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Best knee brace for MCL and Meniscus

While writing our Best Knee brace guide, the question most often asked is, “Which is the best knee brace for MCL and Meniscus Injuries.” Though, we have answered this question there. But on request, we felt that there is room for improvement. Therefore we are creating this guide to specifically target those people that have MCL and Meniscus injuries.

You might now know, Medial Collateral Ligament is stronger than its Lateral Counterpart. In fact, comparative analysis indicates that MCL is 36% stronger than LCL. Yet, it is more often damaged. The reason for this damage is; There is more exposure to the lateral side of the knee.

Besides this, some other structure can be hurt in the injury of MCL. Though this happens rarely, yet there are chances. The structure that can be damaged during the MCL injuries is the menisci, the medial one.

Such injuries having MCL damage are often treated with bracing. That’s the reason; we made this list of “7 Best Knee brace for MCL and Meniscus injuries”. One exclusively thing that we kept in mind; here, we have mentioned the things in the braces related to discussing the injury. However, if you also want an overall look at these knee braces, you can look at these best knee brace.

One last thing, if you’re looking for a knee brace for injuries, always go with either hinge or dual brace. The reason is these provide the ultimate level of support that you will need. Compression sleeves are valid for sports, not for recoveries.

The 7 Best Knee Brace for MCL and Meniscus

Image Name Type Special Feature Price
DonJoy Performance Bionic Fullstop Hinge Brace. Hinged Brace Stability Check Price
BraceAbility Torn Meniscus ROM Knee Brace. Hinged Brace Control Check Price
Shock Doctor Bionic Knee Brace Hinged Brace with compression Sleeve Protection Check Price
Mcdavid Knee Brace Knee Strap Design Check Price
TechWare Pro Knee Brace Dual Strap brace Comfortable to wear Check Price
DonJoy Performance Bionic Knee Brace Hinged Knee Brace Most Compelling Design Check Price
Hinge Knee brace by Shock Doctor Hinged Brace One knee brace for all problem Check Price

4 Points of Leverage Hinged Knee Support for Ligament Protection, Injuries, Prevent Knee Hyperextension for Soccer, Football, Contact Sports, Lacrosse

Generally, we call this the best-hinged knee brace due to sturdy construction, most significant support, and Limited Mobility. For people looking for a knee brace for MCL and Meniscus, this is the best they can get. DonJoy Performance is a big name in sports medicine, and their braces are considered a masterpiece of construction.

This Knee Brace is an open-patella style, featuring two hinges for an utmost level of support. Moreover, there are three straps for customizing the amount of compression. The pattern of these straps makes it usable not only for MCL and Meniscus injuries but also for ACL damage.

In terms of quality, the material is a bit thinner than other knee braces, yet it quite durable. It also a fishnet pattern of clothing that allows a reasonable exchange of air. Moreover, for supporting the patella and limiting movement, the durable patellar pad plays a crucial role. The thing that makes it right for MCL and meniscus injuries lie in its construction. DONJOY Performance has created a perfect ratio of Spandex and Neoprene to provide support as well as some level of elasticity.

Above all these things, the comfort level of this knee brace is also unmatchable. Despite the sturdy construction, it is not irritating to wear. Also, if you have the injury and want to remove it for sometimes, this process is effortless. Overall it is the right choice.


  • While looking for a knee for either MCL or meniscus or both, you should keep one thing in mind that is the support of knee brace should be perfect. This hinged brace gives full support by its straps and anti-migratory technology.
  • Straps not only Aid in Support but also beneficial for limiting the extension of joint, which is quite crucial in Meniscus injuries. You can also adjust the mobility with compression.
  • The Hinges are well-built. Externally, they appear compact, but from the inner side, it is durable as well as comfortable, limiting any side movement.
  • Since in MCL and Mencius injuries or recoveries, you need to wear the brace for a long time, your skin may be damaged, or sweating irritates you. This Knee brace takes care of all these things. It has anti-sweating clothing that soaks any kind of sweat, and with a dual mate
  • One feature that makes it an exceptional brace for injuries is the vast availability of sizes. DONJOY provides four different sizes; hence it becomes a functional knee brace for every size of the thigh of the leg.


  • This knee brace is a bit pricy. For some people, spending around 180$ can be an issue, especially when other choices are out there. However, if the price is not an issue, go with this one.
  • Despite a reasonable price, DONJOY doesn’t give any formal guarantee regarding this knee brace, while some brands are offering one year guarantee and even give your money back in case of any damage to the brace.

