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There are two scenarios when someone could be looking for “Best Ankle Brace.” Either he has damaged his ankle or smart enough to search for protective gear. In both cases, we got you covered. After doing a lot of research, and reviewing top products in the market, we have enlisted “12 Best Ankle braces for 2021.” From a basketball player to a person suffering from Peroneal tendonitis, we have made this guide usable for everyone. Besides that, in the end, there is a complete beginner-friendly Buyer’s guide that will help you select your favorite ankle brace.

But before we go into the details of products, let us share a few things with you, the ankle is not as simple as it looks. There is an intricate connection between the two leg bones and the bone of the foot. Additionally, a vast network of ligaments is also present. This delicate connection between bones and the presence of a significant number of ligaments makes it highly prone to damage.

Besides that, “The ankle is the most commonly damaged joint in basketball, and sprain is the case of the majority of them.” Ankle braces minimize the chances of such injuries by limiting erratic movements.

If you’re wondering how the list is made? We considered five essential parameters for classifying ankle braces. These parameters are Design, Support [Degree of protection], Movement, Comfort, and Durability. You will know about the rest of the things as we’ll move forward.

This ASO model by Med Spec is among the top-selling ankle braces in the market. The reason for such popularity is the adequate support is provides. The simple-looking design, when unfolded, shows a bundle of straps attached on a lace-up brace. The firm grip this brace provides is attributed to its multi-layered support.

The Lace-up feature starts the initial protection by entirely covering the ankle. Straps forming dual-crossed pattern enclose the laces, and after wrapping around the foot, end at their respective sides. These straps allow control over tightness, as well as mobility. Finally, the strong cuff encloses the straps, and laces give the last round of protection. All these protection patterns make it such a popular brace.

Being a high protective ankle brace, it limits lateral movements to a great extent. Its Nylon construction makes it a tough and durable brace. But the thing that makes it stand out from its competitors is the exceptionally comfortable grip. Despite the firm grip, you won’t feel any kind of irritation or a sense of uneasiness. In short, this ankle brace is a mixture of high protection and matchless comfort.

Things we love about this:

  • This ankle brace provides the best lateral support. You will feel your ankle locked perfectly. Also, with its highly advanced protective mechanism, your pain will not last.
  • Although the material is very resilient yet the brace is not too bulky. You can put it over your sock, and still, your foot will perfectly fit with your shoes.
  • The ankle brace has broad usability. From a soccer player, runner to recovering from injury and person having tendonitis, this solves everyone’s problem.
  • The Degree of tightness you want at your ankle is highly customizable. Moreover, you can wear it for a long time without notice.
  • The Nylon not only gives it strength and comfort but also the durability. Besides that, it is machine washable.
  • A great range of sizes is available.

Things that can be better:

  • Unfortunately, there is no warranty for this ankle brace.
  • With laces and straps, wearing this brace takes a lot of time, and the same goes for removing it.
  • If you wear it wrong, it will hurt you, especially the straps. Make sure whenever you wear it, the straps should lie on your heel, not on any other part.

Who should buy this?

If you want a single best ankle brace in terms of design, performance, and efficiency, you will not find anything better than this. For sports, we call it among the best ankle braces for soccer, as its extra-thick cuff protects your ankle from any sort of hit.

The product that is behind the popularity of ZAMST is this ankle brace. This is a combination of attractive design and exceptional support. It seems that it provides three layers of protection, but since it is not a lace-up brace, the initial protection is like a compression sleeve. But the difference is this sleeve is a Velcro for attachment of straps.

The X-shaped straps play a crucial role in compression, as well as adjusting the lateral tightness. All these things are re-enforced by a secure EXO-grid, closed by a small thick having ZAMST logo over it. This, a combination of all these, made it look a study ankle brace.

Lateral support of this ankle brace is challenged by only a few. However, it reduces the range of motion but not to a very great extent. That’s why this is considered an intermediate level of an ankle brace.

For making the underlying sleeve, nylon is used that is both thick and stretchable While the side frame is of durable plastic. We’re ZAMST has not compromised over quality. From its appearance, you might deduce it not a comfortable brace, but contrary to looks, it is one of the most comfortable ankle braces. Other things like anti-roll and slip technology, along with gripping fibers, making it a unique ankle brace.

