothing to do with the mobility directly. Along with this, it does not compress the knee joint and its ligament. Instead, it reinforces the patellar tendon and that of the hamstring. Hence, it performs differently from all other braces.

As far as support to the patella is concerned, this strap does it to perfection. Keeping all the things in mind, it is restful to wear. We don’t know about the material, but whatever the thing is, it is ideally elastic. You can trust this for your routine wearing.


  • Minimalistic design. If you find wearing and removing the compression sleeves irritating, this knee strap can work for you.
  • This knee brace is specific in its action. Like if you have inflammation or pain around patella due to tendonitis or bursitis, this can do wonders for you.
  • The extra thickness makes it useful for sports like basketball, cycling, and volleyball. This extra thickness acts as a shock absorber for the knee.
  • Material is lightweight, and wearing is effortless.
  • The fantastic combination of support and mobility you get is rare among knee braces.
  • It comes with a 1-year Warranty.


  • Honestly, with such minimal design, it is rare that you find troubles. However, two things can affect you. Either the damaged item is shipped, or bulky back of the strap can hurt your knee if your skin is sensitive. Besides that, we don’t see issues in this knee brace.

Who should buy this?

For two types of there is no better choice than this. Firstly those who want a strap for sports and the second who want brace for patellar tendonitis.

Best knee Brace for injuries

Bauerfeind specializes in creating braces for the highest level of protection and from recovering from injuries. Besides the knee braces, their ankle and elbow braces are equally compatible with effortless performance.

This GenuTrain S knee brace with its unique closed patella design is made for utmost protection. Bauerfeind has made the design surprisingly complex, and these things make them distinctive. This brace is built with three directional fabric. On the front, the framework is strengthened by an elastic pad covering the patella. While on the back by thickened straps. On the sides, you get side support bars for balancing.

This brace is the epitome of support and durability. With the top quality fabric and adjustable strap, you will get the highest possible support. Material seems to be a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers. But the best thing is the material is very lightweight. Additionally, the material is long-lasting and resistant to every type of strain.

The thing that makes this knee brace so effective is a limitation in any knee movements. With its adjustable straps, you can limit the additional mobility. Along with this, hinges aid in providing extra stability. Above all, you will get the comfort you can imagine.


  • Technology is improvised into a knee brace creating this brilliant, efficiently performing brace.
  • Construction is among one of the best knee braces. The brilliant fabric is skin-friendly, breathable, and comfortable all at the same time.
  • It comes in a wide range of sizes, along with a selection of right or left knee. Bauerfeind makes sure that you get the right size adequately adjusted with your leg.
  • With the hinge sidebars and front compression strips, you get an enhanced experience of protection for injuries or recovering from surgeries.
  • Specialized omega padding around the patella lets your knee prevent inflammations and keep the adequate temperature around the knee.
  • Despite such sturdy construction and quality fabric, this knee brace is machine washable.


  • The price is high. Therefore, only choose this knee brace when you want maximum protection and a high level of pain, such as severe osteoarthritis.
  • Adjusting and wearing can become uncomplicated if easy instructions are given.

Who should buy this?

Anyone who wants protection from severe injury or pain, consider this knee brace a blessing.

Best Hinged Knee Brace for sports

You might have noticed that whenever we move from compression sleeves to hinge braces, support increases while the mobility becomes less. While for sports, you need ultimate protection with excellent mobility. Therefore, compression sleeves are more often used by athletes. But if someone needs a hinge brace for sports, this FunCee knee brace is the one.

The design is kind of odd. It seems that additional straps are covering the wraparound braces. Side hinges are without any covering. Overall, the design looks rudimentary and unable to impress us.

Contrary to the design, the construction is well-built. The highly stretchable elastic straps allow the gripping perfect. Typically when hinges are attached, you get somewhat limited movement. But the best part is you can remove these metal hinges. When there are no hinges, Aluminum side stabilizers function to protect from lateral instabilities.

The material is of high quality. We were assuming it as neoprene, but the additional flexibility made us think that some synthetic polymers are used as well. The cushioning effect of the material is good and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.


  • Multi-usage. It can not only be used for meniscus and cruciate ligament injuries, but also for sports like basketball, cycling and running as well.
  • Four Springs on the lateral border account for a wide range of knee movement with excellent stability.
  • The material is incredible. It is an excellent absorbent of sweat. Due to these features, for doing work out, this knee brace can be trusted.
  • Wearing is effortless. You can wear it like a wraparound brace without removing your shoes.
  • It made for legs sensitive to other harsh hinge braces.


  • The design makes it look like some old knee brace. If the design can be improved, this knee brace will surely more sold.
  • The snap rings are of stainless steel while wrapped in fabric. During excess compression, these snap rings can tear off from the clothing.

Who should buy this?

For those who are looking for hinged knee brace with excellent support and equally better mobility, this can prove the right choice for them.

Buying Guide for Choosing Best Knee Brace

When we say Best Knee Brace, there are important factors that make it so. Though things like comfort, mobility, usage, the type are quite significant, there is a sequence in which you should consider things. We’ll try to explain these things in series so; you can choose which knee brace is made for you.


The first thing that comes into play while choosing a knee brace is the purpose of using it. Knee brace for running and ACL tear is different. Moreover, this purpose also defines the type of Knee brace you’re going you use. Definitely, you won’t like to buy a knee strap for running. We hope that if you’re looking for a knee brace, you will clearly know your requirements.


