Best Blood Pressure Monitor for Large Arms 2021

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ProductCuff Size (cm)Made for (size)Rating Pricing
Omron-blood-pressure-monitor22 – 44M – L
LifeSource-Upper-Arm-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-with-Extra-Large-Cuff40 – 60L – XL
Citizen-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-with-Adult-and-Large-Adult-Cuffs30 – 42M – L
HOMIEE-9-17-inch-Large-Cuff-Blood-Pressure-Machine22 – 44M – L
AD-Medical-Upper-Arm-Blood-Pressure-Monitor22 – 44M – L
Advocate-Arm-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-X-Large22 – 52L – XL
DrKea-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-Upper-Arm-Large-Cuff22 – 52L – XL

You went to the doctor, and he suggests that to have a good record of blood pressure, you have to buy a blood pressure monitor for home. But the problem is you have an arms size larger than others. Or you can also be a bodybuilder, and the standard blood pressure Monitor doesn’t fit onto your bulky arm.

We can understand this issue. So, for tackling such situations, we have sorted the best blood pressure monitor for large arms for you.

But when choosing a blood pressure monitor for large arms, you don’t buy a random product with a large cuff. There are a number of things to look like the quality of the product, the material of the cuff, comfort level, warranty, readability, and, most importantly, the accuracy of the monitors.

Keeping all these things in mind, we have looked at a lot of blood pressure monitors in the market and finally made a list of 7 best home blood pressure monitor large cuff.

The 7 Best Blood Pressure Monitor for Extra Large Arms

Omron is a leading manufacturer of home blood pressure recorders. They create innovative and accurate monitors, as well as portable and easy to use. Almost every list of Best Blood pressure Monitors will have an Omron’s product in them.

While buying any blood pressure monitor, this thing should be kept in mind that cuff size and its wrapping can affect the readings drastically. This thing becomes more crucial when you’re dealing with a large size cuff. A slight mistake can render your patient to come under ‘hypertensive.’ As far as we know, this model is known, it is the most accurate recorder out there in the market for larger arms.

It also shows very consistent results, measured using the proper method. It has a standard adult cuff size of 22-42cm, which is adjustable enough to fit into a larger arm than it mentions. This has the capacity to take 200 readings for two users, so, 100 for each one.

With an app, you can keep a record of your everyday blood pressure; this will tell your doctor about your blood pressure habits. But there is ugly; many users report that they have not a very good experience with the app so, we can’t accurately prescribe you the app usage.

The best thing about this Blood Pressure Monitor is that besides larger arms, it can also be used by others. The credit goes to the adaptability of this monitor.

One thing we must mention is this Blood Pressure Monitor is the sensitivity. So, in case you are in a hurry and not adjusted it properly, you’ll surely get 20-30mm fluctuation in between your systole and diastole. Or any other variation can also occur. Things can go pretty wrong when you’re using it for larger arms, and a slight lack of care will play with its sensitivity, ultimately damaging the outcomes.


  • Easy to use

  • Cost-effective
  • If you don’t want to use it on your arm, it can use on your forearm as well, with the same result.


  • You might have a problem syncing your recordings to your phone.

All the other items in our list, though, fit enough for extra-large sized arms still come in standard adult size. This product by LifeSource is the only monitor in the market with built-in 23.5inches/60cm cuff and very accurate reading. Due to this reason, it is the best-selling blood pressure monitor for extra-large arms.

The monitor looks small and compact, with three reading on it. It can record 60 readings in its memory. The cuff is also of brilliant quality and fits very perfectly onto the arm. Due to this perfect wrapping system, it shows pretty fine readings.

Usually, while applying cuffs to some patients at home, you will have to face a difficult time, especially when his/her arms are around 20 inches. This Blood Pressure Monitor sets you free from such headaches. As it cuff wraps quickly, you can do it without any outside help.

There is a must mention thing as its cuff size is the largest in the market. It is mainly for those who have muscular arms and can’t fit their arms into Omron or other cuffs. Moreover, there is a lot of discussion going on whether an obese person should buy this or not. Well, in our opinion, this is the best product for you if you have big fatty arms. Due to its compact cuff, it will be wrap smoothly around your arms and will record accurate blood pressure.