Things we Love about this:

  • This ankle brace is designed to anatomically fit with your ankle. Moreover, the tightness is perfectly regulated for using long-time.
  • The materials are not only high-quality and durable, but they are tidy and beautiful as well.
  • For protecting from injuries, you will not find anything better than this.
  • Though their size chart is not as big as many other ankle braces, yet they give two benefits. The first one is they are separately designed for right and left ankles, making it a customized brace. Secondly, for people will small ankles, it works best.
  • Washing this ankle brace is easier than you think.
  • Although this might cost you a bit extra money, it’s worth every penny.

Things that can better:

  • This ankle brace is quite bulky; therefore, you should be careful while choosing the size according to your shoe.
  • Although it is considered one of the best ankle brace for support, yet the portion of lower fibula might haven’t that good protection.
  • With a lot, straps, wearing it can disturb you.

Who should buy this?

This is the ankle brace for sports. For any basketball, volleyball, and soccer player, this will prove a trustworthy and long-lasting choice.

Whether you’re looking for an elbow, knee, or ankle brace reviews, McDavid will be there is every list. The reason for such popularity is a user-based product, and this ankle brace is a perfect example of this. The design of this ankle brace is similar to med spec ASO, but with relatively thin upper cuff.

In terms of design, it looks better than its two competitors mentioned above. Being sturdy and straightforward, it is neither too thick, nor slender. Like the other lace-up braces, it is strengthened by straps and a cuff. However, the straps are extra thick and exceptionally elastic that aid in lateral protection.

Besides good support, a range of motion of this ankle brace is good enough to be used for sports. Additionally, McDavid has used Canvas for the construction [a synthetic polymer mixture of linen/cotton with PVC}. Thus material has a crucial role in making it a durable and sturdy ankle brace. Since Canvas is a water-resistant material, the same goes for this brace [but not water-proof].

While comfort is also remarkable, one more thing that makes this one of the best-selling ankle braces is the ability to change tightness even without removing the lace and shoes. This feat is achieved by the cuff covering the brace. Overall, it is a pretty as well as durable choice.

Things we love about this:

  • With the unique shoe fit technology, you are free to use with any shoe.
  • This ankle brace offers a great degree of protection. From a volleyball, runner, and a tennis player, this brace is for everyone. Even suitable for protecting Achilles tendon.
  • Mobility of this ankle brace makes it distinctive; hence it can be used for moderate to a high level of protection.
  • Straps and laces make it impossible for your knee to roll.
  • Wearing this ankle brace is not burdensome, and can save a lot of time. With its comfortable and breathable material, you can wear it for a long time.
  • Selecting an appropriate size is much easier compared to others.

Things that can be better:

  • McDavid 195 provides good movement, and as a result of this mobility, the supporting effect on the brace is compromised, especially in the long run.
  • The fabric can be affected by machine washing, so you should be careful while washing it.

Who should buy this?

Anyone looking for an ankle brace for everyday activities, as well as for sports, especially for volleyball, this will be an excellent choice for you.

Donjoy Performance is famous for creating durable and unique products. The reason for recommending this as an impressive ankle brace for sports lie in its lightweight along with resistance providing features. In terms of design, it looks both odd and attractive.

This ankle brace provides a highly customized yet firm support. With the TPU shell, it perfectly allows your ankle to fit into it. Next, the upper holder having a hook ideally surround your ankle, preventing it from any side instabilities. The upper strap not only assists in support but help to control the compression. Additionally, the Velcro under the foot wraps it making it retain in a fixed position. With such exceptional support, mobility is limited to a large extent.

The material of this POD ankle brace is very resilient and long-lasting. Along with that, it is very comfortable and gives a soothing effect to your ankle. Despite the resistance, the material is not too bulky and easily fit into your shoes without causing any disturbance. Overall, by distinctively providing adequate support and protection, there is no doubt in calling it one of the best ankle braces.