Usage means how often you’re going to wear the knee brace. Though this is a rudimentary, yet very important, you should look in a knee brace. In case you’re searching for the knee for osteoarthritis or any other inflammation, you might need to wear the brace all time. While to prevent injuries during running or climbing, you will wear the knee brace for some time. Also, if you’re recovering from some kind of surgery, you will not only need to wear the brace all time but also for a longer duration. In such cases, usage will determine which knee brace is best.

Bracing Capacity

Bracing capacity might seem a new term. It means the ability of the knee brace to provide support. Flexibility has an inverse relation with the support. You should determine, under the light of usage and requirement, the type of knee brace you will be looking for. If you want a high level of support i-e after surgery, ligament tear, meniscus damage with little flexibility, Hinge Knee braces are quite good. But if you are looking for a mild level of support i-e for gym, sports, etc. compression sleeves will do perform correctly.


When you see a variety of knee brace type, you will find out each offers a different level of mobility. Many people consider that knee only Flex and extend, but knee also show medial and lateral rotation. Most Strap braces limit the medial and lateral rotation of femur over tibia; therefore, they are preferred. This thing is significant in the meniscus, collateral ligaments damage, patellar tendonitis.

Moreover, for cruciate ligaments damage, there is a need to limit hinge movement; therefore, Hinge braces are beneficial in such injuries. For General Low level of pain like in osteoarthritis, knee sleeves can also work brilliantly. So, both support and mobility and very critical things in the choice of a knee brace.


There is a universal rule, “Everything you wear should be comfortable,” and this goes for knee braces as well. No matter whether all other things are best, if the knee brace is not comfortable, it is useless. While writing this guide, we’ve made sure that we kept comfort among our top priorities.

But always consider comfort as a relative term. If you compare a comfort level of compression brace with that of hinge variety, it would be fair to do that. Keeping in mind, the support and mobility you need, then select the most comfortable knee brace.

Built Quality

The material from which knee brace is made determines the built quality. Most companies that make knee braces take care that material is not robust but also long-lasting. Neoprene is widely used in compression knee braces that are not resistant to sweat but also skin-friendly.

Likewise, Hinge and Strap brace is made of elastic material to provide the right comfort level. We’ve made sure that our reviewed products are of the highest built quality with the most excellent material.

Durability and Maintenance

Mostly material determine the Durability and Maintenance. Whenever you buy a knee brace, make sure that it is durable enough to withstand excellent toughness.

Maintenance is something that is usually ignored, but we recommend you to consider it an essential factor. Maintenance means how easy it keeps the knee brace. Factors wearing and removing and washing also comes under maintenance. Lesser is maintenance; better is the brace.


There are four types of Knee Braces.

Compression Knee Braces:

These are the most widely used braces. For low-level pain and inflammation, these compression sleeves are used.

Dual-Wrap Knee Brace:

Providing proper support and less mobility, these provide pain relief from arthritis. However, their usage is not much as Compression sleeves.

Hinged Knee Brace:

For Ligaments and Meniscus tear, these are widely used. Providing a high level of support and limiting the movement, they are also utilized post-surgically. These Knee braces are very useful in supporting the knee.

Knee Straps:

Mostly for an issue regarding patella, these knee straps are widely used and are very potent.

Besides these, there is another classification as well. This classification includes

  • Prophylactic Knee Braces.
  • Functional Knee Braces
  • Rehabilitative Knee Braces
  • Off loader Knee Braces.

All in All, the usage, requirement, support, and mobility determine the type of knee brace you should prefer.


For a quality knee brace, the cost can lie anywhere from 10$ to 200$. More exceptional the support you need, the more expensive is the knee brace.

Personal Choice

It is an accessory thing. Mostly while recommending things, we say that consider the product which seems appealing to you. But while choosing the best knee brace, don’t think your personal choice too much and follow the advice of an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Knee braces are an effective way to alleviate knee pain without any surgical treatment. To a very good extent, they not prevent knee from injuries, but also help in rehab.
However, knee braces are not the utmost treatment for any knee problem. They just help you reducing the effect caused by any conditions.

Knee brace should be tight enough to provide an adequate level of compression to serve its function. However, it does not be so tight that it will start damaging rather than doing good.

Yes, the compression sleeves work brilliantly for arthritis. But only for low-level of arthritis. While for severe arthritis, you need a higher compression that compression sleeves can’t provide.

It depends on type, and thickness, of the brace. As well as condition of your knee along with the environment you’re in. Normally, people with mild to low arthritis use compression sleeves and they are compatible to wear under the pants.
However, for high level of injuries you might be using some advanced hinged braces that you can’t wear under the pants. It is better to use shorts for such purpose.

Hinged braces are used for higher level of protection and support. If you severe osteoarthritis, serious knee damage, ligament damage during an accident or cartilaginous tear, hinge brace can work best for you. However, there are other variety of hinge braces, that can used in sports. So, the usage of hinged braces is quite diverse.

The price of knee brace depends upon the type. You can a top-quality buy compression sleeves within 15-20$. While for dual-straps and hinge braces, the price are bit high. A dual-strap comes with 50-100$ while hinge braces can be 70$-300$.

The choice of knee brace totally depend upon the type of pain, along with the under lying cause of that pain. The causes include aging, inflammation, tear, injury and many others. So, it will very difficult to suggest a one knee brace for all. However, for most of the knee pains, Bracoo Knee Support works best.

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