About Us

When I was starting this website, I was very confused with the name. I pondered over days, since I don’t want to name it like somethinghealth bla bla bla. I have written more than 10 names, but none of them looked good to me. Then of sudden, my mind said, TheMedMo will be fine. Since, it can easily show, what my site is all about Therapy, Medical Equipment, and Mobility. Although later I realized, people pronounce it, starting with theme, but it didn’t bother me.

Who I am?

My name is Shaheer Hassan. I am a medical student, currently in 2nd year [I know you might consider me too young for this] at Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad, Pakistan.

How I came with this idea?

There are two reasons behind that. I have been admitted to hospital [The cause is covert], and the assistant put a pulse oximeter on my fingers. At that current moment, my blood pressure was taking rides of fluctuations, and I don’t know it what a pulse oximeter was [at that time]. My ability to judge was so badly affected that I yelled at him, “What are you doing with my finger?” I don’t remember his answer. Later, I came to what this thing is, and how it works. I pondered over, and search but I don’t find the type of reviews, I was looking for. This was the stimulus behind creating this website.

Second, I was always fascinated by equipment, especially the medical one. I keep myself updated with the products in the market, the best one, the ones that are not sold. Moreover, I read studies conducted by sites NIH, WebMD to know about reliability of these products. I want to utilize my knowledge to provide people with good and reliable recommendations, so their product choice is easier.

The Process of Writing:

Since, I belong to a medical field, you can at least consider, I’ll have a rudimentary knowledge about the topics I write. In the start, I have written all the articles myself, and for authentication, I contacted my seniors who are Practicing M.D or Consultants to verify the content. Upon my request they did it. But as my site grown, I contacted freelance Doctors, and healthcare professionals to verify the content, and they did. So, you can trust the authenticity of our recommendation.

The Process of writing starts with a research by finding out the best products in the market. In the start, I read at least more than 100 reviews per product, along with videos and official guides, along with testing some. [Later, I hired a team to do this] After that, I create a guide keeping in mind, the buyer’s intent and narrating the things honestly. Later, I send it to a M.D [as told earlier], who check it, correct my mistakes, and finally hand it over to me. After a find round of proof-reading I make it available for users. [But later, the story became different]

More Realistic:

Initially, my articles were based on reading online reviews, studying resources, and then writing for my own users [Honestly, everyone on the internet does that]. But I want to be more than everyone. No matter, how much reviews we read, we can’t know about the products until we use, and that’s how our reviews become authentic.

I started by taking a different initiative. I have started ordering thing and start checking before I recommend it. I took the start by “Stethoscopes” and “Knee braces.” I ordered a few, while for the rest, I went to a Med shop [I know the owner], and requested him to let me the review the products common in my list, and his shop. Then, I spend a good time getting to know the details that most people usually miss, and that’s how I was able to create such guides.

Since, my site is in initial stage, I don’t have the budget to order all the products I review. But in future, for making my reviews more reliable, I have plans to order all the products then test them and finally review them. Till then, I am using my few item “my few ordering item technique.”


I have tried to explain things as honestly as I can. However, despite all things, I say that these recommendation don’t substitute for a medical advice.

In case, you want to contact, Visit Contact us Page. That page is as good as this one.