But don’t confuse yourself. If you are slightly larger arms and they are fatty. We recommend you to adjust with Omron’s or Citizen’s Blood Pressure Recorder. Don’t go with this. As far as its readings are concerned, you can blindly trust them. For a Digital Blood Pressure Recorder, they are probably one of the most accurate in the market. Overall, this is good for you, if you are relatively muscular like a bodybuilder or your arms have lots of fat on them.


  • Best for guys who work out a lot.
  • Clinically Tested, Accurate, and Reliable Blood Pressure Recording
  • Cuff is comfortable to wear.


  • The price is good.
  • Careful while buying because the cuff is enormous.

Citizen, the same brand that creates watches, has this wonderful product capable enough to stand in our list of Best Blood Pressure Monitors for Large arms. This has a small and compact appearance and comes with two cuffs, preferably one for children/women and others for larger adults.

The monitor looks like a classic machine showing three readings, systolic, diastolic, and pulse rate. The cuff made for Large Adults has 30-44cm size having a lot of flexibility with good adaptability. So, if you’ve 4cm above or below the size, it can adjust your arm. While testing, with the arm size of 46cm, the readings were pretty much the same as that of manual reading. We performed the test for ten different readings, and the results are pretty much the same, with a tolerance of 3%. But if you diabetic or have hypertension, and your arm circumference is like 46-47, we recommend you buy LifeSource blood pressure Monitor rather than this one.

This Blood Pressure Monitor is a perfect pack for home. If you more than one person in your home that needs their blood pressure to measured regularly, this is the device made for you. It keeps a record of 2 persons 90 readings for each and reading are easy to synchronize for testing.

An excellent feature of this blood pressure monitor is the cuff position detection system. It can automatically detect when the cuff is not adequately wrapped. This feature makes it a pretty reliable recorder.

Although it looks old, it is a perfect machine to buy for accurate measurements.


  • With two different cuffs, you can use it for two separate types of arms.
  • Recordings are very accurate at a reasonable price.
  • Monitor Readings are straightforward to read.


  • The citizen hasn’t mentioned anything regarding the guarantee.

Homiee is famous for creating brilliant health and therapy products like pillows, blood pressure monitor, and also the baby products. This blood pressure Monitor has two good things; first, certainly made for large arms, and the second, it is one of the most advanced digital blood pressure monitors in the market.

The monitor itself is pretty reliable and pretty with a comfortable cuff attached. The material of cuff seams quite brilliant with extra flexibility and can adjust a very large arm. Monitor has a cuff detection icon that helps the user to adapt cuff appropriately.

Another good thing is a highly advanced arm movement detector. This blood pressure monitor can detect slight changes in the movement of your arms and make recordings quite accurate. For recordings, it has two user capacity and can record 120 readings for each user.

A unique feature we should mention is the arrhythmias detector. On the monitor, there is an arrhythmias sign when there is irregular heart movement. This thing makes it a perfect device for those who have some kind of fibrillation, especially in the atria of the heart. Moreover, with the brilliant memory system, it can help your doctor in making an assumption regarding your heart’s health.

As far as its recording are concerned, they are not questionable. These monitors are pretty consistent and reliable than what you can expect within this price.

Mentioning the core issue, which arm size can it adjust? Well, it is made for a larger adult, and with its flexibility, it can fit every adult’s arms. Moreover, if you have arms full of fat, you can still use a standard large size. However, if you’re working out and have very tough and big arms like 20+inches, you could either go with LifeSource or buy an extra-large cuff from homiee (that may cost a few bucks).

Overall, we are very much satisfied with this machine and can work as a good blood pressure monitor for home.


  • Looks very decent and small. It is the best portable blood pressure monitor on our list.
  • Operate on batteries (A thing we personally love very much).
  • Very Easy & Quick to set up and record.


  • Very sensitive to movement. Lack of proper orientation can disturb the recordings very severely.
  • Some users reported issues with fibrillation feature, but appeal fine for us.
A&D medical has a good history of creating exceptional medical products. As far as blood pressure monitors are concerned, some of their monitors as currently the most popular in the market, credits to their brilliant products. This Blood pressure monitor is exclusively designed for large arms up to 16.5 inches (sorry for bigger arms). It is more famous for its durability than its accuracy. Under the shadow of A&D medical, you can record clinically accurate blood pressure recordings.