Hinged Post Surgery Support with Flexion / Extension Control for Hyperextension & Locking Treatment, Ligament (PCL / ACL) Tears

We’ve already told you while dealing with injuries; we mostly trust hinge braces. This knee brace by BraceAbility is perfect for injuries of MCL and Meniscus. Within a few years of its launch, BraceAbility has become everyone’s favorite brand, especially for medical knee brace searchers.

There are many reasons why this is the best knee brace for MCL and Meniscus, but the key reason is the control of Flexion and Extension by Hinges. This feature helps in locking the knee correctly, and also aid in the side stability. Besides that, many other features of construction and performance make it stand from the rest.

BraceAbility has used CoolTrex in the construction. They consider it an excellent alternative to Neoprene, and somehow they are correct. CoolTrex is a kind of Dual material in which the internal surface feels soft like cotton while external is polyester. That’s the reason; you might find its externals different than other braces. For people with sensitive skin, it is the right choice.

Along with this, fasteners are pretty long, especially the upper one. These fasteners account more for the support than the compression. However, the lower strap makes sure that you get adequate compression. Since you have to wear it like a legging, BraceAbility has added unique finger loops for better control. Comfort Gauge of this hinged brace is satisfactory. Overall, it is a unique Hinged Brace for dealing with injuries.


  • The Locking Knee and Limiting movement feature of this knee brace make it suitable to use for low to a high level of recoveries. If you’re dealing with MCL and Meniscus injury, you can start with highly restricted movement. Then, increasing mobility as things start getting better.
  • Hinges of this brace are not purely restricted to sides; both are lit bit deviated; also, a long pattern of straps is exceptional. Both these anomalous factors account for proper support.
  • Unlike many other knee braces, it is not only an open-patella style but also an open popliteal style. This feature has two benefits. The first one is, sweating doesn’t irritate you. Secondly, it accounts for more mobility while walking in bending.
  • The Length of this Hinged Brace is greater than the majority of compression and many hinged braces so, while meniscus and MCL injuries, both Thigh and Leg are perfectly stabilized.
  • Not only are a wide range of sizes available for you, but also a warranty of 6 Months for every part of the brace.


  • Long fasteners are right for support, but they can be damaged or lost their appropriate function after a short time. This thing is seen more if you go with big sizes.
  • Despite the excellent technology, the supporting effect of this hinged brace is still questionable if you have fatty legs.

BIO-LOGIX Hinged Lateral Support for Instabilities, Ligament, ACL, MCL, PCL, Meniscus Injury, Pain Relief, Recovery, Preventive Hyperextension.

If you have experience of buying Mouth Guards, you will know Shock Doctor. Much Like that their Knee Braces are one of the best in the market. This Bionic Knee Brace by Shock Doctor is the perfect pack for injuries, especially for MCL and Meniscus.

In case you don’t know about Bionic Braces, they use a spring to store energy, and this energy then assists in movement. In Short, Bionic braces make effortless knee movement possible. However, Bionic Braces are little pricy as a comparison to other braces.

An interesting thing about this Knee brace is its Design. It has a reasonably strapping look. Plastic is used for the majority of construction while Hinges are of Aluminum. You will also get a Bio-logic sleeve that made this brace look more than attractive.

This knee brace provides stability in many ways. The first one is the hinges that prevent lateral instabilities, well in collateral ligament injuries. The second support is by straps that are so well-placed that even not noticeable at first sight. These Straps are suitable for compression as well as for preventing hyperextension. Third, by adaptive flex-fit that make proper adjustment possible.

Along with support, a combination of pads and hinges limits mobility to a great extent. Despite its robust construction, it is light in weight. Above all, you will get an unmatchable comfort level. Overall, this knee brace is an exceptional choice for MCL and Meniscus Strains.


  • If you combine a compression sleeve and a hinged brace, then this brace will be formed. Double layering of the sleeve below and above the brace account for adequate compression and also help in making this brace more comfortable. So, it is recommended to wear a compression sleeve under it.
  • This Knee brace is more customizable than any other brace for MCL and Meniscus injuries. Such a wide range of Customization allows better control in knee movements.
  • Though from its appearance, you might consider it has a rugged appearance. Even if you use it without compression sleeve, it is comfortable to wear for all types of skin.
  • Wicking or Sweat Absorption effect of Both Thigh and Leg pads don’t allow any Sweat to accumulate. This makes long-wearing possible.
  • If you have already worn knee braces while wearing it, you will feel a difference around the patella. Since it is neither open nor close patellar style (without compression sleeve), it only applies pressure on the areas where it is necessary.