Things we love about this:

  • This ankle brace is a gem for sports players. If you don’t like putting efforts in wearing lace-up braces and a good number of straps, this is the solution for all your problems.
  • Putting it doesn’t require much effort. Instead, within a few seconds, you’re ready to play using this ankle brace.
  • Though appearance might deceive you by considering it a bulky ankle brace. While in reality, it is among the most lightweight ankle braces in the market.
  • With its soft Eva lining, it is a surprisingly comfortable ankle brace. Moreover, for wearing long-times, this brace can be trusted.
  • Not only has it limited the delicate movements while running, but it also adds swiftness to your speed.
  • No matter how much time you wear this brace, you won’t have a problem or sense any sensation of uneasiness.

Things that can better:

  • It has limited usability. For everyday use, it neither feels good nor looks attractive.
  • The smaller size is expensive than the large one. The reason is extra-cost in designing for slim ankles. So, if you have small ankles, you can go with some alternative as it might prove expensive for you.
  • The Velcro on the bottom of this ankle brace is not durable enough to withstand for years.

Who should buy this?

Anyone specifically runners looking for a reliable and economical choice for mild sprains, especially prevention from rolling, should consider it worthy of buying.

Runners usually looking for such an ankle brace, not is not only provide protection but make comfortable running possible. This AIRCAST AIRSPORT, by its cushioning effect, makes comfortable running possible. Its design looks like a compact bag full of straps. But in reality, it is contrary to that. It is a step-in design ankle brace that takes no effort in wearing.

Though strap brace, yet the level of support of this ankle brace is matchless. With its shock-absorbing shell, it prevents rolling. Also, its cross-straps and two shin fasteners help to provide additional support to the ankle. Besides this, it offers suitable movement, good enough to be called it the best strap brace for running.

AIRCAST Airsport is made up of thick nylon that strengthens the cushioning effect as well as providing durability to the brace. Additionally, compression and tightness of this brace are exceptional. Moreover, the material is breathable and makes sure your ankle remains sweat-free. Having a feature of unique air cell technology makes it a very comfortable brace to wear. Overall, it might not look attractive from its design, but it has the best support and mobility combination.

Things we love about this:

  • It provides good lateral support, far better than its price. For sprains and for recovering from surgeries, it can be used due to its convenient comfort feature.
  • This ankle brace is so light in weight that you don’t feel carrying extra weight. Additionally, with the comfort and lightweight design, you can wear it for days.
  • Although Thick Nylon is used to manufacture, its primary purpose is to serve the durability. It doesn’t affect wearing the brace with a particular shoe. You can wear it with running and casual shoes.
  • For people with small ankles, this brace is the right option, as its sizing chart has an exclusive feature for small ankles.
  • With its anterior talofibular strap and two fasteners, the compression is highly adaptable. You can adjust compression to the extent that your ankle will barely move. But kindly avoid extra compression as it might cause pain in your Achilles tendon.
  • For the features it provides, it is an economical option.

Things that be better:

  • There is not any warranty, not a return for wrong sizing. So, make sure you measure your ankle correctly before buying it.
  • It is made for mild ankle sprains, so if you want an elite level of protection, better choose any other brace.
  • The Velcro straps can be annoying as it can fix your cloth. If you face such a problem, wear a sock over the brace.

Who should buy this?

Anyone specifically runners looking for a reliable and economical choice for mild sprains, especially prevention from rolling, should consider it worthy of buying.

Already in our list, McDavid 195 is there, then what was the need to add another McDavid product? The answer is given by Bio-Logix 4197 with its ultimate protection. The significant difference is from 195 is, it is not a lace-up brace. But still, it provides the best cushioning.

From its design, it looks catchy as well as sturdy. Besides having a sleeve and straps, it also has a lateral hinge that provides a significant shielding from a sprain. With the sleeves and straps, it serves the purpose of providing adequate support to the ankle. Additionally, through the fastening cuffs, you can regulate tightness.

As a savior from a sprain, the ankle brace offers ample mobility to be used for sports. McDavid has made brilliant changes to make it lightweight as well as durable. They have used Neoprene along with Memory foam [synthetic polymer widely used in mattress for providing viscoelastic properties] for constructing it. This unique construction makes one of the most durable ankle braces in the market.

In terms of comfort, it can compete with any top-notch ankle brace. Despite its thick construction, memory-foam padding makes it a restful brace to wear. Overall, it both offer ultimate protection with unique features.