This machine also has a comfortable cuff system, which allows you to make smooth recordings. It has multi-user capacity up to 4, with 60 recordings per person. Moreover, its automatic average system will allow you to compare your blood pressure with your previous recordings.

A thing we personally like about this blood pressure Monitor is a pressure rating indicator. This blood pressure monitor allows you to see where your blood pressure stands. But the best thing is, this feature is not limited to single reading, but when you take an average of any readings up to 60, it automatically does this so. This feature makes it easy to understand monitor for home.

As mentioned earlier, it is famous for durability. It comes with a five-year warranty with a two-year cuff warranty. So, this is the blood pressure monitor you can use it for a long time as far as you’re satisfied with the results.

Summarizing the whole thing, this blood pressure monitor is not made for extra-large arms, but if you are in need of some reliable machine for larger arms, only you can trust this.


  • The cost is pretty good with reliable results.
  • Multi-user capacity is something outstanding.
  • Set-up is effortless, with the firm cuff an easy home machine.


  • You’ve to buy a separate adopter for a few extra bucks.
  • Although the Multi-user function is brilliant at first, you will have difficulty setting users.

Since there are only a few blood pressure monitors that deals with extra-large arms in their build-in form and you’ll be lucky if you find a good one. This is the second blood pressure on our list that deal with extra-large arms.

This product by Advocate has the simplest design in our list. It is made exclusively for the fellows who have some big arms up to 52cm. Quality-wise, the cuff seems brilliant, painless, and clean. You will get a great level with its cuff being wrapped around your arms.

Talking about some features, it has two user capacity with 90 recordings per user. The machine works on batteries with an optional charger. So, Advocate has installed a power-efficient system that automatically allows to switch off the monitor after 60s of inactivity.

You should keep one thing in with such extra-large size cuff. It becomes difficult to maintain that level of accuracy because of other factors that get involved. Despite the facts, advocate blood pressure monitor is still able to maintain accuracy somehow. Since a lot of people have raised a question on the accuracy, we’ve tested it ourselves and no problem in telling that it is perfectly accurate for home use, although sometimes it shows 5-10mm high diastolic value.

If we summarize this monitor, it is not as much accurate as a few others on the list, but still, the results are correct enough to be trustworthy. Within a friendly budget and for extra-large size arms, you will not get a better machine than this.


  • Best for Obese persons.
  • Very affordable to buy with accurate readings.
  • Recordings are easier.


  • There are questions regarding the durability of monitor.

As we have mentioned earlier, finding an accurate and built-in extra-large cuff is quite a headache. Earlier in our list, we have mentioned two, but this time we came with a unique solution. DrKea creates some good quality medical products, especially their blood pressure monitors, which are very much reliable. The unique solution is buying a DrKea blood pressure monitor also acquire a separate extra-large cuff.

Now the question arises why we are recommending this?

Well! This happens that when we attach a cuff made by different company and monitor made by others, the recording becomes really questionable. But what DrKea does, it provides both of the things. This thing sets from free from the trouble of inaccuracy, as DrKea Blood pressure monitors are the best in the market.

Moreover, it is clinically tested by hundreds of doctors, and they say it’s an excellent choice for a home.

Talking about the specs, it has all features of a good blood pressure monitor. You will be amazed by the advanced features of this product. A thing that we have to mention is the portability. DrKea has made it a travel-friendly blood pressure monitor.

The reason for putting this thing, in the end, is that you have a make a reasonable effort to attach extra-large cuff with the monitor, but surely, their manual can guide you. Only if you want for larger arms, this is one of the best blood pressure monitors, but if you’re going to use it for extra-large arms, you have to make a little effort.


  • Very Accurate and comfortable to take recordings.
  • It is made for regular use as you can use it 24/7.
  • It operates with batteries


  • You have to handle this machine with care, mean no rough use.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

There are a lot of things to look for. Some of the key things in the sequence are:
Reading Capacity

To answer precisely is very difficult. But if we select one Blood Pressure Monitor it will be LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor.

For a good blood pressure Monitor, price can fluctuate between 40$ to 200$.

Well, that is very rare. If such thing happens you have to request some manufacturer to built a custom cuff for you.

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