  • Although you will see a number of sizes and will also have an option to select either left or right brace still we call it a heavy brace. So, if your leg or thigh muscles are not strong better, go with some dual brace and avoid it.
  • Wearing it can be irritating, since you have to first put a compression sleeve on, then wear it over it, and finally come the adjustment. This whole process can be annoying.
  • Despite all types of technologies, wearing this knee brace for a long time is not hurting but can be bothersome for you.

Maximum Compression for Knee Stability & Recovery Aid, Patella Tendon Support, Tendonitis Pain Relief, Ligament Support, Hyperextension, Women & Men

Although McDavid and Shock Doctor work independently, they are owned by the same Parent Organization. That’s why you might find some of the resembling products with a different brace. This resemblance is more in Knee braces than elbow or ankle braces.

In terms of design, this appears a simple knee brace. But its appearance might be misleading as it has some advanced features. It is an open patellar style brace with a little substantial pad around the patella. Moreover, the size of this pad is more significant than my other products. Hence, in this way, it assists the hinges in providing support.

While Hinges are more than traditional rods on the side, Hinges cover a functional area with a comfort padding around aluminum. These Hinges are responsible for protection to MCL by preventing Lateral instabilities. Neoprene construction is also appropriate. On the back, it is built to soak moisture. While on the front, the unique pattern of stitching makes a firm grip.

Moreover, the fasteners are of appropriate length. Not so long to bother you. They have a wide range of compression correlated with adjusting mobility. The Comfort level of this knee brace is enhanced by internal padding. Overall, this is the knee brace with all unique features.


  • The knee brace is designed to fit the contours of your knee. Moreover, things like hinges, straps, and anti-slip technology make excellent support possible.
  • You might confuse yourself regarding mobility. Being a hinged brace, it ideally limits hyperextension, and credit goes to the two contrary straps.
  • For Long Term wearing, you might not find any better option than this. Hence, you get excellent comfort, along with support.
  • Though are hinges are tough, but the overall brace is very lightweight. This makes it long-lasting as a readily useable knee brace.
  • With the utmost protection, this knee brace provides price is budget-friendly.


  • Though a number of sizes are available, yet the size Chart of McDavid is very misleading. Make sure to check it appropriately when going with this knee brace.
  • With a popliteal cut, this has been a much better knee brace, since the flexible back of this knee brace might be irritating for you.

Relieves ACL, LCL, MCL, Meniscus Tear, Arthritis, Tendonitis Pain

This is the first and only dual strap brace on our list. While comparing general features of best knee braces, this TechWare Pro stood first among all. Like good for all other injuries, it is quite useful for MCL and Meniscus injuries. Two things make it unique, one is the extra-side support with four spring stabilizers, and the second one is by high-quality Velcro Straps.

TechWare Pro has used Neoprene in the construction. But they might have added some other polymers for flexibility and durability. Besides that, It has an open patella style with a smaller thick pad for patellar protection. For keeping the brace in place, it has anti-slip covering on the top and bottom. Its durable Velcro straps perform the purpose of limiting mobility.

From its appearance, you might deduce its support as not as efficient as other knee braces on our list. But you will be amazed to know around the patellar pad, and there are two spring on each side. These spring make sure to prevent lateral instabilities. These springs are the reason, and this knee brace is good for MCL injuries.

Besides movement and support, the comfort level of this knee brace is also matchless. The internal surface is specially designed to give a satisfying feeling of wearing. Overall, it is a more straightforward, unique, and effective knee brace for MCL and Meniscus issues.


  • It is a pretty light knee brace, yet it gives competitive results. This thing works best for you when you’ve skinny legs.
  • The sturdy straps allow you to control compression, and the side stabilizers let your knee remain inappropriate position. Hence, you get the assistance far better than what you expect.
  • This knee brace is for long-term use. Not only you can wear it all day without being annoyed, but also it is long-lasting due to its durability.
  • Comparing other knee braces in our list, it is economical with almost the same features.


  • If you have bulky legs, this knee brace can disappoint you, especially for MCL and meniscus. In such cases, better go with more substantial hinge brace.
  • In case you need some advanced knee brace, this might be a simple one for you. So, if you want highly precise control over movement, this will not prove a functional knee brace for you.