Things we love about this:

  • This is not a lace-up brace, which means that it will save you a lot of wearing time.
  • Its design lets this ankle brace adjust with the contours of the ankle. This feature enhances the supporting action of this brace.
  • With its straps, hinges, and fasteners, it protects the ankle from every possible side.
  • For a personalized experience of protection, the left and right braces are different.
  • Fitting into the shoes, it very easy as it is not thick at all.
  • This ankle brace is not only water-resistant but also water-proof. Its protective function remains the same underwater. But make sure after using it for swimming wash it; otherwise, chlorine can damage it.
  • McDavid gives you a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied by the performance.

Things that can be better:

  • Despite having a separate brace for right and left ankles, it comes in only three sizes.
  • Since this brace offers good support, many people will consider their ankle locked to an extent; it starts feeling uncomfortable. Make sure, this ankle brace if for high protection if you moderate support, it can hurt you.

Who should buy this?

Those who need the utmost protection either from sprains or for sports and running they should go with it.

“Crucial Compression” is a leader in manufacturing compression sleeves, whether it is for elbow or calf. This sleeve seems a thickened form of compression socks with additional protection. The design of the ankle brace appears straightforward. But if you observe more closely, you will notice thickening of fibers over trans-crural ligament and Achilles tendon. This pattern of changing threads is similar to the POWERLIX sleeve. But here, perfection comes in a simple design.

In terms of support, this ankle sleeves only source of providing protection is by its fibers. These fibers impart sufficient support to keep your ankle warm and prevent mild knee inflammation and pain. Contrary to the support, the movement is surprising. However, the pattern of lateral movement is slightly peculiar due to thick fibers.

Like their other sleeves, crucial compression keeps their material hidden. Still, it feels like a mixture of neoprene with some synthetic polymer. The fabric, besides thick, is breathable and smooth. Additionally, this material makes it a durable ankle brace. Above all, the comfort level of this sleeve is far better than its competitors. Overall, it is a challenging and durable compression sleeve.

Things we love about this:

  • This ankle brace provides more than a mere compression. With its thick fibers, your lateral instabilities are significantly reduced.
  • For mild to small ankle problems, this saves you from troubles of wearing thick braces that can disturb along with putting a burden on your ankle.
  • The thickness is slightly greater than ordinary compression sleeve that doesn’t bother you, wearing it with either casual or running shoes.
  • With its unique construction, it is designed for long-time wearing. Don’t hesitate to use it for days without feeling a burden at your ankle.
  • For runners, this brace can prove advantageous as it soaks the sweat. After a good round of running, your ankle will not only be fresh, but your skin will not be showing any stretching.
  • It is quite economical to buy, almost come half the price of POWELIX, and other ankle sleeves.

Things that can be better:

  • This ankle brace has limited protection, which means you can be used if for a limited purpose. Also, you can’t trust significant sprains.
  • Make sure to select the appropriate size, or contact the provider before purchasing as its extra-thickness might surprise you.
  • This ankle sleeve doesn’t work efficiently for people with sensitive skin and with small ankles as the compression can affect their foot circulation. In such cases, go with the POWERLIX compression sleeve.

Who should buy this?

Definitely, for Achilles Tendonitis, but also for running and preventing minor strains, this is a right ankle brace.

Even though many people don’t like lace-up braces as they take a lot of effort to wear. But still, the majority of people, especially sports players and runners, prefer it due to its exceptional stability to the ankle. Despite many expensive products in the market, this Z Alethic ankle brace manages to stand as the best lace-up brace.

Like other lace-up products, this ankle brace offers three layers of support. But there are three additional things. The first one is, the fabric covering the sole has a subtle net-like pattern that lets it grip firmly. Secondly, the straps are longer than other lace-up braces, and the third thing is the dual protection by fastening cuffs. All these things account for providing extreme protection to the ankle.

Besides providing good support, this ankle brace also offers a good range of motion. The best thing about this mobility of this brace is its customizing feature. You can adjust it accordingly for running, playing any sport, or just walking. A peculiar thing about this ankle brace is its construction. Both Nylon and Neoprene are used for manufacturing it. This combination is very rare, and that makes it a durable ankle brace. With all exceptional features, comfort is also astounding. Overall, it is a tough competitor for any top-notch ankle brace.