Hinged, Adjustable Patella Support, Lateral / Medial Ligament (ACL, MCL, LCL), Meniscus, Knee Sprains for Soccer, Basketball, Skiing, Hockey, Running, Water Sports

As mentioned in the start, Donjoy performance is one of the leaders in the world of mobility, especially knee braces. This Donjoy Performance brace is different from Bionic FullStop in terms of design, price, and somehow in performance. But it is compatible enough to be called as one of the best knee braces for MCL and Meniscus problems.

This knee brace has an archaic design. But the coeval features of it make it so popular. Being a Bionic Brace, you can expect the highest level of protection. It features polycentric aluminum side hinges for stability from lateral imbalances. Besides that, it has a high strength dual straps that let you customize the pressure.

Unlike Bionic FullStop, Donjoy has only used Neoprene for manufacturing. Still, the brace is strong well as flexible. This Neoprene has fine perforation in it that enhances the soaking effect of this brace. Another brilliant feature is its most exquisite stitching. The stitching enhances the life of this brace many times.

The feature that makes it distinct from other Donjoy products is the popliteal cut at the back. For people with MCL and meniscus damages, this is an add-on as it makes comfortable wearing possible. Overall, with a Donjoy trust and exceptional performance, it is a budget-friendly thing.


  • Unlike many knee braces in the list, this is a wraparound brace. This thing makes wearing it many times more manageable. Having this feature with all others of support is not less than a blessing.
  • Despite the strong hinges and vigorous material, its weight is appropriate. Moreover, this knee brace is comfortable enough to be worn for days.
  • The knee brace has an appropriate size to cover your knee. Moreover, side enhancements by minimum any extra side movement, and hinges limiting hyperextension make it useful for MCL and Meniscus.
  • With a suitable weight and durable material, it is good for long hours of wearing. This thing is usually not found in hinged knee braces.


  • Although it costs around 80$ Mark, still the price is high, especially when you compare its features with dual straps braces.
  • The design is not an essential factor to look at while buying a knee brace for MCL and meniscus; some people don’t like this brace due to its rudimentary design.

Maximum Support Compression Knee Brace – for ACL/PCL Injuries, Patella Support, Sprains, Hypertension, and More for Men and Women

This is one of the best-selling products of Shock Doctor. Not only is it a competent product for sports but also suitable for injuries. For MCL and meniscus strain, it works effectively, and credit goes to its reinforcing design.

It has a fairly bulkier look with a lot of soft pads on the front surface. While on the back, the X-shape pattern of straps enhances the protective function of neoprene. Covering the knee pit is a unique breathable fabric.

Hinges and straps provide support and compression. The strength of Aluminum hinges is comparable to any other bionic knee brace. These side hinges prevent excessive lateral movements. Assistance is enhanced by a pattern of fasteners both on the front as well as on the back. It is due to these fasteners that you can control the compression.

Despite having a bulky look, the internal surface perfectly corresponds to your skin, making it a comfortable brace to wear. Overall, this is a cost-effective and therapeutic product.


  • Support and Mobility are perfectly balanced for persons having MCL and meniscus strain. Hinges are crucial in limiting excess movement at the knee joint.
  • With its brilliant fabric, it is resistant to wear and tear. It is designed to wear for a more protracted amount of time.
  • An exceptional feature is the adaptable nature of this brace. On the first few hours of wearing, you might consider it very tough, but slowly it stretches, making it very relaxing to wear.
  • If you don’t like wearing bulky hinge braces, this will ideally suit you.


  • We have a serious concern regarding the durability of the product, as the strap holder might be damaged in the long run affecting the overall structure of this brace.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Yes. Just Like protecting your knee from other major instabilities, a knee brace protects your MCL. By resisting outward force the knee brace help MCL.

It depends upon the pain. If you don’t feel any pain while standing, you can start walking a little. However, it is better if you take complete rest and allow the ligament to heal.

For MCL injuries, the healing usually takes place on itself in a period of at least 4 weeks. However, for Meniscus injuries the case is different. Here is a complete Meniscus Tear resource for you.

Final Words

We have tried to summarize “Best Knee Brace for MCL and Meniscus injuries“, as simply as we could. While writing this article, we make sure to consider only things that are relevant. Therefore, we have neglected things like Washing features, colors, and somehow design.

At the end, we expect this will help our users select a quality knee brace for MCL and Meniscus injuries. In case, you want our opinion regarding a specific knee brace, or have an issue regarding any one of these. Comment down below or Contact us.

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