Things we love about this:

  • It offers far more protection and support than ordinary lace-up braces. With its straps and cuff, you will get 360-degree ankle protection.
  • The degree of lateral support this brace provides is breathtaking. For prevention from sprains, it will prove useful for you.
  • Its construction is comparatively simple. It is a less complicated lace-up brace wearing and removing it relatively more straightforward.
  • This ankle brace maintains a low profile, which means you will not have to complain of wearing any type of shoes.
  • The fish-net fabric pattern makes it breathable, while the internal padding makes it comfortable to wear.
  • The resistant material keeps its properties even after washing.
  • It is an economical ankle brace, nominal price as compared to its competitors.

Things that can be better:

  • The most prominent issue people, especially players face, is available in only three sizes, that means a customization feature of this brace becomes questionable.
  • For those having big legs and toes, this might not prove the right choice for you. As its Large size might not fit you appropriately and even cause a sense of real disturbance.
  • The Tongue is more elastic than ordinary lace-ups. This can become uncomfortable after long-wearing.

Who should buy this?

Anyone who needs an affordable, and trustworthy ankle brace sports like basketball, volleyball can go with this brace.

One specialty of Shock Doctor is, they always come with unique products. This ankle brace is distinctive is a sense that Shock doctor labels it as a “Compression brace,” while the laces tell the other story. Since it provides compression by laces, it is famous as a lace-up compression brace.

Its design is better than many expensive Shock Doctors models. With its unusual padding patterns, along with the most delicate stitching, this brace is charismatic. The reason for providing sufficient protection lies in its Modern features. With its Lace-up feature and side hinge like looking pads, it provides both good lateral and medial support.

One of the incomparable features of this ankle brace is the internal gel feature that provides the utmost comfort to the ankle. Additionally, this gel padding serves as a shock absorber during sports and running. One thing that confuses us is its construction.

This ankle brace is made up of Fabric [major portion] and Nylon [minor]. Such a peculiar construction raises many questions on the durability of this ankle brace. However, in appearance, the material seems appropriate. Overall, it is one of the most comfortable ankle braces, with adequate protection.

Things we love about this:

  • Shock Doctor 849 is not like other lace-up braces having a lot of straps that though provide support but yet make the wearing process complicated. However, this brace offers the same support differently via its construction.
  • By providing a comfortable medial and lateral support, it is one of the best braces to prevent rolling.
  • Despite the excellent padding material is highly breathable and maintain a low profile. Thus, you will not face any issue regarding fitting into shoes.
  • This brace is very lightweight. It gives a sensation of complete padding around the ankle.
  • Comfortable Footbed let your foot be always in a state of relief.
  • This is an economical ankle brace, especially people with big ankles will find it budget-friendly comparing with other products they choose.

Things that can better:

  • The durability of this brace is not that good since the material won’t remain the same after washing.
  • Wearing it for a long time can be disturbing, as long laces start rubbing the floor of shoes giving a sense of unease.
  • The biggest drawback this ankle brace has is, it contains latex, which imposes serious questions regarding the life of this brace. Moreover, this brace will prove a wrong choice for people having sensitive skin.

Who should buy this?

If you are looking for a comfortable and robust gripping yet economical option for sports, mostly short-term use, this is an excellent choice. But avoid this if you any skin allergy.

The reason for the popularity of BAUERFEIND is its optimum products. This ankle brace by BAUERFEIND is unique in the sense that it looks simple, yet it provides incredible support. From its design, it looks like a compression sleeve with X-shape straps over it, but it is more than that.

In terms of construction, this is the supreme among all other ankle braces. With the top-quality stitching and strong fiber, it gives ample support to ankle from injury prevention. Additionally, the elastic straps are placed at the right spot to deliver your ankle prevention from lateral shakiness. Besides support, it also offers a good range of motion, but this is highly customizable depending upon the conditions.

The material makes it more than merely a high-quality brace; it is lightweight, breathable, and challenging. With such exceptional material, this is a highly durable ankle brace. You might question why this is the best ankle brace for peroneal tendonitis?

Well, it provides high-grade compression for preventing swelling and inflammation. It features soft pads that not only make it a highly comfortable brace but assists in additional protection to your ankle. But the best part is the application of compression at the right place i-e at the attachment of peroneal tendons. Overall, it is different in its design, but the best in its performance.

Things we love about this:

  • It is built after keeping in mind the structure of your ankle. It provides complete support to the ankle, while additional protection to the areas of tendon, ligaments, and vessels.
  • Being made of high resistant, durable, yet breathable material, it becomes an efficient option for runners.
  • Despite having the highest quality fabric, it is not bulky. Cover it with your sock, and its presence will be barely noticeable.
  • With its unique fibers, this works brilliantly for those having delicate ankles, providing both stability and strength.
  • It comes in six different sizes. Also, by having separate left and right ankle, it offers adequate personalized protection.
  • Washing it is easy as well as it maintains the same strength. No worries in machine wash it.

Things that can better:

  • Despite its brilliant features, it is expensive. It is many times the price of an ordinary compression sleeve, and thing hinders in its popularity.
  • Looking at its materials, don’t use it for swimming, as it is poorly damaged by chlorine. If you want a compression sleeve for swimming, go with POWERLIX.
  • For sports, especially basketball, it is unable to provide good performance, as it exclusively made for inflammation and swelling.

Who should buy this?

For runners and for swellings and inflammation, especially peroneal tendonitis, there is no better than choice than this.

Due to its user-friendly nature, Bracoo has always been in our favorites. But they are more famous for their knee braces than ankles support. This doesn’t mean their ankle braces are not suitable; in fact, these braces are for daily use.

Just like the Shock doctor 849, it is a unique compression brace providing support by straps. Its design is not very extra-ordinary, but the support is pretty fantastic. The first two wrappings are keeping the ankle in place; the cross straps are for compression. It is these straps that limit the side movements of the ankle. Since there are no hinges or thickened material for support, the mobility is more than regular brace. A useful aspect of mobility provided by this brace is, it brings steadiness at the ankle.

Neoprene is used for construction. However, the thing that differentiates it from other neoprene braces like crucial compression is thin nature and heavy stitching. This feature provides this extra-durability. Also, with a soft footpad, the brace has satisfactory comfort. For Gymnasts, it can prove the right choice, as it provides suitable protection to the ankles, along with offering secure motion at the ankle. Besides that, it is a brace made for everyday use.

Things we love about this:

  • The material is both breathable and lightweight. It is an ideal ankle brace to wear for a long time.
  • Putting it on your ankle is effortless; also, bracoo gives you an extensive guide for wearing it.
  • For people who have any allergies or have sensitive skin, it will be the ultimate brace.
  • Not only for daily use, but it can work equally well for sports. For volleyball and tennis, it will be the right choice since, with its open heal feature, it allows an incredible swiftness.
  • There is no need to worry about material and compression while washing it. Moreover, feel free to use it for swimming as it is water-proof.
  • It is a cost-effective brace to buy.

Things that can better:

  • It is available for an average size foot since it comes in only two sizes. If you have small ankles, avoid this brace since it won’t fit you perfectly.
  • Support is for small to a mild level of protection. This is not a brace for you if you’re looking for a high level of protection.
  • Avoid excessive stretching of straps as it can cause to lose their compression action.

Who should buy this?

If you want a simple ankle brace for daily use at an affordable price, the Bracoo ankle brace is for you.

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Choose “The Best Ankle Brace.”

To a large extent, the choice of quality ankle brace is similar to Knee and Elbow braces. But there are many unique things like the types of braces, how they look and things like that. We have tried to narrate things in a way that is friendly for a beginner. Additionally, you will get more benefit if you follow the things in sequence. So, without wasting time, let’s start.

Level of protection

You should ask yourself one question here, “Why I need an ankle brace?” Your answer will determine ankle brace for you, keeping in view the level of protection you need. Like if you have an ankle sprain, you will need a need level of protection. An intermediate level of protection will work best for you if you have tendonitis or arthritis or slight ankle pain.

However, if you are looking for an ankle brace for volleyball or soccer, a compression brace with a slightly moderate level of protection can also be suitable for you. So, the level of protection ranges from 1-3. You should determine first determine how much protection you will need, and then proceed forward.


Don’t confuse protection with support. Protection is something you get as a general or standard description, but support is a personalized ability of a brace to shield your ankle. In short, support is a more advanced form of protection. The more significant will be the support; there will be more chances for recovery and also for shield.

But unfortunately, there is no standard gauge to measure support. However, after hundreds of reconsideration, we have made it easy to select the ankle brace with the appropriate backing. While reviewing each product, we have mentioned support based on our testing experience and from hundreds of online reviews. We hope this will help you select the appropriate ankle brace.


In ankle braces, like any other brace, support and movement have an inverse relation. Firm the support is, lesser will be movement at your ankle. This is the reason compression braces are recommended for the majority of sports as they provide mediocre support and high mobility. In contrast, highly protective ankle braces won’t allow any movement at your ankle joint.

The outcome is, it is your usage that determines your choice of movement and level of support. That’s why we have given great importance to use and mentioned time to time in individual reviews.

Material & durability

There is an incredible diversity in materials of knee braces. Some famous are Neoprene, Canvas, Vinyl Mesh, and polyurethane. Again with neoprene, many synthetic polymers are used to make the brace long-lasting. All these materials are highly resistant and make sure to choose one of them while selecting a brace.

Although durability is related to many other factors like built-quality, stitching, the material is the primary factor that determines durability. If you choose an ankle brace with highly resistant material like Canvas, it will surely be last very long.


Comfort possesses critical importance for an ankle brace, and we have kept a close eye on comfort while making our list. No matter if you get adequate support, proper mobility, rigid material, but if the ankle brace irritates you, it is no use.

We have made sure to select those braces that have a certain level of comfort. Then, we calibrated to you, so your choice will be a lot easier. It is advice, whether you choose a brace from our list or not, but never compromise comfort either for the price or any other thing.


There are two different classifications of ankle braces. One is based on material and other, the more acceptable, on the shape and support.

The standard classification includes:

Sleeves: More Comfortable, least protective.

Straps: Intermediate class of braces

Lace-ups: Maximum support with reasonable comfort.

Hybrids: Combination of all the three types of braces.

The second classification based on material is as follows:

Soft braces: Lightweight material includes both sleeves and straps.

Semi-Rigid: Tough Material, include Lace-ups

Rigid: Very resilient and include Stirrups.

We have mentioned the types to keep you inform with the varieties available for you. Secondly, you can get an idea which ankle brace is suitable for you.

Price & Warranty

While choosing an ankle brace, price is not crucial as the majority of the products are budget-friendly. But some products are expensive for their price. That’s why we mentioned price where we considered the brace a little pricey. However, you should keep a price range of 10-80$ for a right ankle brace.

In terms of the warranty, you don’t need to bother much, as many brands just use it a standard term to make their products more reliable in the user’s eye. Don’t become mesmerized by the warranty. However, make sure the brand you’re going with good customer support.

Personal Preference

Keeping all the things aside, you will be the one wearing the brace. That’s why it important to take care of your personal preferences. But completely go with your discern. Instead, maintain a balance between your personal choices and the recommended ones. In this way, you will select a better ankle brace.

But one thing we should mention here, you should always make your personal preference while buying a sports ankle brace. Going with your senses to buy an ankle brace for injury will not be a good idea. You should listen to some experts in the latter case.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Both ankle braces and support work to protect the knee. However, ankle support are thin like a sleeve used for minor protection. While the braces are thick, and used for high level of protection.

No, they don’t weaken your ankle. Instead, they work to strength your ankle.

Yes ankles braces work brilliantly in not rehabilitation but also in preventing injuries. There is a study done that describes, how effective ankles braces are in preventing injuries.

It is better if you wear your ankle brace under your socks, as wearing over the sock might not give you the desired support and compression.

It should be tight enough to limit accessory movement an ankles. However, avoid too much tightening, as it can affect your circulation.

Final words

We have put our maximum efforts to find products, review, and then create this Best ankle brace 2021 guide. Still, if you are confused between any two braces, or have any query tell us in comments and we’ll try to solve it.

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